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Peytin's p.o.v.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! I cringe as my alarm causes my ears to ring. I turn over the sun gleaming in my eyes. I throw my face into my pillow grasping it tightly, wishing the sun was away and I didn't have to continue on like this...reminiscing from my past.

"Get up!" my brother Jason throws a pillow at my face.

"Go away!" I groaned throwing it back to him.

"Let's go Ms. Talent School!" he snickered rudely slamming his room door behind him.

I rolled over looking out my window...I see a blue sky..but yet the sky is burnt out by the tall skyscrapers, cars, noise, people. I don't like the whole live-in-the-city- thing. And yet, I get to throw all of it away when I go to a new school, half way across the country. Soon I will be attending Gweneth Charter Arts School. I arise slowly, my arms sore. I stumble over to my mirror...my eyes grow wide at the sight of my horrid reflection.

The side of my face swollen, my lip scabbed over. I run my fingers gingerly over my lip a fierce sting arises over my mouth. I snuck to the bathroom to make sure my parents don't visualize my violent night before. I ran my hands over the side of my face seeing the black and blue arise over my cheek. I toiled with my hair trying to pull it over my bruised face. I peered out into the hallway to check the clock. I have 2 hours before my plane! I hate brothers!

I found a pair of scissors..maybe I need a quick change in my facial appearance. I noticed a full container of my mother's black hair dye. I looked at my stupid, thick, curly, light brown hair. I need a change...I glanced back and forth from the scissor blades, to my hair. I wasn't a huge fan of having my hair in my face,but I've changed it's time for my personality and appearance to match.

I took the scissors to my head, slicing my hair...thinning and layering it. After an hour of toiling with this I looked into the mirror. I had a side swoop of bangs and the rest was all shaggy and layered but left long down the front of my body. Now...hair dye. I put all of the hairdye on my head inhaling and choking on the fumes...30 minutes later I washed it out and blow dried my hair.

I looked over on the ledge of the counter for my contacts..full of hope and as I opened the lid to the empty container of broken promises. First day to a new school, a whole new place and the poor place has to be cursed with my horrid, ugly, pale, 4-eyed face.

"Peytin! Get down here! Now!" my parents yelled smelling the hairdye fumes.

I carefully stepped down the stairs cringing my shoulders as they stared me down with wide eyes.

"...Peytin you're hair...it looks nice" my mother stuttered.

"Thank you" my voice shook.

They didn't see the bruise or wounds on my face...thank god! I put bread in the toaster and think back on the previous night. I was walking with Carter down the street from a Bullet For My Valentine concert. He sipped Vodka and I cautiously joined him. We stumbled down the street his arm around my waist, my mind slowly fading out. I remember it began to rain and as the sky cried and rumbled we ran from store to store hiding under the awnings.

I felt his lips capture mine as our eyes met. We heard sirens off in the distance and took off down a back alley. I took the bottle of Vodka for a sip and it slipped from my hand, the glass shattering to the ground.

"Shit! Sorry" I looked up at him moving the glass away with my shoe.

He had an evil look in his eyes as his voice slurred.

"Y-...Y-You stupid bitch!" he slurred quickly.

"It was an accident, I'm sorry" I clutched his hand.

"G-get the h-hell off! I...paid for that you dumb ass!" he pushed me away.

"I'm sorry ok..p-please forget about it and let's go before we get caught" I felt my pulse rise.

Something wasn't right...I began to get a really bad feeling in my stomach. Something bad was going to happen. I wasn't sure what but it was just a feeling of misfortune as if I should get away from him. I tried to walk around him and he grasped my wrists.

"Where do you think you're going you stupid whore!" he stumbled, pushing me against the brick wall.

"Carter! Stop! We have to go now! I'm not getting caught like this!" I pushed him off of me.

I looked over his dull, glassed over, eyes. I didn't see him anymore, I saw a shadow of a lost, innocent boy. Now an evil, overcast stands over him. I tugged on his arm to pull him along. He grabbed my arm and slapped me across the face.

"Now you're leaving me!" he panicked.

"No! Let's go! We have to leave now!" I told him still trying to reach the sober side of him.

He became furious and ran over grasping my wrists and eventually pinning me to the ground of the alley. I tried breaking out of his grasp...attempting to scream but he put his hand over my mouth. I tried to scramble out and calm him down but, he became more furious and punched my face. I turned my head and clutched it in pain. He kept hitting me and I bit my lip. He slapped me again causing me to bite through my lip, tears and red dripped from my face.

"Carter! Stop!" I finally screamed out.

I seemed to get to him...he tried helping me up and I stood shaking in my skin.

"Are you alright?" he asked me dazed.

I checked my phone it read 1:00 a.m. I glanced over to him and dashed out of the alley and down the corner streets. He saw me dash off and began to stumble after me. I remember crawling into my ground floor window and collapsing on my bed.

"Dude what the hell!" my brother yelled.

I fell out of my flashback and saw smoke arise from the toaster. I quickly lifted the dial and saw my charred toast. It looked gross so I threw it in the garbage. I held my plane ticket in my hand and grabbed my luggage.

"Wow! I didn't know you were a pyromaniac" my dad looked at the deceased, charred toast.

I glanced back at the brutally murdered toast as the massacre lay in the garbage can. I gathered my bags by the door and put my phone in my back pocket.

"Please leave already!" my brother groaned falling on the couch with a bag of Doritos.

"Soon enough" I was interuppted by a knock at the door.

I opened it to see...Carter!

"...What do you want?" I looked to the ground.

"I want to apologize...I was drunk and yeah" his face flushed red.

"...No! Stay the hell away from me!" he put his foot in the door.

