"Get to Elena!" Damon shouted.

"What about you?" Dean asked, still gripping onto Damon's disconnected phone.

"I'm fine, just go!"

Dean glanced at the phone and back at Damon, still contemplating. "Your brother and the witch-"


"Alright, alright!" Dean swiftly tossed Damon his phone and then took off his leather jacket, tossing that along as well. "Here, figure something out." He yelled. He turned back and ran the opposite direction. Damon glanced at Dean's jacket.

"Figure something out?" he looked up at the shining sun. "Damn it!"

"Come on Bonnie, hang on! Bonnie do you hear me?" Stefan tried once more at the dazed girl sitting in front of him.

"Damn it, Damon where are you?"

Stefan's phone suddenly rang. "Damon?"

"I'm trapped." Came his voice.


"My ring just gave out! I'm stuck under a tree in the middle of daylight, Stefan."

"Well what am I supposed to do, Damon? Bonnie's drifting away and we're practically sitting ducks. Where's Dean?"

"I sent him to go to Elena. She's in trouble."


"He's there. I'm going to try and get there if I don't hear from him. For now let Ric know what happened. Tell him to bring you salt."


"Just like Bonnie used, when you get the salt, put it on your doors and windows. It's supposed to stop 'demons' from entering."

"Your speaking complete nonsense to me right now."

"Just do it Stefan! Keep Bonnie safe no matter what."


Dean climbed up the steps of the porch. As he approached the front door he saw it ajar. There was an eerie silence looming around the house. Dean stepped in, looking around cautiously.

"Hello?" he called. "Elena?"

Dean clutched his gun in his hand, ready to fire if necessary. He had absolutely no idea what he was walking into. "Elena?" he called again. From the corner of his eyes he saw something pass by. He flinched, turning immediately to find nothing.

"Come out, I know you're here." He said calmly, scanning the corners of the room.

He heard the faintest whimper and turned to the direction. "Elena, where are you." There was another whimper. Catching onto the sound, Dean sped towards it to find Elena. Her hands and legs were tied as she lay on the ground. Her eyes widened in fear as Dean approached her. "It's alright." Dean said slowly. He placed his gun down on the ground and quickly began pulling at her restraints. There was a sudden blow to the side of Dean's head, knocking him over. He fell onto his back, clutching his head. There was blood from the blow and he felt slightly dazed. He looked over at Elena. 'Probably should have untapped her mouth first' he thought to himself bitterly. He looked up to see who attacked him.

To his utter confusion, in front of him stood …Elena.

"Hmm, I was expecting a Salvatore." She said, assessing Dean's face. "But you're cute." She smirked.

"What the fu-!" he began before being cut off.

"Geez, potty mouth. Don't you know there are ladies around?" She said. She bent down and took one of Dean's arms, dragging him across the room and away from Elena. It seemed to almost take no effort on the young girl's part. She sat him down on a chair, tying both his hands behind him.

"What the hell is going on?" Dean grumbled, "Where the hell are all you shape shifters coming from?"

"Shape shifters?" Elena- the look a like asked. "Honey, I'm the original. If anything, that's the shape changer-or whatever." She said pointing to a still tied up Elena.

"What?" Dean asked irritated. The sharp jabbing on his head wouldn't stop.

"Now where are Damon and Stephan? I know they sent you."

"No one sent me!" Dean spat.

The look alike rolled her eyes. "That's what they all say." She strode over to the other room, swaying her hips from side to side with extra emphasis. Dean looked over at Elena who had freed one of her hands and quickly pulled off the tape from her mouth.

"Are you actually here to help me?" she whispered. She clearly wasn't caught up with the whole joining allegiance yet.

"Yeah yeah now untie me." Dean hissed.

She crawled over, pulling at Dean's ropes.

"My, my, aren't we in a bit of a hurry." A voice came from the doorway. Elena immediately froze but fortunately she had untied the ropes enough for Dean to be free. He remained seated on the chair.

"What do you want now? Why are you doing here?" Elena asked.

"A little of this, a little of that. I'm really not that demanding." The lookalike remarked.

