Christmas was absolutely brilliant as far as Harry Potter was concerned. All of him.

Following the start of the winter break, he'd been virtually alone in Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff, but the Weasleys had kept him company in Gryffindor, distracting him from the mystery he and his friends had stumbled upon months earlier. Ravenclaw him had remembered a vague mentioning of Nicholas Flamel somewhere, but since it was Gryffindor Harry's adventure, he didn't butt in unasked. While all four Harrys were united, each tried to maintain something that was their own. For Gryffindor Harry, it was Quiddich which the other Harrys might join in on later if they were so inclined and allowed to play by their house teams despite the potential conflict of interest. This mysterious adventure that involved a locked door, a three-headed dog and someone named Nicholas Flamel also belonged to Gryffindor Harry and Gryffindor Harry alone. Since this adventure didn't seem dangerous enough to alarm them, they let the Gryffindor have at it and prove his bravery as it were.

The time leading up to Christmas was interesting to say the least. Since their arrival at Hogwarts, someone had deliberately tried to kill each of them, hexing Gryffindor Harry's broom, tripping Ravenclaw Harry on the stairs while he was carrying a pile of books from the library for his friends and himself, poisoning some candy and giving it to Hufflepuff Harry, and nearly cursing Slytherin Harry from behind. The Harrys's friends outside Slythein were half convinced that Snape was responsible for these incidents since he seemed to have it in for Harry, constantly being cruel and generally unpleasant to the ones who weren't in his house every time they encountered each-other. The Slytherin Harry wasn't so sure, since he'd been certain that he'd seen Snape stand back and watch each Harry's reactions to each incident as if he were studying him like the Ravenclaws were wont to do. The Slytherin Harry's more friendly associates were less concerned about the other hims, didn't particularly care who was behind the assassination attempts since he'd either survive and prove his strength or not, and found Professor Snape's antics amusing.

The months since Harry's arrival at Hogwarts and the subsequent creation of the other three Harrys had had a number of ups and downs. Gryffindor Harry had won his first Quiddich game by just about swallowing the Snitch which Flint, Diggory, and Chang had each found absolutely hilarious. Slytherin Harry had dropped in the academic standings because Draco Malfoy had destroyed an end of term essay that had been worth a sizable portion of his Transfiguration grade. Hufflepuff Harry had won his house Gobstones tournament, and Ravenclaw Harry had nearly been killed by the Sixth Years who'd been experimenting on him, causing a ban on further experiments on any of the Harrys under the threat of expulsion.

Fortunately, all of the Harrys had friends to share these interesting experiences with. Hufflepuff Harry was friends with, or at the very least on friendly terms with just about everyone in his house below Fourth Year, though he did have some problems with Zacharias Smith and Ernie Macmillan whom he'd recently had a bit of a falling out with. Ravenclaw Harry had a number of friends in his year and a couple friends in the two years above, one being an Asian girl named Cho Chang who occasionally grated on his nerves, but he was rather wary of the upper years in his house and had trouble getting on with Entwistle and most of the other bossy know-it-alls who hadn't toned it down as Hermione had begun to do. For Gryffindor Harry, it was pretty much Ron and Hermione as far as friends were concerned, but he got on with the Weasleys and his dormmates and his teammates reasonably well. Slytherin Harry got on better with the girls of his year, though Zabini and Nott weren't half bad, and when it came to the older years most of them had gone from ignoring entirely to just barely tolerating him aside from the Quiddich Captain Marcus Flint who had been eyeing him speculatively and suggesting he come to Quiddich practice sometime.

Now, it was Christmas, and a rather brilliant Christmas it was. Each Harry had woken up to find a number of presents at the end of their beds. Each of the boys had received notes with a single pence and a request that none of them return for the Summer from the Dursleys. Each received candy and other odds and ends from their friends and housemates. And, each received a different item that had belonged to their father: Gryffindor Harry an invisibility cloak, Slytherin Harry a guide to pranking that had been written by a group called The Marauders, Hufflepuff Harry a worn leather glasses case which contained a number of hidden compartments which had James Potter's name embossed on it in worn gilt lettering, and Ravenclaw Harry a set of Seventh Year textbooks which had hand-written notes in the margins. Gryffindor Harry had been the only one to receive a Weasley sweater, but that was understandable considering the Weasley family's limited means and the fact that only he was Ron Weasley's friend. Hagrid however had rather kindly sent all of the Harrys Christmas Presents, though the Slytherin Harry's was smaller, and more generic rather than hand-made, presumably because of the issues Hagrid had with Slytherin which had stemmed from his Slytherin classmates' ill treatment of him when he had been a student and the fact that it had been a Slytherin who had gotten him expelled as Slytherin Harry had heard when he'd sent feelers out on the gossip vine looking for anything on the probable half-giant. Slytherin Harry understood, considering the fact that he wouldn't be comfortable being around, much less friendly with, a member of a group that harmed and harassed him such as Piers Polkiss for instance. He appreciated the fact that Hagrid was actually making an effort when he could've easily cut him out of his life for being a Slytherin, much as Ron Weasley had done.

Following a varied morning wake-up which had ranged from the Weasleys' loud and boisterous wake-up call, to his waking up completely alone on his own, there had been a day of fun and games that Gryffindor Harry had invited his other selves to, a day where the Weasleys had barely realized that Slytherin Harry was a Slytherin. After a rather intense snowball fight and some games in front of the fire where they thawed out, all of the remaining students and staff gathered in the Great Hall for a feast during which Professor Snape had sat between the Slytherin and Ravenclaw Harry and made absolutely no comments. Following the feast, each Harry made their ways to their common rooms for an evening of relaxation and in some cases contemplation.

In the Gryffindor Common room, Harry broke in his new chess set which had come out of a Christmas Cracker with Ron Weasley who'd been happy about the subscription to a rather popular quiddich magazine. In the Ravenclaw common room, Harry settled into a reading nook with a fantasy novel which one of the older students had left behind, ignoring the notes which dissected the story's magic which were written in the margins. In Hufflepuff, Harry played with the hand-made yo-yo that Hagrid had sent him, happy to have a toy that wasn't broken for once. In Slytherin Harry picked up the hand-written book by the Marauders, securing the unsigned note which had said "Your father had this confiscated from him when he was a student. As long as you are more responsible with it than he was, it will not be confiscated from you. Merry Christmas." between two pages near the back of the book after it fell out of its former spot between the front cover and the flyleaf.

All in all, it had been a good day, and the best Christmas that Harry could remember.