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I walk around the ruins of district twelve. This is where my bed was. I played there. I look at the destruction the capitol has brought. District twelve is in ruins. I walk slowly. Trying hard to keep the tears from falling, but they fall anyway.

I can't bear it anymore, so I motion for them to lower the ladder down from the hovercraft. Gale's there helping me up. He sees the tear tacks and hugs me. My only thoughts are this isn't Peeta.

We're in a meeting, listening to Coin blab on, me deciding if her hair's a wig. Gale's hand finds mine. I don't like it. I don't like how this feels at all. So I slip my hand out and set them on the table. I don't look at him; I'm too afraid of what I'll see.

I can literally feel the tension radiating off of us. I want to scream until an official comes in. "There's a capitol broadcast streaming." Coin flips the TV on. It's Peeta. I sprint to the television pushing down two men.

"Hello everyone, welcome district twelve's victor, Peeta Mellark!" Caesar says smiling at a non-existent crowd. "Peeta you're looking fit." Caesar says shaking his hand. My hand rests on Peeta's cheek, I can't feel him. Just the electricity radiating off of the tv. Only proving to me that he's gone. Gone in the capitol.

Peeta laughs hollowly. He doesn't look good. He's skinny; to skinny, his eyes are dull and almost lifeless. They tried to cover up the scars and bruises, but they didn't do a very good job. "Yes, Caesar, because torture really helps."

The smile is wiped off Caesars face. "Now Peeta,"

"No, Caesar they should hear this. I get electroshocks every day. Beatings, no food, no water, oh and you can't forget the water torture!" Peeta says. They are going to kill him. But electroshocks? They're hurting my Peeta. Another thing to fuel the fire.

"What do you think about the war?" Caesar asks trying to change the subject.

Peeta looks directly at the camera and says "Now they prepared for me to call a cease fire, but I'm not going to. They'll probably beat me harder for this; hell they might kill me! Don't stop fighting. Whatever you do don't stop. Stay strong. Remember who you love…" he trails off. "And who loves you." Then we see is face twist in pain and the screen goes black.

"Peeta!" I call out helplessly. I can't help but feel that, that was directed at me. "Peeta!" I screech again. I feel Gale's hands on my shoulders.

I push him off me. "Get off." I sprint off. I rip open the door to my favorite hiding spot; a storage room. I sit in the bathtub and curl into a ball and cry. I cry hard, letting out the choked dying animal sounds. I scream Peeta's name. I scream at the capitol. Yelling at them for taking my Peeta.

Prim slips in and sits with me. She holds my hand as I whimper. We don't say anything for a while. We don't talk we just sit.

Prim breaks the silence. "Gale told me what happened." She said it quietly as if she didn't want me to hear.

I put on a brave face for Prim and try and carry the conversation. "Yeah, it's hard seeing him… knowing I could have… could have…" I can't finish. She doesn't make me. Just nods her head.

"So you love him?" she asks. Do I? If Gale would be in the same position would I be like this? I can't be sure. I just feel so broken. So incomplete. It scares me.

"I might." Is what I whisper after minutes of quiet. "Do you think I do?" I ask her sitting up.

She smiles a small secretive smile. "Yes, from the very beginning. Whether you've known it or not, you've always loved him." She steps out of the tub. "Its dinner time Katniss." She walks off, closing the door silently. I shudder at the word always.

Dinner is awkward. Gale and his family usually sit with my family. The only open seat for Gale was next to me. We spent that evening trying not to touch accidently. It was awful.

"Mrs. Everdeen, Mr. Hawthorn? Come with me." Coin's right hand man, Boggs, tells us. We exchange glances, I mouth I'm sorry, he nods. I hug him behind Boggs' back. He kisses the top of my head. I feel annoyance bubble inside me. I'm not sure why.

Boggs shows us into a room and closes the door. There's a long table in front of us. Sitting there is coin and a few soldiers.

"Sit down Solider Everdeen, Solider hawthorn." We sit waiting. "Katniss, be our Mockingjay?" oh it's this. I don't know. Should I? I remember what Prim had told me. To make them give me something, in exchange for my cooperation.

"Can I have a pen." I ask my voice shaking slightly. "And some paper." When I am handed what I asked I start my list.

Buttercup. My sister's cat we found in twelve.

Immunity for Peeta, no matter what he says.

Gale is by my side. I refrain from using the word always. It's only for Peeta. Peeta…

My little sister can help in the hospital.

Then I think about Finnick and Annie and add with number two: and all captured victors. Then without me knowing it I write in a shaking hand.

I KILL SNOW. I give my list to coin reading them down one by one.

"Number one. My little sister, Prim, can keep her cat and work at the hospital with my mother."

"Fine. It can be arranged." Coin says. Her mouth forming a tight gray line. Like everything in this place. Tight and gray.

I cough awkwardly. "Number two, Peeta and all the other captured victors are granted immunity. No matter what." I avoid Gale's eyes. Eyes I can feel burn into my head.

"Fine, seeing as Peeta has only helped us, that can be sorted." She whispers something in Boggs ear and he nods.

