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I know I still need to update other stories, but my muse basically jumped down my throat and forced me to write this. This was originally meant to be a oneshot but it slowly spiralled out of control and became far too long, so I will probably split it up into a few chapters. I'll have to see how much I end up writing.

WARNINGS: Yaoi (Man x man), molestation, poorly written seduction, sexual talk...etc. Basically the usual from my stories. If you are under the legal age for viewing adult material or do not wish to read the former themes, I suggest that you do not continue reading any further. OOCness. A perverted Aizen. An angry Shirosaki who takes pleasure in torturing his King.

Just a little heads up: This story takes place before Orihime was captured (meaning that she isn't captured in this story, so I guess that you could call it AU), a few months after Aizen first defected Soul Society.

PAIRING: AIZEN SOUSUKE X KUROSAKI ICHIGO (Mentioned minor interest by Grimmjow and Gin).

DISCLAIMER: The author does not own BLEACH or any of the plot/characters etc., involved. This is purely fanfiction and does not reflect the views/opinions of the owners of BLEACH. No money is made from this fanfiction.

State of Mind.

Aizen x Ichigo.

Normal POV.

Stormy grey eyes surveyed the surroundings of the small and quiet town that sat below him, its people oblivious to the other world that existed coincide with their own. The place had a rather large buzz of reiatsu that seemed to coat the atmosphere around the main centre of the town- although the largest source in the form of a bright orange haired Shinigami remained near the suburbs and pulsated occasionally. Starrk couldn't help but to wonder exactly why he had been roused from his mid morning nap and ordered to scout out the little Shinigami- especially when there were much more obvious candidates who would much rather do so, like Grimmjow. The Sexta hadn't stopped talking about the boy since he had beaten. Starrk was convinced that it wasn't all to do with admiration of fighting skill and lust to dominate. Well, maybe not domination when it came to fighting.

Starrk chuckled softly before turning to Lilinette who was looking more than bored and proceeding to rip up small patches of the bright green grass. Grass that someone more than likely had spent hours taming. Not that he really cared, of course, but she was meant to be helping him.

With a flick of his wrist he hit Lilinette over the back of the head and quickly walked away, leaving the furious girl to stomp and shout angrily before following him. They had a job to do after all.

"The fuck, Starrk?"

After all, Starrk had to complete his mission if he wanted to stay in good favour with the rogue Shinigami. Even though this whole mission seemed slightly pointless, he had to complete it nevertheless. If Aizen though that Kurosaki was an important asset then the Primera wasn't about to begin questioning his logic.

No. Starrk had learnt not to question the Rogue Shinigami. It was simply easier to just go along with it. That way he could get back to sleep quicker.

Meanwhile on the opposite side of the town, Ichigo glared furiously at the homework that failed to dematerialize on his desk and relive him of his torture. Homework and school really seemed pointless when you were a substitute shinigami and had saved several people more than once and was about to enter a war that could potentially kill hundreds.

No, finding the derivative of a quadratic really didn't seem that important in Ichigo's opinion.

Pacing the length of his room once more, Ichigo resigned himself to the fact that he was probably going to fail his upcoming maths test. Although, deep down, he honestly couldn't bring himself to care. Letting his reiatsu spike once again, he flopped down onto his bed and drew a hand across his face. Life seemed to be biting him in the arse lately. It was if karma was out to get him. There had been nearly twenty hollow appearances just last night and one of them simply refused to die. Then of course he remembered that he had an upcoming test that he forgot to study for and when he went to go study, he had found that he had left his assignment worksheets at school. Yeah, everything that could have possibly gone wrong seemed to have done just that.

A brief pulse of strong reiatsu caught his senses and had him sitting upright and lunging for his badge. If Ichigo hadn't been in such a rush to exit the room, he may have questioned why the hollow alarm hadn't gone off, but being Ichigo, he simply rushed into the situation without a second thought.

Ichigo flash stepped to where he had felt the reiatsu originate from to find himself facing no enemy. Or one that was able to make itself invisible and completely hide its reiatsu and any traces that it had been there.

Little did the orange head know that the Espada that stood behind him was smirking slightly at the sight of the befuddled boy. It seems that the first part of his mission had already been completed, and he had had to hardly do anything. To Starrk, these sorts of missions were the best type of mission; quick and easy. Maybe his day of napping wouldn't be wasted after all.

