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Clare's POV

Of course he would bring horror movies… I just hope I can get through this night alive. I glare at Eli as he spreads out the movies on the coffee table. I cringe as he reads the titles out loud. Of course, I haven't seen any of them, but I heard they are pretty scary.

"Okay… we have Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Last House on the Left, The Unborn, Saw II, Sorority Row, and Mirrors. What shall we watch first…?" E li wiggles his eyebrows and rubs his hands together manically.

"How about none of them…" I suggested. Adam laughed at my nervousness.

"Come on, Clare. We'll start off with something easy… how about Sorority Row? It's when a prank goes wrong leading to one sorority sister coming back to get her revenge." Eli explains. "The back says 'sisters forever'" he lowers his voice into a sinister whisper. I groan "it's not that bad… and if you get scared you can always cuddle up to me. I'll protect you…" he suggests teasingly, touching his heart.

"In your dreams Goldsworthy." I smirk, rolling my eyes.

"How did you know what my dreams look like, Edwards?" I was about to respond when Adam interrupts.

"I would just love to stand here and listen to you guys tease each other like an old married couple, but we don't have all night." Adam intervenes, and then under his breath says "well, Eli might…" I giggle when I see Eli's face tint red. He clears his throat.

"Sorority Row it is?" Eli asks quickly and puts the DVD in the player. Adam throws himself onto the loveseat, grabbing candy on the way. I roll my eyes playfully at Adam. I grab a Kit-Kat bar from the table and plop down on the right side of the couch, stretching my legs out over the middle of it. Eli makes his way towards the couch. I'm about to move my legs when he puts a hand up to stop me. He gently lifts my legs and sits more towards the middle of the couch, rather than the opposite side…not that I'm complaining… and sets my legs over his lap. I can see him smile at me through the darkness as the opening scene starts to play. Eli grabs the blanket beside him and throws it over us. Adam notices our position.

"Don't get too comfortable, love birds. There is someone else in the room…"

"Shut up, man…" Eli growls, jokingly. Adam chuckles, shaking his head and turn his attention back to the TV screen.

Not even half way through the movie, my legs are curled up to my chest and I'm burying my head into my legs. I peek up through my lashes at Eli and see him laughing at me. I slap him in the arm, blaming him for this.

"Ouch, woman. That's abuse…" he feigns hurt.

"I can do much more than that, Elijah." I say slowly before hiding my face once again. He leans close and moves my knees to get a better look at my face.

"Is that a promise…" he asks smoothly, smirking. We are looking into each other's eyes, when a blood curdling scream from the movie interrupts the silence. I let out a screech and jump forward, clinging onto Eli' arm. He snorts at my reaction, but nevertheless, pulls me towards him to rest on his chest.

"I told you I would protect you." He whispers sweetly to me. I relax into his touch and smile to myself. This just feels so right. Being in his arms, my head on his chest, it all just seems so unreal. I never thought I would feel this way again… to love and feel loved. At this thought, I snuggled into Eli's chest a little deeper while he securely wrapped his arms around me and I slowly drifted to sleep, listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat.

Eli's POV

I look down at the beautiful girl in my arms, relishing the feeling. I'm so glad Adam gave me this idea; I knew these scary movies would lead to something as amazing as this… well, at least I hoped it would. Adam looked over from his spot on the loveseat for the first time since the movie started, and gave me thumbs up, while mouthing 'finally'. I smirked, ignoring his comment and closed my eyes, sleep suddenly coming over me.

A few hours later I woke up to see the credits rolling on the TV screen. I lift my head trying to shake off the grogginess, to find Clare's face inches from mine. I'm flat on my back, my arms wrapped around her and my hand clasped on her lower back. She is lying on her stomach flush against my body, her legs draped on either side of my hips. Her head is laid lightly on my shoulder, her hands clutching the fabric of my shirt. A content smile slips onto my face… I really like this new position we got going on… I move a curl from Clare's face. Careful not to wake her up. I glance over at the loveseat, only to find it empty. I scan the room for Adam, but find a note on my pillow instead. I move slowly, in hopes I don't wake Clare, and open the note. It reads:

Mr. and Mrs. Goldsworthy,

When the movie ended, I got a call from my mom telling me I needed to get home. I had a pretty good time, although maybe we could keep the flirting to a minimum next time…? :P I didn't have the heart to wake you guys when you looked so comfortable ;) See you at school!

The Third Wheel and your best friend :D,


I almost laughed out loud when I read Adams ridiculous note. Although, I was kind of thankful that he didn't wake me up from one of the best sleeps I've ever gotten in my life. I decided to get a bit more shut-eye…


"What the hell is going on here!"

I jolted awake in confusion, along with Clare, who stood up immediately. I hope to my feet to see a man that looks like he's in his 50's stagger towards Clare. My protective instinct kicks in and I immediately put distance between them by pulling Clare behind me and stepping towards the tall, drunken man.

"Dad… please. Stop! I'm sorry. Eli was just leaving…" Clare whined helplessly. So this is her psychotic, alcoholic father… I should've known.

"Shut up bitch!" he slurred "How dare you bring men into this house and act like the whore you are. You remind me of your sister! I leave for a week and you're already bringing strange men into this house and have sex on my couch?! You're such a sl-"

"Sir!" I interrupted "I'm sorry, but it's not what it looks like." Clare tugs on my sleeve and shakes her head, begging me to stop talking. I ignore her pleas. "We were just watching a movie when we fell asleep and-"

"Sure! Fell asleep, like I haven't heard that one before… GET OUT!" I stood my ground.

"Sir, I'm not leaving Clare here with you just so you can hurt her out of your pity anger." I took a step forward with my hands up, trying to send him the message that I mean no harm. Unless he messes with Clare. I already have half a mind to slaughter him right here for what he has already done to Clare.

"Clare is my daughter and I tell her what she can and can't do and where she can and can't go! I told you to leave!" he shoves my shoulder roughly, advancing towards me once more.

"DAD!" Clare shouts. "Stop it! Please just leave him alone…" her dad glares at her intently, now taking a step towards her. I shove him back with all my might, making his drunken ass fall to the floor. I grab Clare's hand. I need to get her out of her… away from HIM. I'm not going to let her get hurt.
"Let's go!" I pull her with me towards the door. Before I can process what has happened, Clare's dad has grabbed her leg, making her tumble to the floor. He pulls her closer to him, grabbing a handful of hair. She lets out a screech of pain, sending me over the edge. I kick him in the face before climbing on top of him. He rolls us over, the tables turning, and punches me in the face. I hear Clare's frantic cries in the background. I push him off me harshly, punching him in the face over and over until he seems to be coming in and out of consciousness. Clare is crying for me to stop.

"Eli, please…" her voice brings me back to reality. I slowly get up, not turning my back on the disturbed man in front of me. In a daze, I walk over to Clare and wrap my arms around her, which she gladly returns, and let her cry into my shoulder… I hate seeing her like this… I hate that she had to see me lose control like that. I know we need to leave. I lift Clare's chin to make her look at me. There are tears streaming down her face. I put both hands on either side of her face, using my thumbs to massage her temples soothingly, her auburn curls soft to the touch.

"We need to go... you can stay at my house" after a second, she nodded her head, taking my hand.

And with that, we walked out of the house, and away from the monster inside it.

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