Author's Note:This oneshot takes place right after the chapter in For the First Time, "Shopping & Secrets with Molly Owens." Enjoy! Also, warning: Mature scene ahead so if you don't like it, go ahead and skip this chapter.

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Song: "You Shook Me" by Led Zeppelin

"You Shook Me"

"So… a weekend away with Dean? That sounds romantic," Molly commented.

I smiled, thinking about our planned weekend, "Yeah, well, I wanted to do something nice for him. He's having a rough time and I also thought we could have a weekend away together before school starts back up. By then, I'll be so busy and… I don't know. I just want him to enjoy the time he still has here…" I trailed off, remorsefully.

"That makes sense," Molly said, hesitantly. She didn't want to upset me or anything but I was the one that had brought it up in the first place. "Besides, with this, I'm sure he'll be enjoying every second of his time with you." Molly held up some lingerie that I had neatly folded into my suitcase, raising an eyebrow at me.

I laughed, snatching it from Molly's hands and putting it back in the suitcase, "Give me that!"

"Huh. Looks like we all know what you and Dean will be doing this weekend," Molly teased.

"Wasn't it implied?" I shot back, playfully. Molly and I both laughed before there was a silence.

"What? You guys couldn't wait till the honeymoon?" Molly teased.

"Yes, we can! Okay, maybe not but it's the summer and it's not like we'll have a lot of opportunity to do this kind of thing when school starts back up again and I have to be teaching. Besides, we're driving to Colorado, and with short weekends and a bit of a drive, it's not like we could even do this during the school year," I replied.

"You're driving to Colorado?" Molly exclaimed.

"Yeah," I replied, simply.

"What's in Colorado anyways? Mountains?" Molly asked, disapprovingly.

I laughed, "Alright, Miss Big City Girl, yes, there are mountains, but Denver is actually a really great town. Even if we were going to middle of nowhere mountains, Dean and I don't really mind being in the middle of nowhere together. No cell phone reception, nothing to bother us, just me, him and tons of time to-."

"Okay, okay! I get it!" Molly exclaimed, laughing. I smiled, triumphantly.

"Yeah, but the drive is really for Dean. I know how much he loves that car… and he's also afraid of flying but don't tell anyone!" I said, changing the subject.

"He's afraid of flying?" Molly asked. I nodded. "Wow. I didn't see that one coming."

I nodded, continuing, "Yeah, and I mean, I know he's taken a break from hunting and everything and I just want to cheer him up a bit. He's still not sure how to handle this whole deal thing… I'm not even sure how to handle this deal!" I could feel as the mood shifted but I was determined not to think about the deal this weekend. This was about Dean and I – not the deal, right?

Molly sighed, "You know, I'd give anything to get Dean out of this deal."

"I know you would," I nodded. "And you shouldn't. Just so you know. We do not want to have deal with getting you out of some deal."

Molly chuckled, "I know, I know! I just hate to see my best friend hurting like this."

I shook my head, "I'm fine, Molly. Really, I am."

"Okay," Molly replied, unconvinced. I finished packing the small suitcase as Molly sat down on the bed in Dean and I's bedroom, flipping through a magazine. She could tell that I was still thinking about Dean and his deal. The date was just coming so close… "What's going to take your mind off of it?" I pretended to think it over.

"Dean," I smirked.

"Ew! Okay. You know what? I should probably go. You two enjoy your weekend and uh… I'll leave you two to… you know… do whatever you guys do," Molly said, getting up and carrying her magazine with her.

I laughed, rolling my eyes playfully, "Goodbye, Molly. Say hi to Ethan for me."

"Will do. Hey, you promise me, no stress weekend, alright?" Molly asked, leaving.

"Promise!" I called after her as she made her exit.

"Oh, hey, Dean," Molly said, trying not to laugh, as she passed Dean on her way out of the door. Dean gave her a funny look, passing her.

"You just leaving?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, you two need your time alone. I'll see you guys when you get back," Molly said, before walking farther out towards her car.

"Why does she look like she knows something I don't?" Dean asked before going back into the apartment. Dean just shook his head laughing, before he went back into the apartment, shutting the door behind him. "Mer?"

