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Chapter 17:

"Is this kid serious?" Damon asked looking at the chainsaw in Dean's hand.

Dean revved the vicious machine, keeping his eyes on Damon. He just barely noticed Castiel in the house as well; either that or he didn't care.

"Why don't you just announce to the whole town that you're a hunter?" Damon said annoyed pointing at the racket the chainsaw was making.

Dean held the machine forward and stepped onto the porch.

"Dean, wait." Castiel said.

Dean walked into the door frame, inches away from Damon and swung his chainsaw attempting to slice Damon in half. Damon moved back immediately, dodging the attack barely. Instead the metal chains cut through the wall of the house, a metre in.

"Yeah, I don't think that's good enough!" Damon yelled at Castiel.

"And we're supposed to be helping this guy?" Stefan shouted at Castiel over the roaring of the chainsaw.

Dean yanked at the chainsaw, trying to pry it out of the wall.

"I need the girl, find her." Castiel ordered Stefan sternly.

"She couldn't have gone far." Stefan said. "But even if we do find her, there's no way we're giving her to him." he pointed at Dean.

Dean yanked the chainsaw out of the wall and ran towards Damon once more. He swung the saw forward. Damon pivoted to the right, dodging the blow again. "I think there's a bigger problem here!" Damon yelled at Castiel and Stefan, annoyed by their calm discussions meanwhile he seemed to be the main target here.

"You told me you're going to give her to me!" Castiel said angered.

"Where's my brother?!" Dean yelled at Damon.

"Not this again," Damon said annoyed. "I told you I don't have your brother!"

Dean swung again, missing once more and instead slicing through the stairwell railing. "There's nowhere to run Salvatore." Dean threatened.

Suddenly Damon's cell rang. He picked it up keeping his eye on Dean's saw as he was recollecting the machine out of the wood. "Not the best time Matt." Damon yelled.

"I just saw Bonnie walking down the street. She looks like she's in some trance. Damon, you better get over here. She's heading towards the Lockwood estate woods." Matt explained at the other end.

Dean swung again and Damon jumped back a few feet.

"Bonnie's been found." Damon called over the noise. "Now would be a good time to call off your psychopath Castiel."

Castiel and Stefan turned to Damon and Dean immediately.

"Dean, stop. We need the girl to get to Sam." Castiel said, trying to reason with him.

"Yes Dean, listen to him." Damon said as if talking to a small child.

Dean ran forward with the machine, "No Cas, all we need is for him to tell us where he's keeping Sam."

"Dean-" Cas began, but before he could finish Stefan flashed forward and grabbed Dean from behind. He immediately locked both Dean's arms behind his back while Damon knocked the saw out of his hands.

Dean struggled but there was no chance of freeing himself from Stefan's iron grip. Stefan forced Dean down till he was on his knees.

Damon laughed aloud. "Not so strong without our chainsaw, are we?" he asked mockingly.

Dean's anger furrowed. Castiel came in front of Dean. He didn't attempt to help him. Dean had the expression of betrayal on his face. "So this is how you plan to get Sam back, huh?" Dean asked him.

"They can help us!" Castiel said.

"Oh I can see how much their helping." Dean said looking at Stefan holding him captive.

"I told you not to attack them! Damn it Dean, why don't you listen to me!" Castiel yelled.

The room went silent as Dean and Castiel glared at each other.

"So clearly," Damon began breaking the silence, "you two have some relationship issues to work out here." He looked between the two of them.

"Hold on," Stefan said suddenly realizing something, "You came to negotiate with us before even asking these guys? So they're as clueless about the whole thing as we are?" he asked Castiel.

"And you just promised us that they would be our ally?" Damon asked looking at Castiel angry.

"Ally? When were you going to tell me this Cas." Dean asked.

"I was going to tell you before you ran in here with a chainsaw!" Castiel said.

"You negotiated this whole deal between us and didn't let either side know about the promises you were making?" Stefan asked.

