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Deidara sat alone in the school's art room with both fists clenched. After a few moments, he glanced around to make sure no one else had shown up before unclenching them to reveal two tiny swan shaped pieces of origami. He always came to school twenty minutes earlier than everyone else when he needed to practice his origami. He didn't want anyone else to see.

It wasn't his favorite art style, but it was relaxing for times when he needed to think, and that's exactly what he needed at the moment.

He was starting his third week at Konoha High School, but because he had arrived at a precarious time, they were just starting a new semester. He had successfully joined the Advanced Art Class, which involved students practicing their own personal style and keeping a portfolio to show their improvement though out the class. It was perfect for him. A free class for him to let loose his creative side, but there was one problem: he couldn't think of anything.

His favorite art revolved around making fires. He had been warned before he was accepted that his 'art style' would not be allowed at Konoha High.

Most of his art works revolved around lacing clay, paper, or other objects of his desire in chemical compounds that burned at different rates and in different colors. He could easily make a drawing that, when set on fire, illuminated its brilliance in a flickering flame. The colors were unlimited, the speed: optional. Fast and sparkly or slow and smooth, it was truly a work of art. Some of his works of art, his 'masterpieces' as he referred to them, used tiny compact balls of gun powder laced with his compounds which, when ignited, acted like a fire cracker or sparkler, creating even more amazing pieces of art.

He had tried other things, of course. He had created minor fireworks, snow sculptures, flower arrangement, and even cake decorating. However, flower arrangements took too much time to die and the wilting period wasn't pretty at all, and cake decorating wasn't all that great. He really liked fireworks and explosives... But he couldn't do any of those things in this school without getting kicked out, and he actually liked this school! It was the third school he'd been sent to in the past year, and after hearing that it had an art program, he intended to stay.

Now all he had to do was think of a style he could practice…

"Good morning, Deidara," a cheerful voice greeted him from the doorway of the classroom.

Without a second thought Deidara swept the origami swans into his lap and grabbed the pair of fingerless black gloves that sat on top of his messenger bag. Slipping the gloves into place, he turned to greet the teacher.

"Good morning, Haku-sensei," he responded in a friendly manner.

As Haku was putting his own bag behind his desk, Deidara realized his hair was still pulled back and quickly yanked out the hair tie so that his waist-length, blond hair cascaded around his face. Slowly, he redid his hair so that it was out of the way, but still hung across the left side of his face. He honestly didn't care if a teacher saw his left eye, but just to be safe, he didn't want to draw attention to himself.

"You're always here so early, Deidara-kun," Haku smiled warmly, his brown eyes shining with kindness. "What were you doing this morning?"

Deidara sighed at the question. "I was trying to think of my Advanced Art style."

"Hmmm." Haku made his way over to sit across from Deidara as he thought on the matter. His hands combed through his waist-length, brown hair which was pulled to the side and out of his face. "I think you should do something more… permanent," suggested Haku.

"How so, un?" inquired Deidara.

"Well, from what I've learned about you these past two weeks in the normal art class, you like things that are beautiful one instant and completely gone the next. Is that not so?" questioned Haku.

"Yes," agreed Deidara quickly, "Art is so much more beautiful when it is fleeting. If it lasts forever then it becomes old and boring," sighed Deidara. "If it is fleeting, then there is that one moment of beauty and passion that takes your breath away and when it is gone, it leaves a lasting impression that never changes, un."

Haku nodded in understanding as he listened to his student's view of art.

"That's exactly why I believe you should work on something more permanent. Strive to create something that you don't want to ever leave your sight. Make something you don't want to be fleeting." Explained Haku, "It will give you a chance to try new things and broaden your artistic horizons."

"Makes sense, un," replied Deidara after pondering Haku's words, "But I still don't know what exactly I want to do."

"That's fine," said Haku, "I'm not going to have anyone give me an official topic until Friday. So you have a week."

"Thanks, un," smiled Deidara, "Oh, and Haku-sensei?"


"Here," Deidara pulled a hair tie off of his wrist and held it out towards his teacher. "You always try and push your hair out of the way during class so I thought I'd bring an extra one."

"Thank-you," smiled Haku. As he reached to take the hair tie his hand abruptly changed course and grabbed Deidara's wrist instead. "This is beautiful, where did you get it?"

Deidara looked at the bracelet that adorned his wrist; soda can tabs were woven together with intricately braided wire. "I made it while working," responded Deidara, "I work at a jewelry store and they let me use their solder gun. I made that hair tie too, un."

"Work?" frowned Haku, "Konoha High forbids its student from working, Deidara, did they not tell you? They don't want students to have excuses to not do homework."

"I know, un," responded Deidara, "However, I received special permission from the principle, Tsunade. I like working, and I promised if any of my grades dropped below an A, I'd quit."