"Yeah, just a second! I'm almost done packing, I swear!" I called back.

Dean let out a hearty chuckle, "Why is it that you pack so last minute, again?"

"I don't know," I shrugged. I smiled as soon as I saw Dean standing in the doorway, that sexy, lopsided smile spread across his face as he looked at me. I closed the top to my smaller rolling suitcase and zipped it up. "See? All done. I don't know. I'm not like most girls the way that most people take like three days to pack."

"Mer, we're going to be gone for four days! How could you possibly need that much stuff?" Dean asked.

"If I told you you'd like what I have in this suitcase, would you stop making fun of me?" I asked back, playfully.

"Like what kinda stuff?" Dean grinned, mischievously.

"It's a surprise," I shrugged.

"No. You can't leave me hanging like that!" Dean protested.

"Oh, yes I can. That's the whole point of it being a surprise! Or you could just use your imagination. Besides, you won't have to wait long. I promise," I smirked.

"You are so pushing it, woman," Dean said, wrapping his arms around me. He began to kiss my neck. I closed my eyes, enjoying his lips on my skin. "It's a good thing I have a wild imagination," he mumbled against my skin. God, I had all weekend of this… how the hell was I supposed to make it out this weekend? More importantly, how the hell would I get myself to leave after this weekend?

"Dean, we've got to stop," I moaned.

"You sure about that?" Dean asked, his lips curving into a smirk against my skin.

"Yeah, we should go," I said, reluctantly shrugging him off of me.

"We could always start early here," Dean smirked.

I shook my head, laughing a little, "We could, but that kind of ruins the whole idea of a weekend away. Besides, Dean, the cottages are only like… thirty minutes away. I'm sure you can wait thirty minutes."

"But what if I can't?" he pouted.

"Come on. You don't have to wait that long, especially if we get going now!" I giggled.

"Hm, okay. Let's go!" Dean exclaimed, now, practically dragging me out of the apartment and into the Impala.

"You know, you shook me, you shook me all night long. You know, you shook me, baby, you shook me all night long. You shook me so hard baby, baby, please come home…"

After the ten hour down to Denver, Dean and I couldn't wait to get to the cottage we had rented. It was small, cute, artsy, and perfect for the two of us and this vacation we had together. The door to our rented cottage flew open as Dean and I came stumbling through the door, fumbling with buttons and zippers, mouths fused in a hot, needy kiss, hands all over. Dean practically tripped over himself, pushing me up against the wall. He broke the kiss only so that I could lift my arms overhead as he practically tore my shirt overhead, throwing it to the ground. He smirked, glancing over me over once before closing the gap and crashing his lips against mine. I loved it when he took control.

My hands fumbled with the zipper on his pants, quickly undoing the button and then pushing them down his hips. Dean's hands moved to my ass, cupping it and forcing me to wrap my legs around his waist, which I did very willingly. God, we couldn't even wait a minute!

"I have a bird that whistles and I have birds that sing. I have a bird that whistles and I have birds that sing. Ha-ha-ha, I have a bird won't do nothin', aah-ah, oh-whoa. Buy a diamond ring, yeah…"

"Oh no, Dean. We are not watching Dr. Sexy!" I giggled, rolling my eyes as Dean stopped channel surfing once he found out that Dr. Sexy was on.

"What? You love this show!" Dean protested.

I snorted, "No, you love this show!"

"What-, I-, no, I don't!" he defended.

"Dean, I'm gonna be your wife in like… two months. Baby, if this marriage is going to work, we're really going to have start being honest with each other," I teased.

Dean chuckled, "Come on. I haven't seen this episode before."

I giggled, "Yeah, okay but I'm going to change into some pajamas. Get more comfy."

"Mkay," Dean mumbled, as I got up, going into the bedroom. Once I got into the room, I shut the door, opening the suitcase that I still hadn't unpacked yet. I took a deep breath, thinking about what I was just about to do. I didn't know why I was nervous, it's just that I didn't normally where lingerie like this for him, and I never felt like some crazy seductress so being that for him was always nerve wracking for him. Would I say something stupid? What if I just looked like an idiot. Hell, who am I kidding? It's Dean. He loves me and he loves lingerie. I had no reason to be nervous, right? An E for effort, yeah?

