I sit down at the computer and open Safari, clicking Google News on my toolbar. I'm still getting used to using the small consumer-grade laptop rather than the military ones we had in Thirteen, but I know enough to navigate the internet. Most of the news is either stuff about rebuilding in the various districts or stalking the remaining victors (Annie Cresta-Odair and thirteen year old son spotted at Hunger Games Museum: Is he ready to know the truth about his parents?), but something catches my eye under the customized topic "Katniss Mellark".

Just because I left the district doesn't mean that I don't care about how's she's doing.

"Mellarks announce baby due in October!"


Katniss is pregnant. She said she would never. That was probably conditional to the Games though. And now that there are no Games…

I thought I had come to terms with the entire situation, but the announcement sends a fresh wave of pain through me that I haven't felt in years.

Apparently I'm a masochist because I click on the link to PanemHEAT to read the entire article.

"After the tragic miscarriage caused by the Quarter Quell, the star-crossed lovers of District 12 will finally have the chance to start a family again! Yesterday afternoon, the couple permitted former district escort and publicist Effie Trinket to publish a news release written almost a month before.

"We've known for awhile now," says Peeta Mellark, half of the couple that captivated the nation fourteen years ago. "We just weren't ready to let the public know, because we knew as soon as we released it we'd start having to deal with press. We wanted to deliver the news to our family, friends, and district first. Now that we've sent out all the letters and made all the phone calls, we're ready to tell the rest of the nation."

So other people already know. For some reason that stings. Nothing's appeared in my mailbox. I'm not family, and probably not a friend either, but they told the entire district. Those aren't all friends and family either.

Keep reading.

The baby is due in October, and the couple is already planning for their new life.

"I've been talking to my mom a lot about what's to come, and Peeta and I are thinking about baby names. I'm not sure what I've just gotten myself into, but I'm excited," says soon-to-be mother, Katniss.

Click here for the official news release.


Katniss is having a child. With the bread boy. What the h*ll.

We were never officially a romantic thing, but there was always a fantasy, at least for me, that there were no more Games and we could get married and start a family. Live happily ever after. A fantasy, a stupid fairy tale, but once the Games ended…

I knew it wouldn't happen. As soon as those God forsaken parachutes detonated in the City Circle my chances went from extremely low to negative. Greater good or not, I was most likely indirectly responsible for the bombing that killed the girl most important to two of the people most important to me.

Rory still has trouble looking me in the eye.

It's been thirteen years.

I slam the laptop shut and lean back in my chair, years of hunting scenes playing over my closed eyelids.

Sure, we've ended the Games, but the odds were not in my favor.


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