Deidara did not mention that he had to work in order to pay for groceries as well as supplies for school and art. Being an orphan, the government paid for his tiny apartment and whatever was in his parent's trust fund paid for his tuition. Even if his parents hadn't specified in their will that the money was for school, he wouldn't have used it any other way. There wasn't much of it and he wasn't going to waste it.

"Well, I guess it's okay then," shrugged Haku; however, from his tone of voice they both knew that Haku was going to double check with Tsunade. "Either way, Deidara-kun, have you considered jewelry making as an art idea? I can borrow materials needed for soldering from the Technology teacher. Jewelry is often used to make promises and is meant to last. I think you could have fun making jewelry no one has ever seen before."

Deidara thought about what Haku said. He actually did enjoy making jewelry out of the weirdest things, and he wore it all the time too. He had never considered it an art form, but in a way it was…

"Thanks Haku-sensei." Deidara smiled, "I think I'll take you up on that idea."

"In that case," Haku quickly moved back to his desk and started shuffling through piles of paper until he found what he wanted, "Here, this is a supply list. Every student must make a list of supplies they'll need so I can order it for them." Haku handed Deidara the green form labeled 'supply list' with a smile.

While Deidara looked over the form, a loud crash sounded from the hall way. Both turned to look at the noise; however, both of them knew what –or who- it was. Haku quickly moved out of the danger zone and to his desk at the same time that one Uchiha Tobi hurtled through the door to the art room.

"Deidara-sempai!" before Deidara could brace himself like usual, Tobi and he were thrown to the ground with a crash.

"Tobi! For the last time, we are in the same grade; I am not your sempai! And you're seventeen for god's sake! Act like it!" Deidara growled from his position underneath the wriggling Tobi.

"But Gaara's picking on me again!" whined Tobi, "And besides, I call you sempai because I respect you! There's nothing wrong with it." Tobi crossed his arms and one could only assume he was pouting.

Deidara shoved Tobi off of him before grabbing the arm of the person he knew was automatically there and pulling himself up.

"What did you do? Un," questioned Deidara as he released Gaara's arm.

Gaara simply shrugged without answering and took the seat next to where Deidara had been sitting.

"What are you guys doing anyway? You don't have advanced art this semester," grumbled Deidara as he sat back in his rightful seat.

"Class doesn't start for five more minutes!" exclaimed Tobi, "We came to see you since we didn't see you over the long weekend!"

Deidara glanced at Gaara and knew that Gaara had probably only come to shut Tobi up; not that it was working.

Honestly, Deidara was surprised they were even his friends. Tobi became his friend almost as soon as he stepped on the school campus. He had been in charge of showing Deidara around. Deidara thought he was a little weird since he ran around with a mask on. The only physical traits about him that Deidara could see was spiky black hair an a blood red eye. But, to each his own, and besides, Deidara wasn't judgmental.

Gaara had inadvertently become his friend on his fifth day at school. Now that was the weirdest beginning to any friendship he could ever remember…

Deidara sat in the very back seat of his Psychology class. It was only his fifth day, and he still wasn't all that sure of how things worked at Konoha High. He kept coming extra early so he could have some quiet time to himself before all the people showed up.

He was in the middle of making an explosive origami insect. Not that he would use it at school. This was his last chance, and he actually liked this school! He was able to take art here! He was extremely focused in what he was doing since origami was a recent form of art that he had incorporated into his style. He had only started learning the basics two day before.

As he was placing the head on the bug he felt a very odd sensation, like he was being stared at, so he looked up. He was surprised to find fiery, red hair and a piercing, teal glare not a foot in front of his desk.

"Can I help you?" inquired Deidara; he didn't like the way this guy was staring at him. Not one bit.

"Hm," Gaara remained emotionless and still, "My seat."

Deidara couldn't help but stare at the boy incredulously. He was making a fuss over a seat? Not that Deidara cared; however, he was not going to be pushed around. Just because he had decided to keep a low profile didn't mean he was going to be taken advantage of! "I don't see your name on it," stated Deidara calmly as he looked around to make sure he and Gaara were the only ones around. He, of course, would be the mature one and give the boy the desk, but not before having a little fun.

"Move." Gaara didn't budge; however, his glare became slightly more pointed.

"Fine," Deidara sighed mockingly with a smile, "It's not that big of a deal. Take it."

Deidara slid smoothly from the seat and moved to the other side of the room. As he glanced across the room, he smirked when he saw Gaara take his seat. He watched gleefully as Gaara pulled out the origami bug from the inside of the desk, but before Gaara could even question what it was-BOOM!

Gaara was sent flying out of his chair in shock as confetti rained down on top of him.

Deidara couldn't help it; he laughed. However, in the middle of his laughing Gaara had regained his composure and was now moving across the room toward Deidara.