A scowl twisted Ichigo's expression as he surveyed his surroundings for the third time and once more failed to detect the enemy. Sighing, Ichigo went to turn around and walk back home- not to do his homework once again but rather find something more interesting to do, such as poking his eyes out with sharp needles or stabbing himself in the stomach with Zangetsu- when he came face to face with a chest of another man.

No wait, Arrancar. Had to be with that gaping hole in his chest.

"Fuck!" Ichigo yelled as he quickly jumped back from the Arrancar and quickly unsheathed Zangetsu. The other made no motion to move and instead watched as Ichigo summoned his bankai.

Starrk sighed and turned towards Lilinette who was complaining yet again and beginning to make snide remarks about the stupid strawberry that they had to capture. He stared pointedly at her for a few seconds before she huffed and stomped off.

Turning back, Ichigo was watching him with a confused, albeit angry, expression as the scowl that usually seemed to plague the teen's face had increased in intensity.

"What the fuck do you want, Arrancar?" Ichigo spat as he tried to determine the rank of the man who was still studying him with an extremely bored expression. The guy didn't look powerful, but Ichigo had learnt over the past few years that appearances didn't always dictate power. Although, Ichigo had to admit that when the Arrancar yawned for the fifth time he was beginning to question his threat.

The Arrancar didn't reply and instead began to walk up to him, hands in pockets, as if it were the most normal thing to do when you were facing an admittedly powerful enemy.

"O-oi, what the hell do you think that you're doing?"

The Arrancar sighed and rocked back and forwards on its heels a few times before looking back at the teen. "You're presence has been requested by Aizen-sama. I am here to make sure that request is completed."

"Like hell that's gonna happen!" Ichigo yelled and made to charge at Starrk who had yet to draw his sword.

"How troublesome," he muttered before quickly changing into sonido so that he stood behind the teen. Ichigo's eyes widened momentarily and went to swing around only to have Starrk quickly slam the hilt of his katana into the back of his head. Ichigo's body immediately went slack in Starrk's arms as he was forced into unconsciousness.

Starrk sighed again before adjusting the bright haired teen so that he laid bridle style in his arms before sonidoing again to where Lilinette was waiting with an opened garuanta.

"Took ya time, bastard." Lilinette muttered and crossed his thin arms over his chest as she sent a pointed look at the teen that lay in his arms. "That the one we need to get? He doesn't look that important."

"Aizen-sama requested him, therefore it is our job to get him."

Lilinette sighed but didn't say anything else. She too had learnt over time that it was far more simple to just listen and do whatever Aizen said. That guy was sure as hell confusing.

Ichigo drifted in and out of unconsciousness, barely aware of the feeling of his body swaying slightly as if he were on a boat. Groaning, Ichigo winced as the pain from the injury from earlier made itself known through the haze that his unconscious state had cause. Shifting, Ichigo tried to shift only to find that he was unable to.

Blinking a few times, Ichigo awoke to find himself laying on the cold ground of a large room. Nothing seemed to be in it besides a large set of steps at the far end and a door that he could see because of the small amount of light that was shining through the gap at the bottom. Still slightly confused from when he had been knocked unconscious, Ichigo attempted to stand only to crumple back onto the ground pathetically when his vision began to swim.

Ichigo grit his teeth as his head throbbed again and a small bolt of pain ran down his spine. He seriously needed to get up and out of here before his capturer came back and decided to make himself know to the teen.

"Kurosaki Ichigo."

Ichigo's body went straight as the sound of his name chilled the very core of his body. That voice sounded strangely familiar, like he had heard it before, but his injury was making it hard for him to rationalise what was happening.

The sound of approaching footsteps could be heard from the far side of the room and Ichigo turned his head up to try and see who it was. Through his poor vision, the teen could make out dark brown hair. Something in the back of his mind started to blare at him in warning, trying to tell him that this person was bad news.

"Oi King!" Shirosaki had began to yell at him through their connection in their inner world. "That guy means bad news! That's bloody AIZEN SOUSUKE!"

Ichigo jolted and hissed when the sudden movement sent another sharp pain through his body. "Get the fuck away from me!" Ichigo hissed and tried to crawl away, the pain in the back of head lowly retreating as Zangetsu and Shirosaki began to heal him.

Aizen chuckled slightly and began to circle the teen much alike a hawk circles its prey. "Do not be so insolent to think that you can escape from me, Kurosaki. You are aware that you are without your sword and your knowledge of kidou is rudimentary at best. You are also unfit to fight," Aizen paused in both his speech and his brief journey circling the teen that was still on the floor looking defiantly up at him, "You have no way of defeating me."

