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Rukia walked down the sidewalk, her arms tightly hugging her body as the rain beat down on her. It had been a long day at work and now the sun was gone, the road dimly lit by the flickering streetlights. She was cold, but her feet would not go any faster. She had nothing to look forward to except her hole of an apartment and a meager cup of instant noodles. She wouldn't get paid until the end of the week and she needed to save the little she had for rent and food. Just one month ago... she lived in a mansion in the suburbs and on nights like these she would be out with friends and later on be greeted by a proper dinner by their private chef back home. Home... so ruthlessly seized by the Japanese Federal Bank. And when they took her beloved brother away she was left all alone in the streets. Completely abandoned. Even though she was nineteen, she always counted on him. No family was left to her and she had to say goodbye to most of her friends when she had to quit college in order to get a job and earn a living. Hanataro was more than willing to let her stay with him, but her pride would not let her stay long, even if her current abode was on the verge of collapse. He and Orihime were the only ones who stayed by her side even if she tried to push them away. She didn't want people to see her like this and she didn't need their pity. She would hold her chin high, just like her brother when he suffered all those agonizing months in and out of court and during his arrest. Nii-sama...

A wooshing sound was heard, making her snap out of her painful recollections. Her eyes widened as a black Mercedes sprinted down the road and came to a violent stop next to her, splattering water in waves. She froze in place and her eyes widened when the passenger and the back door opened and two men dashed out of the car towards her.

"There she is! Get her!"

Rukia screamed and turned to run but was violently pushed against the railing on the side of the road and the man who had pushed her harshly pressed a white cloth over her mouth and nose. It smells like chemicals... and she felt her body go limp and her head light. The last thing she saw was a pair of blue-gray eyes before she passed out.

Her head was pounding and started to spin. Her vision was blurry when she opened her eyes and it took a while to make out the long velvet curtains than flowed before her. She was on her knees. Her body felt heavy. She tried to move but she realized, to her horror, that her arms were chained behind her back and a thick mouth fold was preventing her from making any noise. Looking down, she saw she was wearing a black lace nightie. How did she get into that? She tried to stand but a strong arm came from behind and pushed her back on her knees. She tried to crane her neck to see who had touched her, only to find that a very thick velvet collar was binding it, attached to a long heavy chain like a leash. What was going on? She started to get light headed. Focus Rukia...

She could hear noise from the other side of the curtain and muffled conversation from multiple people. The clatter of glasses. Light jazz music. And then footsteps very close to her, on the other side. She could see the shadow under the curtain. A tap on a microphone and the music and noise seized.

"Gentlemen!" came a male voice. "Today, amongst our delicious women, we have a very rare delicacy! A true moon goddess! You must all be acquainted with the former magnate, Kuchiki Byakuya. Yes,he owes a lot, and to us here at Las Noches as well. But since all his property has been confiscated, we decided to seize the only thing left to him. His beloved little sister. Let me present to you the lovely Kuchiki Rukia!"

The curtains were abruptly pushed and at first Rukia was blinded by the light of a projector.

"Beautiful smooth skin, silky hair..."

The man speaking approached her and she realized it was the man who had attacked her earlier. He kneeled behind her and brought an arm around her torso as the other caught her thigh and pushed her legs slightly open to reveal a very tantalizing pair of white underwear.

"And believe me, she is, untouched."

Excited noises came from the crowd before the stage they were standing on, but she kept her head down in utter shock. The man caught her chin and raised her head, wiping away stray strands of her hair.

"And such a beautiful face, just look at those eyes, like real sapphires! In all honesty, I was extremely tempted to keep her all to myself..." he chuckled.

Now Rukia could see the space before her. It looked like an underground jazz bar, with small tables, leather couches and corset-clad waitresses with bottles of wine and whiskey. There was a small crowd of neatly styled businessmen, most in their mid-thirties to mid-fifties. And all of them, even the waitresses, gave her lewd, lust-filled gazes, many already licking their lips and reaching for their wallets. On some tables, there were lavishly adorned women clinging on to the older men's arms seductively, trying to pry their impatient eyes off her. Like high-class hookers. Her head was spinning, her eyes glazed over in desperation.

"But I can see how eager you all are to get a hand on my little precious, so we can now commence! For such a fine piece, the starting price will be ten times the usual! We'll start at 50, 000 euros, my favorite currency."

"55, 000!" offered a wrinkled man, raising a ringed hand.

"55, 000 from mister Luisenbarn!"

"60, 000!"

"60 from mister Sasakibe!"

"65, 000!"

"70, 000!"

"75, 000!"

Rukia's weak body shook with terror after every horrible offer was uttered. Her heart felt as if it was going to break from pounding so hard.

"100, 000." came a gruff voice as a young man with impossible blue hair and a cocky smile raised a hand, lounging on his couch casually, his playful cerulean eyes fixed suggestively on Rukia. He looked around his early thirties.

The host grinned. "Any more?"

A man was about to speak when the same man spoke again. "Don't bother, I'll top you again, Kyoraku bastard." hissed the man with cerulean hair, licking his lips.

The host rose to his feet. "Sweet... earned me double your debts, little Rukia..."

Rukia started to shake and make muffled sounds under her mouth fold. No! She couldn't...

"Kuchiki Rukia, sold to-" There was a short surprised pause, followed by gasps. "Kurosaki Ichigo? Never thought I'd see you here."

"Me neither, Starrk."

He had stepped on stage, right in front of her. Rukia froze as she took in the sight of a very young, tall man with heavy orange bangs who hovered over her. Her teary dark blue eyes met his stern amber ones. He raised a briefcase over her head and a torrent of 500 euro bills spilled around her.

"One million."