Deidara stopped laughing when he sensed Gaara next to him and immediately went on his guard. He slowly slid one of his gloves off in case he had to use one of his specially stored, explosive master pieces.

However, after a two minute stare down, Gaara merely held out his hand in a somewhat friendly gesture. "Subaku Gaara."

Deidara had been confused at first, but after a moment he shook his hand and replied, "Deidara." Deidara could tell Gaara was curious at the lack of a last name, but didn't elaborate. When he took Gaara's hand he took it in his left so that his bare right hand sat safely in his lap. Gaara raised an eyebrow at this, well, he would have if it didn't appear that they had been shaved off, but didn't say anything.

After their three word conversation Gaara had taken the seat next to Deidara while Deidara inconspicuously slipped his glove back on his right hand. They did not speak a word for the rest of the day; however, in any class they had together Gaara sat next to him, as well as at lunch; however, Deidara was pretty sure Gaara regretted that decision as soon as Tobi joined them.

It was the start of an unusual, but welcome friendship.

Deidara continued to watch as Tobi showed Gaara and him his newest toy. Tobi actually made all of his 'toys' by himself. Technology was to Tobi like art was to Deidara. They watched in vague interest as Tobi pointed a pen like device at one of Deidara's paper swans which had fallen to the floor during their daily tumble. Yes, daily.

With a slight twist, a beam of red shot from the tip to the head of the swan.

"Congrats Tobi," Deidara clapped cynically, "You created the ever common laser pen."

Gaara rolled his eyes, but was obviously thinking the same thing.

"No, no, no! Watch! I made the beam hotter. With a little adjustment… it should make it catch fire!" Tobi insisted as he twisted the device a little more.

A moment after Deidara took in Tobi's words his eyes widened. Tobi's inventions worked ninety percent of the time, and if this one worked- "TOBI, NO!"

Too late.

The head of the swan caught fire. Deidara's eyes widened even more as he leapt toward the figurine. Thinking quickly, he yanked off his left glove and slammed his hand down on top of the flaming bird. Deidara sighed as he felt the paper figurine become mushy and moist, successfully putting out the flame before it could reach the combustible center. That had been close. If that had gone off with Haku-sensei in the room he would have been doomed. His last chance would've gone down the tubes.

"Wow, Deidara-sempai, that was cool!" exclaimed Tobi, "But where'd the swan go?"

"Um…" Deidara hesitated for a moment. He couldn't tell them! He'd only known them for three weeks! "Uh… magic trick, un." Thinking quickly, he slipped his glove back on before reaching behind Tobi and pulling out the second swan. Of course, he had pulled this one from his pocket, but Tobi didn't need to know that.

"Wow!" exclaimed Tobi, "Do it again!"

"Uh, once is enough, besides, the bell is about to ring, you should go to class, un," Deidara insisted uneasily. He really didn't have time to deal with Tobi's antics this morning.

He glanced at Gaara for some help, but froze when he saw the glare Gaara was sending him. The message was obvious. He may have fallen for your lie, but I didn't. I don't like it when you lie. We're friends aren't we? Okay, so maybe he imagined the mushy 'friends' part, since Gaara would never say something like that, but the message was still the same. Deidara sent a pleading look at Gaara, trying to convey without words that he was sorry, but it just wasn't something he could talk about.

After a moment Gaara simply nodded and stood up to leave. Tobi was still babbling, but he shut up when Gaara, who was actually about a head shorter than Tobi, grabbed him by the back of the neck and began dragging him from the room.

"Wait," called Deidara. Gaara stopped to glance back at him questioningly. "Tobi," said Deidara in a voice that one would use to admonish a child, "Give me that pen."

Tobi clutched the device to his chest like one would cling to a precious item. If Deidara knew what Tobi's face looked like he would've sworn there'd be a pout on his features.

"Now Tobi, un," said Deidara sternly.

After a quick jerk from Gaara, Tobi whimpered but held out the device none the less.

"Good boy, I'll give it back after school so you can take it home, but until then we don't need you starting any more fires," said Deidara. God forbid he set off a fire alarm.

Immediately Tobi's posture straightened as he shouted in a gleeful voice, "Tobi's a good boy!" Before either could react Tobi had raced out of the room in a frenzy of gleeful shouts.

"…Hm," Gaara stared stoically in the direction Tobi had run, "I swear he's bipolar."

Before Deidara could reply Gaara was gone as well. Deidara simply chuckled before returning to his seat.

After he sat down he spared a glance in Haku-sensei's direction, to make sure that he was busy with something, before slowly sliding off his left glove.

Holding his hand in his lap, so if Haku-sensei did glance his way he wouldn't see anything, he slowly allowed the slim crack that ran across his palm to open. Gradually, as if any sudden movement would reveal what he was doing, the crack opened until it was large enough to let a moist tongue poke out. Yes, a tongue. And wrapped in this tongue was the same swan that he had stopped from exploding.

