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Chapter three.

As Aizen brought a hand up to caress the plane of his chest once more, Ichigo found himself wishing that he knew at least some sort of Kido.

"Ichigo," Aizen breathed into his ear, the moistness of his voice hitting his inner ear and sending a shiver down his spine. "Let us find out was sort of sounds you can make."

Ichigo whined as Aizen reached around his toned body and clasped his arms firmly around his midsection. His head dipped down and tongue came out to lick at the junction between his neck and shoulder, producing a shiver from the teen.

"You do not realise your own ability of seductive prowess, do you my dear Ichigo?" The rogue shinigami whispered breathily into his ear, his tongue coming out to lick at the shell briefly before withdrawing back into his moist cavern.

"No, you are unable to see how the lustful eyes of others travel over your body." His hand moved from around his waist to skim over the taut flesh of Ichigo's stomach and settle over his throat where he gently applied pressure so that the teen would turn his face towards him. "Abarai, Hisagi, and even my own Espada, Grimmjow. You do not see how much they wish to touch you."

Aizen smirked as frightened brown eyes met his own, before he dipped his head down to brush his lips against the tanned column of flesh that was displayed to him. "How they wish to defile you."

"S-stop!" Ichigo gasped as the older male rest his palm against the lower edge of his stomach and drew his fingers over in small circular patterns.

"No." Aizen shifted behind Ichigo and craned his neck out to brush his lips against the teen's forehead. Ichigo squirmed before finally letting his body go slack within the hold of the other.

"Giving up?"

Ichigo sighed and looked over his shoulder at the other male who was smirking deeply behind the guise of his neck. What a bastard. Ichigo went to reply only to have the older male's lips crash down upon his. The angle of the kiss made it slightly awkward and more teeth and tongue that actual lip on lip contact. It felt extremely obscene to Ichigo and he barely thought the urge to pull away.

No, that would only anger Aizen, and that meant that his friends would be killed.

As Aizen pulled his head closer to place another messy kiss upon his lips, Ichigo finally gave in.

Please forgive me, my Nakama…

"That's right, Ichigo." Aizen husked, his voice deepening with lust, "Give into the pleasure."

He let his hands resting on Ichigo's chest slide down to flatten over his sharp hipbones that had been exposed during their brief struggle prior. Ichigo felt his hips raise again, a jolt going through him as Aizen's hands pushed back, kept him pinned down near the mattress and against the older man's pelvis. Ichigo could feel the hard length of the other pressed against his buttocks. It felt strangely….pleasant.

"Ah!" What the hell was wrong with him? Aizen had hardly done anything yet!

The rogue shinigami let out a dark chuckle and leaned his head back against the wooden frame of the bed. His grip tightened on Ichigo's hips. "I think I could get used to hearing you lost in mindless pleasure, Ichigo." He raised his own hips slightly, knowing full well Ichigo would feel the hardness of his cock against the small of his back, and smirked as he heard the boy gasp. "Feel that?" He pushed up again and increased the amount of pressure. "That's how hard you make me feel."

Ichigo whimpered in reply and turned his head away from the feeling of Aizen's warm breath hitting his inner ear, indirectly exposing his neck to the older male who took the opportunity to lay kisses against his skin again.

"That's what you're doing to me right now. Just hearing you breathe and gasp as I touch you, feeling you move your hips against the palm of my hand makes me hard." Aizen began to rub his hands over Ichigo's hips and flattered his palm against his lower stomach again. "It makes me want to fuck you, Ichigo."

Aizen shifted them so that Ichigo lay was pressed fully against his stronger and larger body, his eyes feasting on the sight of Soul Society's most valuable weapon withering against him as he brought him to the brink of pleasure. Aizen smirked, how satisfying it was to know that he was the one doing this to Ichigo, the one person who everyone wanted to touch, to caress, to fuck. Ichigo was his and his only.

