"Okay everyone. Today we will be studying about post-excavation analysis. The first process is cleaning the artifact…" Irene's focus drifted, she never seemed to be able to concentrate in this class. It wasn't her fault, I mean honestly, how did anyone ever get any work done with Professor Song in the room? Her professor was absolutely stunning. Her body was deliciously curvaceous, with a head of magnificent curls sitting a top it all and the most enthralling eyes she had ever happened across. She often found herself engaged in the most thrilling fantasizes.

Mapping every inch of her glorious skin. Crushing her lips to her. Holding her down as she writhed and begged for more, entirely at her mercy. Bending her professor over her desk as she came in her mouth, screaming her name. Watching as her eyes rolled back into her head with pleasure, her hair wild and her skin slick with sweat. Tasting her juices, hot and wet and oh so sweet. She had been toying with the idea of a riding crop for quite some time now, oh how she would love for her professor to be her first subject-

"Irene! I always seem to have to struggle to catch your attention! I can't really be that boring can I?" She couldn't possibly be imagining the way her voice purred when she spoke to Irene. It was positively delightful

"Far from it, professor. I'm just rather distracted at the moment. Sorry, what was the question?"

"What is the study of Zooarchaeology? Now if you would please attempt to pay more attention to me than whatever thoughts are whizzing around in that head of yours, I would be ever so grateful." Oh she truly had no freaking idea…

"Animal remains found at excavation sites. Will do so, professor."

"Yes, as Irene said Zooarchaeology is indeed the study of Animal remains…" The remainder of the lesson passed without incident, or interaction between Irene and her professor. Irene sought to change that. She stayed back, fiddling with various things on her desk as she packed up as slowly as possible. Soon she was the only student that remained. Only in Professor Song's class would she be willing to stay back.

"Professor, I was wondering if you might be able to tutor me privately for the remainder of the semester. I'm kinda worried about my grades…" Irene clutched her books to her chest hopefully. Maybe she would say yes because she could see just how incredibly desperate Irene was.

"Irene, darling," (the endearment sent shivers of pleasure down her spine) "Your grades are fine. In any case, I don't either one of us really wants to spend that much time on work." Her professor refused gently.

"But I really want to make sure I do well! It wouldn't have to be long, just half an hour a week. It would make somuch of a difference. I'll pay you and everything. Please, professor?" Irene crossed the fingers of the hand that was crushed between her books and her chest. Her professor hesitated, before replying:

"We'll give it a try, I guess. Just for a few weeks see how it goes. Is Wednesday okay? I basically do nothing but watch TV and be useless on Wednesday evenings anyways. And no way are you paying me for this. That's ridiculous."

"Perfect! Can I have your number? So you can text me your address and what time and stuff? I've got to go to class now." Irene was just about trembling with excitement.

"Yeah sure." Phone numbers were exchanged hurriedly.

Irene couldn't stop grinning throughout the rest of the day.

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