While keeping an eye on his teacher he removed the ruined swan from the small mouth before taking the tongue between the fingers of his right hand so he could examine the burn marks. He would have to soak his hand in a healing salve when he got home.

For some temporary relief he pulled a water bottle out of his messenger back and allowed the cool water to run onto his hand and into the mouth.

As he was doing this the bell that signaled the beginning of classes rung, and he quickly put the bottle away and repositioned his glove.

He had to be careful here; it wasn't like his old schools where he could do what he wanted. Here he had to keep a low profile. He couldn't stand out. Sure, he was capable of making friends, but with the ability to make friends came the ability to make enemies. Not to mention most of his friends abandoned him after they found out about his… unusual eye. And it was ten times worse when someone found out about his hands! A fake eye was understandable for someone who had lost theirs –though his was stranger than normal- but mouths on his hands! It was downright freakish, even in his opinion, and he was born with them!

He had decided when he was accepted into the school that he would keep to himself and not cause any problems. If he lived a simple high school life, then nothing unusual could happen. Then he wouldn't have to worry about getting in trouble. Sure, Gaara and Tobi had somehow become his friends, but there had yet to be any consequences from that, so he was fine.

As he began to fill out his supply list, other art students filed into the room. To Deidara's pleasure, they all avoided his table and sat with people they were familiar with. He knew he'd have at least one tablemate, there weren't enough seats without using his table, but he was content with no one sitting next to him.

After everyone had appeared to have taken their seats Deidara looked around to make sure that everyone had comfortably taken a seat without sitting at his table. Surprisingly enough, no one was left. So maybe he'd get a table to himself after all.

He was beginning to feel happy when the door to the classroom opened again.

To Deidara's horror, in walked Akasuna Sasori; he couldn't help but groan in disappointment when he realized that this was the person he'd have to share a table with. At this rate his good student act wouldn't last. Sasori was one of five people in Konoha High that Deidara did not want to associate with.

Akasuna Sasori, Uchiha Itachi (Tobi's cousin), Hoshigaki Kisami, some guy called Pein, and Momichi Zabuza; these five made up a gang called Akatsuki. Akatsuki was feared by everyone because, no matter how rich someone at Konoha High was, the Akatsuki were richer, and they could ruin someone's life with one phone call. Deidara had heard that some guy named Kakuzu was actually removed from the school simply because he was close to being as rich as Akatsuki. They didn't like competition.

Now, these were the types of people Deidara liked to pick fights with, but he just couldn't take the risk this time. Especially not with the connections each of them had. His life could be ruined. They could get the government to stop giving him rent money!

Deidara had managed to avoid the group until now. Though he still saw them pick on other people, like this one guy, Hidan, but he never said anything to stop them like he usually would. To his own self disgust, he kept to himself.

Deidara clenched his fists as he watched Sasori set up on the opposite side of the table. At least he was as far away as possible. In an attempt to ignore Sasori's presence, he reabsorbed himself in creating his supply list. Maybe if they just ignored each other, he'd be fine.

Everyone else in the class seemed to be either starting already, or doing what he was doing.

Deidara rubbed his eyes as words started blurring on the page. He assumed it was from concentrating on his list so hard.

After about ten minutes of writing things down and scratching things out, he was interrupted by the very person he was ignoring.


Deidara stiffened in his seat before slowly looking up at Sasori.

Sasori raised his eyebrows at the tense, cornered-animal-like posture that the kid at his table was presenting, but ignored it. It wasn't unusual.

"Yes?" questioned Deidara hesitantly.

"Give me my carving knife," said Sasori plainly.

"Excuse me?" question Deidara bewildered.

"My carving knife, it rolled under your seat," explained Sasori with an irritated tone, "Give it to me."

Deidara raised an eyebrow before glancing under his seat, and, sure enough, there was a small carving knife. He spared a glance at the table in front of Sasori to find a chunk of wood that almost resembled a hand.

"Some time this millennium would be wonderful," remarked Sasori as he became more irritated.

Deidara frowned at his rude behavior, and before he could stop, he found himself saying, "You could say please, or you could get it yourself, un."

Sasori looked momentarily confused at being spoken to in such a way, but he quickly erased the expression from his face and replaced it with an angry one.

"Stop wasting my patience and give me the damn knife," growled Sasori, "I hate to be kept waiting."

Deidara scowled even more so and decided that since he had already angered the boy that he should do so thoroughly.

"But of course," replied Deidara in a falsely sweet voice, "Whatever you want Sasori-danna." His last remark was laced with sarcasm as he reached down to grab the knife. He couldn't help but roll his eyes as well. He missed the rise of Sasori's eyebrows.