"If I ever see your face again, I swear to god I will kill you!" I slammed the door as hard as I could and clutched the lock.

My family looked over to me jaws low in awe.

"So...my flight leaves soon" I grabbed the handles of my bags.

They silently helped me into the car. I blasted my iPod to try to forget my life here. I don't need it here anymore and I don't want to remember anything about this place, or who I used to be! I glanced out the window at all the city..say goodbye to the sweet city of L.A. and hello to the cool country of Tennessee.

I felt the wind hit my face as my mother flashed the window down to get my attention.

"Hey metal-head! We're here at the airport" she smiled back at me.

They helped me with my bags and getting situated. I checked my phone seeing the 15 NEW MESSAGES from Carter. I double checked my contacts and scrolled over his name. I need a change and skimmed my finger over the DELETE CONTACT button. I heard the announcement of my flight and I hugged my parents and actually hugged the gross, beast also known as my brother. I got seated on the plane and...

"I'm sorry but the flight to Nashville will be delayed from a storm, please use facilities and check for valid passports and tourist attractions" the annoying monotone voice said.

I stepped out of the plane and back into the port. My hair in my face as tears rolled down my cheek. I couldn't help but think of him...the awful disaster he turned into. He was once so innocent and I knew by his eyes whether or not he was there. I slid down the wall by a huge board of tourist attractions. I grasped my head and wiped my eyes, smearing my mascara.

A corpse slid around the corner and peered down at me. I glanced up at his black/ grayscale plaid shirt, light brown hair, light brown eyes, and smiling face with a small lip ring.

"Hey...are you alright" he asked me.

"...I don't know" I muttered glancing down, rubbing my eyes.

"Well...I have...something that can make you feel better. What's troubling you?" he slid down the wall.

Keeping my eyes to the ground I examined his black skinny jeans, black flip-flops and on his foot was a small peace sign.

"Life here...I guess the sooner I get out of here the better" my voice shook.

"Then I'm glad I met you...follow me" he put his arm around my shoulder helping me up.

I became curious and followed him around this corner out the back door of the port. He kept looking around making sure no one was watching him. He took a small plastic bag and paper rolls from his pocket.

"Look, I gotta finish this before I board this ship..or plane" he began laughing randomly.

I looked into his eyes and they were dialated, almost glassed over, not as bad as Carter's but not as dangerous either.

"What...i-is this exactly" I said nervously.

"...It's...the ...shit man!" he whispered.

"Umm...?" I slightly backed away.

"Ok...look...its m-m-marijuana" he began to sing loudly.

"Dude! shut up!" I began to laugh.

"...Heyyy" he said smirking.

"Hi there" I laughed.

"Who are yoooouuuuuu?" he stepped closer to me.

"I'm Peytin...Peytin Carson" I said, "who are you?"

"...I'm Christofer..Christofer Drew" he smiled devishly, "how old are you?"

"Uhhh...I'm 15, you?" I said quickly.

"I'm 16...hhheeeyyyy you're sideways! What happened! Why are you sideways!" he yelled.

"Dude stop! You're going to get caught" I told him.

"Not until you do this with me...please" he smirked at me placing his arm around my shoulder and the other arm in front of me with the bag.

"...Fine" I took the bag and rolled some into the paper.

"I can't smoke it without a lighter, smart ass" I stated.

"Here use this" he took out a lighter.

I inhaled it reluctantly and became numb. Something about this was nice, I felt as if I didn't need a care in the world. I looked at the smoke seaping from my lips.

"There you go" he smiled moving his hand down my back, "now try this ready"

I became more and more dazed as he stepped closer to me. A smile arose over my face as he pulled me over and placed me to the wall.

"Ok ready, we both inhale and..you'll see ok" he put his arm around my back.

"Ok" I laughed horsely.

We both inhaled and he muttered "Exhale slowly"...as I exhaled my mouth opened his hand moved to my cheek and I felt the smoke from his exhale enter my throat slowly. It felt good...what was this? Was I really going to start a new life being a pot-head? Who was this dude and what does he want? Why all of a sudden does he want to help 'me'?

I felt the smoke fade out as he sealed it off, a split second of silence as his lips gently met with mine. This wasn't rough, but it was ever so gentle the way he handled me...then I thought for a second...I meet a pot-head, smoke with him, now I'm making out with him? WHAT THE HELL! He moved away with a dazed smile over his face. He took the empty bad and paper rolls and stomped them to the ground.

I turned away to head back into the building...he ran in front of me and pushed the door shut.

"Hey you bad ass, you can't go back in there like that. Here hold on" he handed me a mint and took Axe from his bag and sprayed me.

"Now just wait until your blue eyes aren't so dialated" he smirked at me.

We stood outside the building and talked for awhile...soon enough to find; We are going to the same school, taking the same courses, on the same campus! Ironic right! I didn't see any bad in who ever he was. We're going to the same high school and I don't need someone to hate me before I go to my first class. This guy seemed nice, he's trying to convince me to be a vegatarian too, and yet I only see good in him, other than the fact he gets high.

We re-entered the building and got through to the plane. The time was 8:30 p.m. as we boarded. It will take hours to get there and we began yawning. He looked over to me glancing out the window at the night sky.

"I can actually see the sky without any flashing colors now" he giggled and broke the dead silence.

"Yeah...its pretty" I yawned.

"...Here" he handed me an earbud and we listened to music on our way.

We both told stories about out our old lives and where we were from and why were heading where we were headed. I told him about Carter and he felt terrible. We both seemed to be dazing off and I kept trying to turn to get comfortable. He gently moved my head onto his shoulder and I felt the touch of cold skin, as his hand glided over mine. We fell asleep to the sound of "If It Means A Lot To You" by A Day to Remember...

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