"Number three, Gale is at my side most of the time." I glance at Gale, who is smiling. It makes me feel guilty.

Coin just nods. "Lastly, I kill Snow."

She smiles at that; a small tight smile, but a smile never the less. "I'll flip you for it." Is all she says.

"Fair enough. I'll be your Mockingjay." Then my thoughts wonder. "You must tell the people of district thirteen of the immunities you've given and announce my agreement." I tell her firmly

"Of course." She says sharply and shortly as if sick of me. Boggs whispers something, which Coin smiles at. "Good news Mockingjay. We've found your voice. Peeta and the others have been found!" I look at her waiting for her to burst out and say "JUST KIDDING!" but she didn't.

"Really?" asks a voice. I whip around and see the lovely Finnick Odair standing there. "Even Annie?" he whispers.

"Yes, Mr. Odair they've been located. Planning to save them has begun. It could be weeks though." She tells us. My face falls a little. "Dismissed." She tells us. We disperse.

"Finnick! Nice to see you." I tell him. He hugs me tightly.

"How you holding up?" he asks me quietly.

I look at him confused. "Come on Everdeen! You're the only one who doesn't see it! How are you holdin' up without Peeta?" He gives me that, save your energy I already have the world's secrets look. Giving me a glimpse of the man I met in the games.

"Oh." I swallow. I've decided to give everything to Finnick. I trust him. "It's been hard." I whisper. "I need him. When I don't want him he's there, and when I need him he's not. Finnick I'm so confused." I say it helplessly. I'm so confused, I just want to go hide.

Finnick just smirks. "There's a quote a friend told me. We don't know what we've got 'till we lose it. Just remember that Everdeen."

He's walking away when I yell "Get some pants Odair!" he's only in a hospital gown.

He wiggles his eyebrows. "Why? Do you find this…. Distracting?" he say ripping off the gown, striking a ridiculous pose. I laugh and bid him goodnight.

I dread the dreams that come. I haven't had a good night's sleep in months. Because of Peeta. A voice in my head whispers. I want to deny the thought but I know it's true. I lay there for hours, just staring at the ceiling. I worry about Gale, Prim, my mother, but Peeta mostly. Prim's worried about him too; he was kind to her, like a big brother.

Days later Haymitch visits me. He's not drunk, seeing as there is no liquor available in thirteen. So he's in a foul mood.

But he brings good news. "We found Peeta and the others." His gruff voice tells me. I hug my knees to my chest, nodding. Confused, he knows I already know this. "They've relocated them," he whispers. "Meaning our spy doesn't know where they are." I close my eyes and tears fall.

"The rescue mission has been abandoned for now." He looks at me. "Until they find them of course. He adds hastily.

I nod and walk out of the room. I open the supply closet door and sit down in the bath tub. Only then do the sobs start. I scream, cry, kick, and punch. I accidently punch the bathtub and my knuckles bleed. The pain feels good so I keep doing it. I look around for something. I find a needle and start cutting. If Peeta's going to be in pain so will I. I watch the blood seep out of my arms and legs. The door opens as I cry. My tears and blood mixing.

"Catnip? What have you done?" he lifts me up and carries me off. "Doctor! I don't know what happened!" the doctor talks for a while, but all I hear is buzzing. "This is the Mockingjay!" Gale screams. All of a sudden I'm the most important person.

They try to bandage me up and stop the bleeding. I can't allow that. I kick and thrash. A needle in injected into my arm. The world fades to black.

I awake to the sound of beeping. It's rather annoying. I open my eyes and my brain registers I'm in the hospital. I look around. Sitting on a chair next to bed is Haymitch with his face hidden in his hands.

"Haymitch?" I croak out. He looks up, visibly relaxing.

"How long was I out?" I ask taking a sip of the water Haymitch ordered for me.

"'Bout four days." He tells me. Then he grins from ear to ear. "They found him."

Huh who? I wonder. "Peeta and the others." Haymitch whispers quickly. Said that out loud. Whoops. "We're sending a rescue squad in about a day and a half." He tells me.

"I might get Peeta back?" I shout. Haymitch nod sitting back down.

"Alright girl on fire, what happened? More boy trouble?" he asks me.

I glare at him. Saddened by what happened. "No, I cut myself. If Peeta was going to experience pain so was I."

He rubs his chin, looking at me. He considers something, and then he smirks. "So, we were right, you do love him?"

I feel my face heat. "Who is we?" I manage to croak out.

"Everyone but you and Peeta." My heart breaks a little at that. He pats my leg and gets up telling me about some meeting.

I sit alone in my bed thinking. They're going to get Peeta. They're going to bring him back. Back to me. I miss him. I miss his smile, I miss his arms, I miss his laugh, his genuinely kindness about him, I miss his blue eyes, and I most of all miss him.

Hurry back to me Peeta. I don't think I can stand it much longer.

Sooo… what do y'all think? Anyways. I still can't believe I saw the hunger games. Hunger games… what did you guys think? The acting was phenomenal. Lack of character development though. I give it an eight.