Reaching under his chair, he went to grab the knife, but was surprised when his fingers grabbed… nothing. He frowned and went to grab it again with the same result. What the hell? He could see the knife, it was right there. Yet whenever his reached for it his hand missed. How the hell did someone just miss picking something up?

"Are you mentally handicapped?" questioned Sasori in a demeaning voice as he stood up, walked around, and picked the knife up himself.

Deidara just sat there confused. Why couldn't he pick it up? Slowly, Deidara reached for the pencil he had been using to write his supply list, but when he went to touch it, again, he touched nothing. His brow furrowed. He could see his hand on top of the pencil, but at the same time the pencil wasn't there? After a moment of contemplation his eyes widened in horror, no, no, no, not now! It can't be, it just can't. Thinking quickly he closed the eye that was hidden by his hair and almost as soon as he did the pencil disappeared and reappeared two inches to his left.

"What the hell are you doing?" Sasori asked exasperatedly from his seat.

Deidara didn't answer; instead he ignored the angry redhead in favor of standing up. Everything appeared normal, but as soon as he opened his left eye his world went spiraling. The room tilted drastically. He hadn't even tried to move and he was already leaning sideways. He tried to reach out for the table, but he missed drastically and crashed to the floor.

Sasori, hearing the unusually loud crash, looked up. He rolled his eyes when he noticed his table partner sprawled across the floor; of course, he would get the clumsy partner. Hopefully the kid wasn't a painter; otherwise he'd worry about his own works of art getting splattered with paint.

Deidara reached blindly for the table edge to regain his footing; however, his hand hit nothing. He tried to focus his eyes, but what he saw only made him more frustrated. It appeared as if the table was right there, but when he reached for it his hand fazed right through it. Suddenly, everything on his left side went black. What the hell?

He was beginning to panic. Something was wrong, and it all came back to his eye. The doctor had warned him that his eye was experimental, but this was worse than he had expected. He couldn't see a thing. What was worse was his normal eye was being affected as well. His vision was blurring in and out. Almost like he needed glasses, but it came and went. He scrabbled across the floor until he finally touched what he assumed was their table and pulled himself up.

Sasori arched his eyebrow at the blond's strange behavior. He looked like he was having a panic attack. Sasori's brows furrowed when he noticed the other boy was stumbling around like a lunatic, but he could hardly bring himself to care.

Deidara struggled toward what he assumed was the door based on what he saw in his warped vision.

"Deidara? Is something wrong?" Haku-sensei's concerned voice caught Deidara's attention as he managed to clutch the door knob in a moment of somewhat normal vision.

"Uh, yah, I just-," Deidara stopped as he as his vision began to twist and twirl, "I- I feel like I'm going to be sick." With that said he rushed out of the room as fast as possible. It wasn't a complete lie, in his panic, he really felt like he was going to be sick. As he raced through the hallway he kept his left eye firmly closed, which seemed to help for the most part, but he was beginning to worry that his right eye was becoming internally damaged.

He had an idea, but he wasn't sure how it would turn out… in more ways than one. He had to find Tobi.

Deidara tried to remember which class Tobi had at that very moment, but was somewhat ashamed when he couldn't remember any of Tobi's classes. He took a moment to rest by a water fountain and use the edge like a crutch.

"What the fuck, you little bastards! What the hell did you do with my symbol of Jashin?"

Deidara glanced around for the source of foul language only to be met by what was becoming a somewhat familiar sight.

Hidan, a rather foul mouthed, oddly religious boy was one of many students who were often bullied by the Akatsuki. It probably didn't help that Hidan had the palest white hair you could imagine and always tried to bring the most horrendous weapons to school, only for them to be confiscated. At the moment, Hidan was yelling at none other than Hoshigaki Kisami and Uchiha Itachi.

Thinking quickly, Deidara moved like lightning to grab Hidan by the arm. He didn't care that he had just interrupted Kisami who had been talking. He honestly didn't give a shit, he'd deal with it later, all he knew was Tobi and Hidan were friends, and Hidan might know where Tobi's current class was.

"What the fuck! Can't you see I'm in the middle of some important shit?" yelled Hidan after he was almost tackled by Deidara.

"Where's Tobi?" demanded Deidara.

"What?" asked Hidan, confused.

"It's an emergency; do you know where Tobi is?" asked Deidara, trying to keep the desperation out of his voice.

"What do you need with my cousin?" inquired a deep, monotone voice that made Deidara freeze on the spot. He purposefully refused to turn around because he didn't want the Uchiha to get a good look at his face. Not that his hair wouldn't give him away, but hey, he could always dye it. He changed his grip on Hidan's arm to the front of his shirt to yank him closer. "Look," he hissed, "It's very important that I find Tobi, now. If you can take me to him I promise-," he lowered his voice and leaned closer to Hidan's ear, "Look, I'll pay you back, I'll even-" He hesitated before speaking even more quietly. "Trust me, with you current situation you want me to owe you. I can't say much now, but please..."