I slipped off my clothes and slipped on the ivory white, floral baby doll lingerie top. It was a satin material with black patterns of flowers on it. It tied right under the bust in a neat, thin, black ribbon, and was a flyaway so that my abdomen was exposed. I finished tying the bow and then slipped on the matching bikini cut panties. I took another deep breath before setting my suitcase off of the bed and opening the door to the bedroom, leaning up against the door frame.

"There you are. I was beginning to think you just went to sleep without me. You know, Dr. Sexy really is a good show. I don't know why you wouldn't want to watch-," Dean said, turning around to look at me, his eyes practically bulging out of his head when he saw what I was wearing. "It. Uh. Wow."

I bit my lip, "What?"

"You-, you're wearing-," Dean stammered.

"Oh, yeah. I mean, if you don't like it, I'll just go put something else on," I teased.

"No! No, you look…," he said, his eyes looking me over. "I wouldn't dream of you putting something else on. I'd actually dream of uh… many, many other things." A smirk appeared on his face, as he stood up, taking a couple of steps toward me.

"What kind of things?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, first, I'd kiss you," Dean said, pulling me into him and kissing me hungrily. I deepened the kiss and Dean pressed his body against mine.

"And then what?" I asked, in between kisses.

"And then… I'd kiss your neck," Dean whispered, huskily into my ear, before kissing right under my ear, leaving a trail of kisses down to my neck, to my collarbone. I gasped, throwing my head back as Dean's hands moved up my sides, playing with the lace trim on the baby doll top. "And then, I'd do this." I shivered as Dean's warm hands moved up my body to the tie right under my bust. He looked me in the eye and I could see how turned on he was already. He had a look of lust and mischief in his eyes that I honestly didn't know what I was in for tonight. He untied, the bow, letting the top open up, revealing my breasts. I slid them off my arms and let it fall to the floor. Dean smirked. "God, how did I get this lucky?"

Before I could answer, Dean leaned in, kissing me again, passionately and slowly. He licked my bottom lip and I gladly obliged, opening my mouth as he tongue massaged against mine. Dean pulled away for a moment, kissing down my neck as his hands move up, grabbing my breasts, "Then, I'd take you to the bedroom." He nibbles on my neck and I moan out loudly.

"Please," I panted.

"Yes," Dean says, almost more of a demand as he pushed me into the bedroom and we stumbled through. Dean practically pushes me down on the bed, instantly climbing on top of me. He gives me a short, hungry kiss before making his way down. He kisses my neck, my breasts, my stomach, and then right down to my satin panties. His fingers stroke me on the outside and I moan. "You're so wet for me."

All I can do is moan, "Please, Dean. I-, please."

"Please what?" Dean asked, moving back up to me, looking me deeply in the eyes.

"Please, I-, I need you," I panted, desperate. He had me so turned on right now that I felt like I was going to explode. Dean pushed my panties aside, slipping one finger inside of me. "Ohh!"

"You need me where?" Dean demanded, sexily.

"Oh God," I gasped, as he added another finger. I could feel his hard on right against my leg as he continued to finger me. I was beginning to lose consciousness as he moved faster, drowned in pleasure.

"I-, oh my God, Dean! Dean… Dean," I called out, seeing the smirk form on his face.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart. You gotta tell me," he said.

"Dean," I whimpered, feeling so close to an orgasm. My toes curled and I was right on the edge when Dean stopped, pulling out. "Dean!"

"Baby, you-," he started, a wicked smile on his face that I was determined to wipe off. I just shook my head, looking at him.

"Payback's a bitch, you know?" I asked.

"What're you going to do about it?" Dean challenged.

"Well, first, I'm going to take off your shirt," I whispered, seductively. See? I had nothing to worry about. Once Dean got me started, I could be that crazy seductress I knew he liked. I rolled us over so that he was on the bottom now. I practically ripped his shirt over his head while he held up his arms so that I could take it off.

