promising light
i didn't have the strength to fight, but suddenly it seemed so right.

puella magi madoka magica & heartcatch pretty cure! | mami + potpourri | wordcount: 398

cosmo prower tomahak had reblogged a sort of contest thing on tumblr where you could write or draw about a magical girl coming into contact with a mascot from a completely different series - like, say, kyubey meeting usagi tsukino or something, as an example. so this ended up happening almost immediately. why can't i have that kind of motivation every day?

( characters not mine, etc. )


There wasn't a whole lot about the accident that Mami could recall, other than that it was swift and that she was alone when she was coming to - which confused and worried her immensely. My parents ... what happened to them? What's going to happen to me? she thought in a panic, her hands frantically feeling along the mangled insides of the car for some sort of sign.

She felt nothing. The atmosphere was eerily quiet, save for the occasional car speeding past in the distance. Mami's eyes brimmed with tears as she curled up beneath the wreckage, seemingly resigning herself to what would probably be an early death.

... but then, something strange happened, amidst the shadows and the overcast skies - there appeared to be a faint golden glow surrounding her, feeling as warm as a clear summer's day. She reached out once more, fingertips searching for the source in lieu of her own hazy vision, wondering if she'd been visited by some sort of angel or otherworldly being.

"... is ... is anyone there?" she called out, her voice wavering in anxiety for a response. "Please ..."

"Everything will be okay ~deshu!" a lilting, childlike voice suddenly replied. Mami blinked in surprise, then focused; from the open gap, she could barely make out a small, soft-looking figure with what looked like heart-shaped ears floating in mid-air.

"Wh - what ...?"

Despite her limited vision, from her crying and the odd golden light enveloping her, she could have sworn the little puffball had smiled. "Your parents are in a safe place now! I can't do a whole lot, but I want to protect you ~deshu!"

They're safe ... Mami breathed a sigh of relief, even if she was slightly unsure as to how something that small and vulnerable-looking could have the capacity to get them out of the disaster in the first place. But ... protection ...? For me? What did it come to me for? "Who are you?"

"I'm Potpourri ~deshu!" it chirped back, waving stubby arms about. "Don't worry! You'll be safe soon too!"

There were many, many other questions that Mami wanted to ask Potpourri, but the soothing warmth was lulling her into a sleepy sort of trance - and with only the thought of soon coasting through her mind, she found herself unconscious.

However, beside her dormant body there was now a shining yellow token, and an ornately-designed perfume bottle.