Hidan seemed to contemplate Deidara's words. Finally, he nodded, but before they could leave, a large hand grasped Deidara's shoulder.

"Hey, my friend asked you a question."

Deidara didn't even have to glance at the hand on his shoulder to know it was covered in a bluish-grey tattoo that resembled scales. Kisami had it all over his body, and honestly, in Deidara's opinion, it made him look like a freak, but Deidara would never say anything. He himself was a bit of a freak. Before anything could happen, Hidan grasped Kisami's hand and flung him back with surprising strength before wrapping a protective arm around Deidara's neck, protecting his face from view. "I'll deal with you bastards later," called Hidan as he forcibly pulled Deidara into a swift walk. "I got shit to do."

Deidara sighed in relief when they rounded a corner and Hidan let go of him.

"So, what's this huge emergency?" asked Hidan.

"I- I can't tell you, but hopefully Tobi can help me with it, un," Deidara said uncertainly.

Hidan glanced sideways at him but simply shrugged it off when it appeared that Deidara was going to say no more. In a matter of minutes Hidan stopped in front of a door that read, 'Advanced Computer Mechanics'.

"Thanks," sighed Deidara as he tried to calm himself down. He reached for the door knob and… missed. Deidara frown, but then realized at some point he'd opened his left eye out of habit and quickly closed it so his vision would correct itself. Hidan, seeing Deidara's momentary lapse, as well as what appeared to him to be a clumsy miss of the door knob, grabbed the handle himself and opened the door.

Everyone in the classroom when silent as they turned from what they were doing and looked toward the door; there wasn't a noticeable difference in sound because the only people in the class besides Tobi were two teenagers: Nara Shikamaru and Gaara. Deidara stepped up beside Hidan to see that it appeared the three of them were building a computer.

"Sempai!" came the yell which caused Deidara to brace himself before he was forced to the ground. "You came to visit me!" exclaimed Tobi excitedly.

"Uhh," hesitated Deidara, he needed an excuse to get Tobi out of class, but before he could speak, Hidan spoke for him.

"Hey Kakashi-sensei, Deidara and I were sent to bring Tobi to the office. One of their computers quit working and they need him to fix it," Hidan lied casually, removing his usually offensive language so as to not upset the teacher. The teacher spared them a glance before waving them off. He obviously didn't give a crap.

"Alright, one sec Dei-sempai," Tobi said as he climbed off Deidara, "Let me get my tool bag."

Deidara was half tempted to just drag the boy to the nearest bathroom where no one would see them, but he figured Tobi might need his tool bag to help him anyway.

Before Deidara could stand up from his latest tackle Hidan gripped him under his arms and dragged him to his feet for him.

"Thanks, and I'll keep my promise about the revenge tomorrow, un, as for your- whatever they took, I'll find it when we're done," Deidara mumbled quietly before Tobi returned and then proceeded to drag the smaller boy towards the nearest bathroom.

Hidan raised a pale white eyebrow before shrugging and running his hand back over his hair to make sure it hadn't been messed up in their rush.

"Sempai, the office is the other way!" stated Tobi confused.

"Shhh!" hissed Deidara he yanked Tobi into the nearest bathroom and bolting the door behind him. He never knew why school bathrooms had bolts on them, but he didn't particularly care at the moment. Walking around the room he checked all the stalls to make sure no one was in there before sighing in relief at the knowledge that they were alone.

"Deidara-sempai?" questioned Tobi.

Deidara glanced at the spot where Tobi stood with his little tool bag. He couldn't see his face because of the weird mask he wore, but he could tell the boy was confused.

"Look, Tobi, there is no broken computer," explained Deidara, "I- I need your help with something." Deidara was extremely hesitant with what he was about to do. He was taking a huge leap of faith with this, and if it back fired he would just have to suck it up and deal with it because he had no other place to go. Konoha High was the end of the line for him.

"What's wrong?"

Deidara stared somewhat surprised at the change in Tobi's voice. He had never heard him so serious, it was almost like he was a different person! "Well, it's… mechanical," began Deidara.

From the silent way Tobi seemed to stare at him, arms crossed, Deidara assumed he was waiting to see what was so important.

Hesitantly, Deidara reached up and began to pull back the curtain of hair which created a barrier between the world and one of his many oddities. Tobi's arms dropped to his side as he stepped forward, obviously curious. Deidara had never let him nor Gaara see his left eye. Tobi had tried once and Deidara had blown up at him. Taking a deep breath, Deidara opened his eye. Nothing changed, he still couldn't see anything out of his left periphery; however, the image of Tobi in front of him did jump a few inches to the left.