"And what did he promise you?" Damon asked Dean. "Did he say we were going to give your brother back?"

"You people need to understand that there is no sides!" Castiel shouted in frustration. "I told you once, that this isn't a hunter versus vampire game anymore. This is war! And you need each other for this!"

"War? What the hell are you talking about?" Dean asked.

"Let me guess, 'I can't tell you that yet but it's beyond your comprehension'." Damon said imitating Castiel.

Castiel glared at him. "Fine, you want to know? Here it is. An ancient creature, something so evil and corrupt, the source of all things dark about magic, is arising once more. She's bringing along with her, beings both mortal and immortal, just as twisted and dark as her, back from the grave and their coming right here, in Mystic Falls. These creatures are things neither you," he said looking at Stefan and Damon, "nor you" he looked at Dean, "have ever seen or even thought of in your lives."

The room was silent for a while before Stefan finally spoke, "This 'creature', who is she?"

"Her name can't be spoken aloud" Castiel said,

"Oh great, 'the one who shall not be named'; this story just keeps getting better and better." Damon said sarcastically.

"You don't speak her name because that makes you vulnerable to her." Castiel explained, ignoring Damon.

"You're telling me," Dean started but paused to look up at Stefan to release him. "Buddy, we get it, your superman, you wanna let go of me now?" Stefan hesitated at first but finally let him go. Dean stood up, "You're telling me that she's so powerful that you guys can't say her name." Dean asked, not buying the story.

"What do you mean?" Damon asked confused. He looked back at Castiel, "You never told us what you are."

Castiel waited a bit, determining whether to answer him or not.

"He's an angel." Dean answered bluntly, getting impatient. "So let's get back to how this has anything to do with where Sam is."

"Wait, a what?" Stefan asked.

"Did I hear you right? I thought you said an angel?" Damon said.

"Yep, you heard me right," Dean answered, "an angel, part of heaven, and yes there's a heaven, hell, God, devil, the whole shebang. Your mind is completely blown; you're questioning your whole existence. Where do you fit in? Where are you going to end up? Well guess what sweetheart; you're a friggin vampire so angels aren't that farfetched. And let me answer that for you right now, you're going straight into the pits of hell. Moving on!"

"You're kidding, right?" Damon asked.

"We have no powers in matters dealing with her." Castiel went on, ignoring Damon. "As for where Sam is, she's taken him to Cetro. It's her realm. A sort of hell, that's hers. The story goes that she was one of the first priestesses of the old religion, before Wicca, and of course they use magic, energy generated from nature itself. But she started channeling things that were dark; these things began to change her. The power changed her to a point where she wasn't human anymore, but something else, entirely. When it got to a state that keeping her on Earth wasn't possible, a band of angels were called upon to cast her out. She was sent to hell but in hell, she began to consume the souls of the damned. Things began to change there; she was slowly developed the power to come back to Earth and she brought with her every conceivable evil. She could travel freely, at her own will. So finally a prison was built to contain her, Cetro. She was trapped there for centuries, kept away from the universe. It was a way to restore the balance they told us, but her very existence is still a distortion in the balance. And now she's coming back."

No one spoke. Castiel looked at each of them in the eye. "So now you understand how this isn't a petty fight anymore?" he said.

"How do I get Sam back?" Dean asked.

"The girl can bring him back." Castiel said,

"But you said yourself, this thing is so powerful and Bonnie's just a witch." Stefan said.

"She's a Bennett witch, she's of direct bloodline to her. And as I've heard she's the last of her family?" Castiel looked at the Salvatores for confirmation.

Stefan nodded.

"In that case, everyone on Earth is going to be hunting her down. Whoever has her right now, holds the key to our fate."

"How many others know about this?" Stefan asked.

"Last I heard, the words gone to Crowley." Castiel said, glancing at Dean.

"Who's Crowley?" Damon asked.

"Long story, but just know that everyone's going to be fighting for a piece of the witch."

"Well than," Damon said looking around the room, "I suggest we get the key of our fates back before anyone else!"


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