"And then, I'm going to take your pants off," I said, my hands undoing his button, zipper, and then sliding under the waist band of his boxers, pulling the both of them off. I could tell that Dean wasn't expecting this as I slid his pants and boxers off. He kicked them off as I made my way up his body, biting my lip, before my lips touched his hard, very erect dick.

"Mer," Dean moaned, as I slid my mouth down along it. "Oh, shit… fuck. Oh God…"

I continued to go down on his as his hand tangled in my hair as I kept a steady rhythm, teasing and taunting him. I could tell that he was on his verge too, so I stopped.

"Meredith," Dean growled, looking at me. I smirked evily.

"I told you payback's a bitch," I said, contently.

"You're so going to get it," Dean growled, pulling me up to him and flipping me over. He ripped off my panties, throwing them down to the floor, before thrusting into me hard without warning. I screamed as he continued his hard, fast thrust, my hands gripping onto his back as he moved above me. My eyes closed as I moaned with every thrust Dean made. Dean towered over me, watching every reaction on my face.

"Kiss me," I gasped, my eyes opening, seeing my handsome fiancé and knowing that all I wanted was for him to kiss me right then. Dean crashed his lips against mine as we moved together. Although we were having rough, passionate sex, it still felt like more than just sex. I wrapped my legs around his waist, forcing him to go deeper.

"Oh, fuck, baby," Dean moaned, one of his hands sliding down to the leg that was wrapped around him, holding it into place.

"D-Dean, so good," I panted. "oh, yes… yes, Dean, yes!"

Dean let's go of the leg that's wrapped around his waist, grabbing my hands and pinning them to the bed. Our fingers intertwined as he kept thrusting. We both were so close.

"Please be close, baby," Dean moaned.

"So close… s-so, oh my God!" I yelled. I could barely breathe anymore.

"God, woman, you make crazy," Dean mumbled into the kiss. "You're so beautiful- so sexy… Cum for me, baby." And then it hit and I was moaning Dean's name like a mantra. Seconds later, Dean was there too and rode out our orgasms together, holding onto each other and moaning each other's names.

Finally, when we were done, Dean rolled off of me, onto the bed.

"That was…" I began, looking over at Dean and shaking my head in disbelief. If marriage meant that I was allowed to have sex with only one person for the rest of my life, then damn, I got lucky in that department.

"You're amazing," Dean murmured, satisfied. "You read my mind, baby. You're idea of a weekend away was just what I needed."

I shrugged, playfully, "I figured you'd enjoy it. I told you you'd like the surprise I had packed away in my suitcase."

"I loved it," Dean smirked.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Of course," Dean chuckled.

"Good, because I have a similar surprise for you for every day we'll be here," I confessed.

Dean smirked, "You never cease to amaze me, you know that?"

I giggled, "Chick flick moment, Dean," I reminded.

He laughed, "You love me."

"Yeah, you're right," I answered, smiling at him.

"You know, you shook me, baby, you shook me all night long. I know you really, really did, babe. I said you shook me, baby, you shook me all night long. You shook me so hard, baby…"

"Morning, baby," Dean said softly in my ear, his deep, husky voice waking me up just a little bit more. I mumbled ,turning over on my side so that Dean would leave me alone. I was exhausted! "You know, you're just making it easier for me." Dean lay on his side, his body right against mine, his arm snaking around my waist.

"Dean, go back to bed," I grumbled, sleepily. I opened one eye, afraid that if I'd open both I'd never get back to sleep, and saw that it was only nine a.m. "It's only ten. I don't know how you're awake right now seeing as we got like five hours of sleep."

"What? I don't know how you're tired! It's like sex replaces sleep. I'm not tired one bit!" Dean declared proudly.

"Alright, Mr. Sex God but for some of us mere mortals, sleep is a necessity," I said, sarcastically. I opened my eyes, since it was no use. There was no way that I'd be able to get back to sleep now, especially since Dean was so persistent.

Dean smirked, "I like it when you call me Sex God."

"Mm, I bet you do," I said, rolling my eyes. "Even when it's sarcastic?"

"Yeah, I do," Dean said, his deep voice, sending chills down my back as he mumbled in my ear. He began to kiss behind my ear, making his way down my neck.