Taking advantage of the moment, Dean dived for his gun and shot a bullet straight into the woman's shoulder. She staggered back by the impact but then looked at her wound as if it was a bug bite. Annoyed she strode towards Dean, clutching his neck.

"This was a new jacket!" she shouted.

Dean placed the barrel of the gun against her neck and let it fire. The woman fell onto the floor, her neck torn in half. She gasped in pain but Dean could see the wound healing quickly.

"What-" he began.

"Hurry, she'll be up." Elena said, rushing him.

"what is she, a vampire?" Dean asked.


"Then why the hell does she look like you?!" Dean barked in confusion.

"She's- long story, we have to find a way to tie her up!" Elena said urgently.

"Let me just stake her."

"No! She took my brother somewhere."

"Why is everything so twisted in this god damn town!" Dean yelled in frustration as he reached for the ropes.

"Not this town gorgeous, just me." The look alike said. She was up on her feet in the flash of light and had a grin on her face. "The names Katherine by the way." In another instant she snatched Dean's gun right out of his hands and smacked the butt of it into his face.

There was a loud impact against the wooden door. Stefan stiffened up. He stood defensively in front of Bonnie's unconscious body, ready to throw himself at whatever comes through that door. There was another bang. He crouched down.

"Stefan!" came a familiar voice.

"Damon?" Stefan flashed to the door, swinging it open. Damon stood in the shade of the porch roof, half of him in flames while the other half covered by someone's jacket. "How did you get here? I thought your ring didn't work?"

"A lot of ducking and hiding, brother!" he said through clenched teeth, wincing at his still burning skin. Stefan watched his skin heal.

Damon threw two bags of salt at the doorstep. He made his way through the door but was suddenly blocked by some invisible barrier. "I can't get in." he said annoyed.

"Did Bonnie ever invite you in?" Stefan asked.

"Ugh, of course not!" Damon said in realization. "Well wake her up!" Suddenly Damon's phone rang. "What?!" he barked.

"Hello Damon," came a sweet, conniving voice.

"ugh, no, no, no!" Damon yelled in frustration at the phone.

"Who is it?" Stefan asked.

"Glad to hear such a nice welcome." He could hear the sarcasm in her voice.

"What do you want Katherine?" Damon asked bitterly.

"I love how we have this connection. I don' t even have to say anything for you to understand me." She teased playfully.

"What the hell do you want?" he repeated impatiently.

"There's a stone somewhere in the Bennett house. Find it and bring it to me. Simple."

"And why would I do that?"

"Cuz I have your Elena and with her a very handsome man who I haven't seen before but I assume is one of yours because he came barging in with a crusade to save Elena. Clearly he learned from the Salvatores. You want them back, I want that stone, a very quick deal if you ask me."

"Why do you want the stone?" Damon asked.

"Non of your business. You have half an hour." She was about to hang up when an evil thought came into Damon's head. He might be helpless in this situation but he knew one thing that would wipe that grin straight off her face.

"Hey Katherine, before you hang up, Klaus is in town. Just thought you should know." Damon hung up the phone. At least that filled him with some sense of control in this very messed up situation.

"Get her to let me in!" Damon yelled at Stefan. Stefan rushed over to Bonnie, gently waking her up.

"Bonnie?" he tried gently.

"Bonnie wake up god damn it!" Damon yelled from the door.

"Bonnie," Stefan tried again.

"Well look who we have here." Came a voice from behind Damon that froze him on the spot. "Are we in a bit of an unwelcomed situation, Damon?"

Damon dreadfully turned to see Klaus standing a few feet behind him.

"You can't come in so you can't get to her." Damon said confidently.

"Well your out here," Klaus gestured with open arms, "so ripping your heart out will have to do for now." He growled.

"Stefan!" Damon yelled.

"Bonnie, invite Damon in!" Stefan yelled.

Klaus charged towards Damon but in that instant a faint whisper fell threw the air.

"Come in Damon."

Damon immediately stepped into the house and Klaus hit the invisible barrier. Damon let out a breath of relief. "I made it." He almost couldn't believe it.

Klaus glared at him from the other side of the invisible barrier. "I will burn every inch of this house down." He snarled. "What are you going to hide behind then, Damon?"


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