Almost as soon as his eye was open Tobi stepped forward and grabbed him quickly by the chin to pull him down to so that they were eye to eye. Tobi fingered the eye curiously, having absolutely no worries about poking Deidara in the eye. Deidara knew from years of looking in the mirror that his eye was quite conspicuous: chrome with a bit of blue coloring where his iris should have been as well as a black lens where his pupil should have been.

It was because it was so obviously mechanical that he hid it. People tended to freak out when they saw it; exclaiming things like he was taking pictures of them or something. Actually, he could, he could also zoom in on things and see through thin objects if he wanted; such as his hair or… clothing, but that was beside the point, he never invaded anyone's privacy.

When he'd had his eye operated on he hadn't want to lose his vision and had asked for an experimental surgery, knowing very well that it could back fire. It had been fine, and the doctor had called it a success. Of course, the eye just had to act up after he moved away from the town where said doctor lived.

"What's wrong with it?" inquired Tobi as he pulled back Deidara's eyelid for a better look.

"Um, I can't see anything out of it, and what I can see is shifting to the left, almost like I'm drunk," explained Deidara immediately. Tobi's tone of voice reminded him of a doctor, all business, and he couldn't help but respond without hesitation.

Tobi leaned back from his examination nodding before he reached into his tool kit to grab a slightly smaller kit from inside. He paused a moment to stare at it before angling his head to stare at Deidara. "This is my more… personal tool kit. Perfect for this type of thing really; I think I might be able to fix your eye. But seeing as I'm not familiar with the mechanics I'm going to have to proceed slowly," explained Tobi.

Deidara nodded hesitantly. So far, everything was going great, Tobi hadn't freaked on him at all, but then again, maybe he was just so enraptured by the advanced mechanics that was his eye. It was then that Deidara noticed Tobi had begun to unclip the strap that held his mask on. What?

With one last glance, Deidara assumed it was supposed to be an assuring glance, Tobi removed his mask completely and revealed his face to Deidara for the first time. Deidara was surprised, Tobi looked… absolutely normal. Hell, he could even be considered hot. He looked a lot like Itachi, but without the scar lines under his eyes, making him appear younger. That was when Deidara noticed his eyes… they were red. Well, he had always been able to see one of Tobi's eyes, but now that there was no mask in the way he could really see them.

"Tobi…" began Deidara hesitantly.

Tobi smiled at him as he pulled Deidara's face closer to look at his eye once more. "It's okay, sempai," smiled Tobi, signs of his child-like personality shining through, "I, out of anyone, know what it's like to have a biomechanical eye."

Tobi brought out a pair of thin tipped, oddly shaped prongs which seemed to grip the edges of Deidara's eye perfectly. Tobi spoke smoothly as he worked, probably trying to distract Deidara as he seemed to be unscrewing Deidara's eye from its socket, "My family has a rare, hereditary disease which causes blindness. If you look at Itachi, he also has red eyes, but everyone thinks they're contacts when they aren't."

Deidara had never paid attention to any members of the Akatsuki, seeing as he didn't want them to notice him. All he knew were things that stood out. Sasori had red-hair. Kisame had a full body tattoo that made him look like a shark; not to mention his teeth were filed into points. Pein had piercings, all over. Itachi had two scars running down his face under his eyes –which he now wondered if it had to do with his mechanical eyes. And last but not least: Zabuza, who wore bandages that covered the lower half of his face. Although, Deidara had heard a rumor that Zabuza also had his teeth surgically filed into points, but no one knew for sure.

"Itachi's father, my uncle, was one of the lucky ones; however, because my father received the disease, my uncle worked hard in biomechanics to create an eye that could actually see. Mine aren't quite as advanced as yours though. It appears that whichever doctor you had, has progressed from my uncle's original work." As Deidara listened, he closed his right eye as Tobi finished unscrewing his eye. He didn't necessarily want to see the unnatural wires that connected to the nerves behind his eye. He was surprised that this entire operation wasn't hurting at all!

"My uncle retired after he made his footprint in biomechanics. My eyes, which use the very basics of yours, are somewhat less intricate. Your eye has a camera implant, as well as what appears to be… infrared? My eyes are far from perfect. My vision is like that of someone who needs glasses, but because of the mechanics, glasses do nothing for me, but it's still better than being blind. The red you see is a special add on that my uncle made me per my request. It allows me to examine electronics very closely. Itachi's are red simply because my uncle thought they looked cool."

Deidara remained silent; seeing no reason to speak.

"Whoops," chuckled Tobi.

"What?" Deidara's right eye snapped open and he froze at the sight. He felt like he was going to be sick, there were tiny metal strands hanging from the chrome ball in Tobi's hand, and he didn't want to know what the socket looked like. He was glad he was facing away from the mirror.

