Tonight's Girlfriend: Bella needs to find a way to pay for college. Not wanting to go to her parents, and not being able to find a job. She turned to friend Alice Cullen. Alice tells her of the company she is a part of 'Mistress Madame'. Bella takes the job, and on her first night, she meets business man – Edward Cullen. Will love blossom, or will he be another client?

Chapter One
Bella Swan

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, and you didn't have a answer to fix it? Well, that was me and trying to figure out how the hell I was going to pay for my sophomore year at Chicago University. I couldn't ask my parents, seeing as they were barely holding on. I had a job, but barely paid enough for me to buy groceries for the week. I was frustrated, and couldn't find a fucking answer.

It was about till a week ago, till I got my answer. Like every Wednesday, I had lunch with my best friend, Alice Brandon. We met at the diner at the end of our street. The two of us met at Chicago University last year, and have been inseparable since. So, if anyone was going help me, it was Alice. Of course, I was shocked by her answer.

"You should come and work where I do." Alice smiled "You'll make shit loads of money"

"Alice, I am not going to become a prostitute" I whispered

"We aren't prostitutes, Bella. Just temporary girlfriends." She explained

"I need money, but I'm not willing to have sex with a random stranger."

"You don't have to. You are paid to be someone's companion for the night, or more. It's not that bad"

"Really? Have you slept with anyone, and then got paid?" I asked curiously

"I've only had sex with Jasper, while working for Madam Zafrina. I'm his only mistress, and his my only master"

"Master?" I chocked on my drink "You have to call him Master?"

"No, that's just want Zafrina calls the male clients. Bella, I promise you, it's safe."

So here I am a few days later dressed in a black mini and pumps, like Alice instructed, and heading up in an elevator toward the office. For the past few days, I have been nonstop doing research on 'Mistress Madams Co.' It says on the website, 'we service those searching for companionship'. Basically saying 'We offer prostitutes, but keep it a secret'. But at the moment, I was desperate, and needed the fucking money.

When the elevator doors opened, I was shocked to see that the office looked like a typical office. When you first walked in, there was a reception desk, and fancy sign with the name of the company hanging behind it. Sitting at the reception desk was a small blonde with thing framed glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose.

I placed a smile on my lips, and walked forward toward the reception. The moment my heels stared making noise on the marble flooring, the small blonde's head snapped up toward me. Her perfectly painted red lips spread into a smile.

"Hello, can I help you?"

"Yes, um…" I nervously looked around the room "I'm here to Zafrina Jones"

"You must be Bella," She slowly stood from her desk "I am Irina Mack, Zafrina's secretary."

"Nice to meet you," I smiled

"You too, now, please follow me."

She turned down the hall to the left of the reception desk. At the end of the hallways was a set of large wood double doors. The trim was outlined in gold, and I felt like I was about to meet the Queen. When Irina approached the doors, she knocked twice, before walking inside.

"Isabella Swan is here to see you," Irina spoke

There was a soft reply that I wasn't able to hear. Irina walked back outside, and left the door open for me. I took that as a sign to walk in. My legs slowly led me into the large office. When you first walked in, you were welcomed by a round table in the center, with photos all over it. A few more feet, where to two black leather chairs facing toward a large wood desk.

Standing in front of the desk stood a tall, African American woman. Her long black hair was pulled tight into a high ponytail, and her white pants suit stood out against her dark skin. Madam Zafrina.

"H-Hi," I spoke nervously

"Don't worry, I won't bite"

A soft sigh passed through my lips, and I walked the rest of the way toward her. Her hand reached out, and gestured toward the leather chair in the left. The moment I took a seat, she took the one beside me.

"So, as you know, I am Madam Zafrina. You are to address me as Mistress, or Madam Zafrina. Nothing more" She spoke, her voice holding authority "Now, Isabella, looking over your profile, I see that you are looking to be a mistress. Do you know what that entails?"

I cleared my throat "Alice, told me that it's basically being a tempory girlfriend,"

"That's one way to put it" She chuckled "But what you really are is someone's companions, whether he is looking for someone arm candy, or someone to spend a night with. What your job is, is to be the arm candy."

I nodded my head, and smiled toward her. It seemed so much better coming from her mouth, then Alice's. Zafrina stood from the chair and walked back to sit behind her large dark wood desk. A file sat before her, and immediately, I knew that it was mine.

"Now, Isabella, I am going to go over basic question that we must know about you,"

"Ok, ask away."

Zafrina smiled, before speaking "Are you a virgin?"

I paused "No, mistress"

"How many partners have you had?"


"Alright, the less the better in this department," She paused "Any STD's or past pregnancies?"

"No, no children or anything. I have never had an STD"

"I believe you, but we are going to have you go to Maggie to make sure."


"Our onsite OBGYN. She looks over all the girls. Another thing, all of our girls are kept on Mirena, but must also have their client wear a condom if anything gets physical."

I nodded "I understand."

Zafrina finished writing stuff down in my folder, this made me nervous. I couldn't help but get the feeling that I was in the principal's office. Though she was nice to me, Zafrina intimidated me in a way. Once she was finished writing, she closed the file, and looked up toward me.

"Alright, Bella, I'm going to accept you into Madam Mistress. But, you must visit Maggie, now."



She stood from her seat, walked around her desk, and headed toward the door. She didn't even wait for me. Nearly falling over, I rose from my seat and followed after her. I followed her back down the marble corridor and toward one of the doors on the left in the hallway. The door read, Maggie O'Donald OBGYN. I guess I finally found my new job.

I walked out of the doctor's office, feeling more awkward then I did when I left. At least my doctor was a woman. Zafrina was waiting for me outside the door, and gave the gesture to follow her.

"Another thing here that we pride on, is the looks of our girls, now you will be meeting Charlotte, our stylist here. You will meet with her before every date or event that you are going to with any client."

"Do we live here, or something?"

"Of course. The living quarters are on the top floor. Your roommate will naturally be Alice, seeing as she recommended it. Think of this place as a sorority."

I walked into my apartment, knowing damn well everything here will be packed up and gone by the weekend. Zafrina had given me a tour of the living quarters before letting me leave. I was to have a trail with my new client Friday through Sunday. Since I had school Monday through Thursday, we had weekend dates, unless for vacations. I was nervous, seeing as I knew nothing about the guy. Except for the fact that his name was Edward Cullen, and he was well known around the Chicago area. Something deep within me was telling me that I was getting more then just tuition money out of this.

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