AN: I have finally done what I said I would do which was fix up my first fanfic. Very little has changed, the storyline and characters remain the same. The biggest changes have occurred in the chapter layout. There are a few things that have been added to further clarify but overall, its the same story, just more polished. Thank you all for reviewing, following, favoriting, and alerting this story.

I'll be finishing up Save me from Imprinting soon along with re-naming the outtake/companion story to Blue Moon, which will be known as Fate's Intervention. I don't have any burning ideas that are begging to be written but I plan on writing a O/S with Brady/Collin/OC which will tie into sometime after Charlie and Sue's wedding in Blue Moon.

Other than that I'm not sure yet where the muse will take me. But I haven't stopped by any means. In case my stories should ever get the dreaded ff axe, you can find them at Jacob Black n Pack or Tricky Raven. Same penname and tell them I sent you.