"Don't worry, it's actually a very easy fix," explained Tobi, his voice sounding familiar to Deidara, but without his mask, it almost didn't seem to go with his face. It was freaking Deidara out. Almost as much as having his eye hanging outside of his head. "I think it was my fault though," frowned Tobi, "I think when I knocked you over, I knocked loose a central wire that was connected to you mechanical cornea. All I have to do is solder it back in place and you should be fine!" Tobi exclaimed the last part, his voice overenthusiastic, but his face was rather emotionless, except for a slight smile.

"It's creeping me out," said Deidara, speaking for the first time since they began.

Tobi glanced up from where he pulled out a tiny soldering gun and some solder. "It will be over in a minute."

"No! Your voice!" exclaimed Deidara, "I'll never be the same! It's- it's… unnatural. It doesn't match your face at all."

Tobi glanced up from his handiwork to look at Deidara with a raised eyebrow; showing Deidara an uncanny replica of Itachi in one of his rare moments of curiosity.

Suddenly, Deidara's left periphery vision returned. It was really weird too, it was like half his vision was upside down, and the other half was normal.

"All done!" exclaimed Tobi as he replaced his mask. Afterward he began to delicately place the wires back where they belonged before screwing Deidara's eye into place. Once he was finished he jumped up excitedly and began to place all his tools back in his bag. After he was all packed up he seemed to hesitate in whether or not he should leave. "… you know sempai, I'm happy you felt you were able to trust me with your secret, especially, since you didn't know about my eyes when you did. If you ever need help again you can ask me."

"Un," Deidara smiled nervously, he honestly didn't want to say he had been extremely afraid of showing Tobi.

"And, if you ever need someone to talk to about other things… like maybe why you wear fingerless gloves every day, then I'm here. I won't judge you."

Deidara froze; Tobi was a lot more observant than Deidara had ever given him credit for. Still unused to this side of Tobi, he merely nodded before standing up and testing his eye.

"Alright sempai!" Deidara was completely unprepared to be glomped by the previously serious Tobi. "See you at lunch!" Before Deidara could even say thanks, Tobi had unbolted the bathroom door and left.

Unsure how to proceed, Deidara slowly began walking back to art class. There was still twenty minutes left seeing as the classes were two hours long; at least he could finish his supply list. He also remembered that he had to help Hidan, and he figured he could start by helping him find whatever it was that he lost. He assumed it was the freaky necklace he wore daily with some figure tied to a cross. He knew for sure it wasn't a Christian cross. Deciding to keep an eye out while he walked, he went ahead and focused his left eye to the point that all the thin objects around him became transparent. The metal on the lockers was thin enough to see through and he went ahead and perused them as he walked.

When he made it back to art class he had seen nothing, and decided he would probably have to check the Akatsuki's outfits. The very thought sent shivers down his spine, if he wasn't careful, he might see something that he didn't want to see. Thought most of the time he couldn't see through two layers, so as long as none of them went commando, he should be safe. Once he reentered class, Haku was all over him.

"Are you feeling alright? Are you going home early?" he asked concerned.

"No," smiled Deidara, "I'm fine. The nurse gave me something for my stomach. I feel much better. Un."

The teacher appeared relieved, seeing as he nodded happily and returned to his desk.

Deidara began walking toward the table he was expected to share with Sasori; he wondered if Haku would consider assigning the other boy to another table… He stopped when he noticed a body had materialized on their table. It took him a moment to realize that this body was actually made of wood. He was carving something earlier, un.

Deidara honestly wasn't interested in Sasori's wood carving; especially, since it wasn't particularly appealing in the looks department, but as he came closer he noticed something very interesting attached to Sasori's book bag, which happened to be hanging on the back of his chair: Hidan's cross.

Smirking to himself, Deidara strode purposefully to stand behind Sasori, while at the same time slipping off one of his gloves. Oh, how he loved all the uses he found for his hands, he was an expert at creating origami and sculptures with them.

Some people could fold origami with their tongues and so could Deidara… the tongues in his hands anyway. It was a simple matter of standing behind Sasori with his hand resting on his book bag. When Sasori sent him a questioning glance he merely acted like he had been admiring Sasori's work over his shoulder. When Sasori glared at him he merely held his hands up in surrender and walked back to his side of the table, and started on his supply list.

When the bell rang he turned in his supply list before throwing one last victorious look in Sasori's direction. As he left the room he allowed the cross to slip from between the slit in his hand before slipping his glove back on. He held the cross victoriously as he wiped it off on his shirt.

What Sasori hadn't known was that while his hand had sat motionless on the back of his chair, near Hidan's precious necklace, the mouth in his hand had worked the clasp on Hidan's necklace loose and then sucked it up.

Deidara: 1 Akatsuki: 0

He couldn't help but chuckle as he pocketed the cross; now all he had to do was figure out part two of his little plan…