Ichigo growled and looked up at Aizen defiantly, although his vision was still bleary. "What do you want from me?"

"What I desire from you, Ichigo-kun," Aizen said, "Is your presence in Las Noches."

Ichigo resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the obvious. Why was it that the majority of the people that were connected to Soul Society seemed to take great pleasure with pointing out the obvious as often as possible? Was it that they were under the impression that he couldn't comprehend basic situations?

"But why, Aizen? Why the hell would I stay here?" Ichigo questioned as he raised to his feet defiantly. Aizen watched him with his cool demeanour still in place, a slight smirk still on his lips. The rogue shinigami watched the teen intently as he swayed before regaining his composure to look up at him. Ah, there was that fire that he had became obsessed with since his departure from Soul Society...

"Because," Aizen said, stepping closer to the teen and smirking wider as the orange head took a shaky step back, "If you were to stay here, I would not need to kill your friends."

Ichigo paused. "What do you mean 'I won't need to kill your friends'?"

"I mean that I would leave Karakura unharmed and seek another way to make the King's Key, Kurosaki-kun."

"Don't trust him, King." Shirosaki growled from his inner world. "That bastard turned his back on everyone and tried to kill that bitch ya are friends with!"

Ichigo knew that his Hollow was right. Aizen had turned his back on everyone, and probably wouldn't blink an eye at betraying him and simply cut down anyone who stood in his way.

"How do I know that I can trust that you will keep your promise?" Ichigo queried, scowl still firmly in place as he ignored the yelling of his Hollow that was telling in to simply kill the stupid bastard.

"You will just have to trust me, Kurosaki-kun." Aizen paused and narrowed his gaze slightly. "You do realise that I have the power to kill them this very instant; I would simply need to make the order and one of my Espada would see the job as done."

Ichigo watched as the other approached him once again and brought a hand up to his shoulder. "Yet, I haven't done any of these things, have I?"

"How the hell would I know, I was unconscious!"

Aizen chuckled and nodded in agreement. "Ulquiorra, please enter."

Ichigo spun around as he heard the sound of the doors opening. A small figure entered the room and Ichigo immediately recognised him as the Espada who he had fought earlier when he and that giant one had come to the real world. Ichigo grit his teeth and growled at the other, but Ulquiorra simply gave him a dismissing glance before turning to Aizen.

"Yes, Aizen-sama?"

"Please show Kurosaki-kun the images that you recorded earlier."


Ichigo watched disgustedly as the Espada pulled his eye from his socket and crushed it within the palm of his slender hand. The particles of the crushed eye floated into the air and circled him, and Ichigo jolted as the images of his friends heading to school suddenly appeared in his mind. He watched as Chad and Ishida walked together down the path that they would take to school, talking avidly about some presentation that they were to be doing that day. The next image was of Orihime and Tatsuki talking in class as they waited for their teacher to arrive and begin the lesson.

The images suddenly faded, leaving the teen standing within the presence of the Espada and Aizen once more.

"As you can see," Aizen said, "Your friends have not been harmed, and they will not be so long as you stay in Hueco Mundo."

The teen chewed his lip as he thought deeply about his situation. It wasn't like he would be able to defeat Aizen whilst he wasn't able to locate Zangetsu and he did suck as Kido, as Aizen had so kindly pointed out earlier. It seemed that, although as much as he hated to admit it, he had no way of escaping the grasp of the rogue Shinigami.

"Your decision, Kurosaki-kun?" Aizen asked, his superior smirk still in place as he watched the teen struggle within himself to decide. Aizen's eyes focused on the teeth that bit into the plump lower lip, barely suppressing a groan when a small, wet pink tongue came out to lick at them briefly.

Aizen's eyes flickered back up to the teen's, dark brown locking with smouldering amber.

"I will stay," Ichigo said, his anger rising at the feeling of utter helplessness. "So long as Karakura remains untouched by you and your army."

Perfect, Aizen though. "I am pleased that you have decided correctly, Ichigo-kun."

Aizen suddenly flash stepped towards the teen and slammed the hilt of his unsheathed sword into the back of his head once more, catching him when Ichigo's body became slack with unconsciousness once more.

"Ulquiorra," Aizen murmured as he gazed down at the face of the now sleeping Ichigo, "Take the boy to my chambers. I will be with him the moment that he wakes up."

Passing the boy as if he were made of glass, Aizen deposited the boy within the open arms of the pale man.

"Hai, Aizen-sama. I shall see that your wishes are carried out."


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