Pit screamed as he and Sonic were riding an intense, red colored steel coaster. That had loops and turns at every curve. Up and down and all around. Left and right. North, south, east, west. High into the heavens, and down into the ground.

"ISN'T THIS GREAT!" Sonic exclaimedas he waved his arms in the air. "I FEEL SO HIGH I COULD DIE!"

Pit screamed as he tightly clenched onto the railings. "IT'S NOT GREAT! I WANNA GET OFF RIGHT NOW!"

Sonic laughed as he ribbed Pit. "You big baby, it's just a roller coaster! What could happen?"

Suddenly, the clear blue skies got populated with huge thunderclouds, and a thunderstorm occurred. Rain poured harshly as the wind blew violently, a zap of lightning zapping the panel, which made the roller coaster not only unable to stop, but make it go even faster. Everyone on the fifteen person carrying car screamed. Sonic and Pit were right at the front, so they got the most of it.

Sonic loved it. Pit, however, was terrified beyond what he has experienced.