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How many have heard the phrase: Once in a blue moon? This particular phrase has been around for ages and in modern times has been used to describe a rare event. Not many know of its darker meaning. Once seen as a false or a betrayer moon. What if everything you believed and loved turned into dust and you found yourself under the cold light of a blue moon? Who could save you from yourself? And would there ever be a time when you would believe that things happen for a reason?

Leah Clearwater was thrilled. Not only was she graduating from high school, she would soon be starting the next stage of her life. Her boyfriend, wait her fiancé Sam Uley, she couldn't believe she could now say that and her would be starting college in the fall at the University of Washington in Seattle. Instead of living in the dorms they planned on renting a small one-bedroom apartment that was close to campus. Everything in her life was perfect.

Today her cousin, Emily Young was coming from the Makah reservation in Neah Bay to help Leah and her mother with Leah's graduation party. She and Emily had not seen each other since Christmas but they talked nearly every evening on the phone. They weren't only cousins but best friends. Even her annoying younger brother Seth's voice couldn't stop her happiness today as she thought about how bright her future looked.

"Leah! Get down here. Mom's got breakfast ready," Seth called from downstairs. "Stop daydreaming about Sam or I'll eat your food."

"Seth, you eat my breakfast and I'll kick your ass into next week," she yelled as she got out of bed.

As she walked out of her room she saw her dad on the landing. "Morning, dad," she greeted and stepped over to give him a hug. "Are you going fishing with Charlie and Billy today?"

"Yes, that's the plan, baby girl," her dad, Harry replied as he pulled her into a tight hug and gave her a peck on the cheek. "So, Emily's coming today? Maybe I'll have to stay at Billy's tonight, there's going to be too much estrogen here for this old man to handle."

"Funny, dad," she laughed as she moved out of his arms, "But maybe you should stay to protect Seth. I still need to get back at him for the fake snakes he put in our sleeping bags last summer."

"Nope that boy's on his own. He should've known better than to mess with another Clearwater," Harry said laughing.

Together they walked into the eat-in kitchen where her mom, Sue had their normal Saturday breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast prepared. They spent their meal talking about everyone's plans were for the weekend and Leah's upcoming graduation and party.

The family had lived in La Push, a small reservation in Washington State for generations. The house they lived in Sue and Harry had purchased when they were first married and learned they were going to have a baby. It was a modest two-story house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It featured a good-sized kitchen that opened into the living area. Off the living room was a large deck that was accessible from a sliding glass door. Harry had a small shed out back he used for his projects which usually involved fishing or hunting.

The siding was painted a light blue with white shutters on the front. There were several flower gardens that surrounded the house along with a vegetable garden in the back yard showcasing Sue's hobby and talents at gardening. The house butted up against the lush, green forest. Leah had always felt it was an idyllic location and hadn't imagined living anywhere else. As soon as she and Sam finished college, she couldn't want to move back to La Push start a family. Imagining her and Sam surrounded by several russet-skinned children with black hair and dark eyes, she smiled to herself.

"You look cheerful today, dear. Are you excited about Emily visiting," Sue asked.

"Yeah, it's been so long since I've seen Em. I know we talk on the phone all the time but it's not the same. I just feel like something's missing sometimes. I miss having close girlfriends. Since Rebecca and Rachel left, I just…" she trailed off, unsure of what she was trying to express.

"That's understandable, dear. It's hard growing up and starting to go your separate ways. I can't believe in a few short months, you'll be moving out and start college. My baby's graduating," Sue cried out with tears in her eyes. "I love you so much."

Leah just nodded and gave her mom a hug. "Thanks for breakfast, mom. I love you, too and it's not like I'm leaving forever," she said as she kissed her mom's cheek. Releasing her mom she said, "I better get ready before Em gets here."

Leah left the kitchen and headed for her room, grabbing an outfit for the day. As she walked into the bathroom for a shower, she thought about what she was trying to say earlier. Rebecca and Rachel Black were a year older than her but from the time they were toddlers, the three of them had been best friends. The Blacks, Clearwaters, and Ateara's had always been close; their parents would have cook-outs and holiday parties; the children playing together.

It had only been recently that Leah had started to feel lonely or perhaps, it was a feeling of being left behind since Rebecca and Rachel had graduated. The three of them still emailed each other once in a while but it wasn't the same. Not even the twins were as close as they once were. After graduation Rebecca moved to Hawaii and three months later was married to a surfer. Rachel had chosen college and was attending Whitworth University in Spokane on a full scholarship. She could only hope that once she and Sam started their life together that the weird feelings she had would go away.

Just before Emily arrived around noon, Sue left for her shift at the La Push Clinic. Harry went fishing with Billy and Charlie and Seth, well Leah wasn't sure where he was and figured he was out somewhere doing weird boys things, so she didn't care. The girls greeted each other excitedly and after several loud squeals and tight hugs, they sat down at the kitchen table to go over plans.

Looking at the two of them, they could easily pass for sisters. Both had light caramel-colored skin with long black hair. Emily's eyes were a light brown with flecks of green whereas Leah's were a shade of dark brown that was nearly black. Emily was pretty in her own way but was the quieter of the two and shy. It was Leah with her looks along with personality that ensured she was the more noticeable of the two.

Many people had suggested to her that she should model; she'd laugh at them before saying, "No way! I know what the little boys around here do with my mom's catalogs!" And by little boys she meant her brother and his friends. It was bad enough the time she was on First Beach wearing her new hunter green bikini and Jacob Black along with his posse of Quil Ateara and Embry Call stared at her until Sam scared them away. No, she didn't need that at all.

"So, how is Sam," Emily inquired.

Leah's face broke into a broad smile at the mention of her fiancé's name, "He hasn't been feeling well the last few weeks but I'm hoping he'll stop by tomorrow. He's been doing some construction work around here and Forks to save up extra money for this fall. I can hardly wait until September. Finally, we'll be living together and starting school. Then before you know it, we'll have graduated and be ready to start a family together," Leah gushed, missing the small flare of jealousy in Emily's eyes at her words.

"That's great, Leah. If he's not feeling well, maybe we could stop at the store and pick up some stuff to make soup for him."

"Em, that's a great idea! Sometimes I wonder what he's thinking when he decided to move in together. I can't boil water to save my life," she finished on a laugh.

They continued to discuss plans for Leah's graduation party and when Sue arrived home a few hours later, they had finished planning the menu and guest list. Leah decided she wanted a small and informal party, so she planned on inviting a few friends from school, her relatives, and of course, her parents' friends and their children.

Leah and Emily had driven to the Ateara's market and picked up the supplies to make soup. Leah was not at all very familiar much less competent in the kitchen so she watched while Emily was preparing the food. Her cousin hummed softly while she cooked and it truly looked as though she was in her element.