"Okay, Fabio!" I exclaimed, pushing him off of me.

Dean laughed, "Babe!"

"What?" I groaned.

"Hey, I'm just trying to seduce my wife, here, okay?" Dean defending playfully.

"Yeah, well you seduced her till about four in the morning last night and she is tired so she votes no to morning sex," I replied, playfully.

"Hm… I guess we need a tie breaker. Hey, since I'm going to die in less than a year, does that mean I get an extra special second vote?" Dean asked.

"Dean!" I groaned, rolling over and hitting him hard.

"Ow!" Dean exclaimed, rubbing his arm.

"You do not get to play that card!" I exclaimed, rolling over back on my side.

"Alright, alright," Dean sighed in defeat. He rolled over on his side, wrapping his arms around my waist for the second time now. I hugged him closer to me, my arm on his. We lay there in a silence. Silence was good. I closed my eyes again, hoping that maybe I'd finally be able to get some sleep. I couldn't believe he had said that – bringing up the fact that he was going to die in less than a year. That wasn't fair to me at all. I hated thinking about it almost as much as I hated the fact that it would happen. It was just so scary to think he'd be gone soon… Dean's voice ripped me from my thoughts, forcing me to pay attention to him again. "Hey can I ask you something?"

"Hm," I sounded in reply.

"I don't know, it's just been on my mind… we have sex for sex… right?" he asked. I wasn't sure where he was going with this.

"What, would you like to start making love now?" I teased, giggling a little. Dean chuckled, shaking his head.

"You know… married people like, have sex to make babies and stuff," Dean grumbled.

"What?" I asked again, still in shock at his question. I rolled over on my back, looking up at Dean who was now sitting on the bed, his back resting against the headboard. Was he saying what he thought he was saying? I wasn't sure, but I was definitely caught off guard.

"What, did my dad leave that out of the talk? Look, when a man and a woman love each other very much and they end up having sex, babies are-," Dean started.

"Okay, okay! Yeah, I know that!" I exclaimed, hitting him playfully.

Dean chuckled, "I'm serious, Mer."

I sighed, "Yeah, we're about to get married and by now, if we were a normal couple we'd be thinking about having kids, but we're not normal, Dean. It's okay, Dean. I'm okay with not being normal."

"I mean, you want kids though, right?" Dean asked, determined.

"Yeah, but… it's a little impossible for us, don't you think?" I asked back, hesitantly.

"Right," Dean said, sounding almost a little disappointed. That's when it hit me. Did Dean want to have a baby? We lay in silence again but the question was on the tip of my tongue. It was going to kill me if I didn't ask him but I didn't want to upset him.

"Do you want me to get pregnant?" I asked, blurting the question out. I mentally slapped myself in the face the minute the words came spewing out of my mouth. Dean swallowed and thought it over and that look on his face told me everything I needed to know. It made sense that he was thinking about these things, especially right before his time was up. But it wouldn't be right! Dean wouldn't be there to watch our child grow up. He wouldn't be able to share that with me, which was one of the joys of parenthood – sharing it with your partner. I didn't know what to say after that as Dean sat there, contemplating it all.

"No, no. I wouldn't do that to you. Besides… a little version of me? Not a good idea, Mer," Dean scoffed, shaking his head and recovering quickly. "No, I was just wondering, that's all. I mean, bad idea, right?"

"Sure," I replied, unconvinced. I was sure that he just wanted to put the idea to rest, but he was definitely still thinking about it.

"Don't worry. I was just worried… you know. Something like that can't happen right now," Dean said.

I nodded, "Yeah."

"Hey, why don't we go downtown for…," I started, quickly changing the subject. I glanced at the clock to see that it was 12. "Lunch, or something."

"Yeah, okay," Dean replied, smiling weakly at me. I could tell that Dean was still thinking about having kids, but it was better that we left the subject untouched.

Author's Note: A little sexy, a little serious, and a little silly. At least that's what I hoped to achieve. The idea just popped up in my head for the second half, when I was reading back over baby Jude scenes that I had written in For the First Time. The first half and the sex scene were inspired by Led Zeppelin's "You Shook Me."

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