Ichigo sounded as if he fought for every breath as Aizen slowly began to lower his hands towards his crouch. Ichigo whimpered again and tried to protest, only to be hushed by Aizen yet again.

"Ichigo," Aizen said.

"A-ah," The teen's face was lit up with a deep blush that prettily decorated his high cheekbones. Aizen fought his own hips, willing himself not to grind against the warm body that was so pleasantly radiating heat against his own skin.

Aizen's hands had slipped from Ichigo's and now rubbed over his lower belly, down over his hips again, then back up, making meaningless little figure-eights that gave Ichigo goose bumps. "I think that I'll take you kneeling between your legs, that way I can watch your face contort with pleasure."

"Hah…S-stop…," Ichigo whined again as he tried to avoid the unwanted pleasure that Aizen was bestowing upon him. Aizen couldn't help himself. His hands clamped down again and kept the teen steady as he ground himself against his back. "Is this what you want, Ichigo? Want me to fuck you?"

Ichigo sounded as if he was about to cry. "..N-no!"

Yes… For being a man who took pride in his sexual stamina, Aizen was dangerously close to coming in his hakama and it irked him. He tried to take his mind off things by letting his hands wander again. This time they slipped in under Ichigo's tight t-shirt, fingers trailing slowly over a flat stomach and pinching the hardened nipples. Aizen marvelled over how muscular Ichigo had become. He must have been training in preparation for the war. The grooves and plains of muscles had become more defined, although not like body builders, more like the muscles of a swimmer.

It had seemed that things were starting to heat up in Soul Society as Captain and Vice-captain level shinigami trained in attempt to gain strength before the final onslaught of the war. Running his hands across the teen's stomach again, he enjoyed the little hitch in Ichigo's breath as he did. "You're getting skinny, Ichigo," he murmured teasingly.

"'M not…"

Aizen chuckled at the very Ichigo reply. He dipped down and nipped at the spot where Ichigo's jaw met the earlobe. "You were so against this before…yet your reactions when I touch you… You melt in my hands."

Aizen's fingers wandered and soon brushed lightly over small nipples again. He didn't even realise they had until he felt the buds stiffen under his thumb-pads, until he heard Ichigo suck in air between his teeth as if in pain. He closed his eyes and buried his nose in Ichigo's hair, inhaling the faint scent of shampoo and wild strawberries. His fingers closed over Ichigo's nipples, rolling them gently between thumb and forefinger. "Do you like that, Ichigo?"

A whimper was the only reply he got.

"I'll take that as a yes." He applied a little more pressure, pinched the sensitive nubs and drank in the sounds the boy in his arms made. It made his blood sing. He'd manage to get his bearings right, rein his urges in a little. He knew this wasn't about him. It was about Ichigo, all about Ichigo, and Ichigo was between his legs, arching his long back and making little desperate noises in the back of his throat as he moved into the gentle caresses that he made.

A particularly loud moan had Aizen tearing away the shirt that barred him from the tempting sun-kissed skin that he had been fantasizing about since he had first laid eyes on the bright-haired teen. Once the shirt was removed, Aizen reached out and slid a finger from the nape of Ichigo's neck all the way down his spine, just to watch him shiver. It gave him a slight sadistic pleasure when the shiver was accompanied by a quiet whimper.

Aizen pulled away slowly to take off his own top, his hands carefully slipping the material off his shoulders and added it to the pile on the floor. Ichigo turned his head, watching the rogue shinigami over his shoulder. His gaze was clouded with a slight bit of lust, although that typical fire burned beneath, hot enough to make Aizen groan with delight. He'd honestly never thought Ichigo could look this seductive.

"Look at you," Aizen murmured once he had removed his top and drawn the tempting flesh back against his body again, "What a glorious creature you are, Kurosaki Ichigo. And you are mine."

Ichigo kept looking at him, his mouth slightly open, eyes half-closed and half-wild. Aizen groaned again.

With a grunt Aizen lunged forward, wrapping his arms tight around Ichigo's torso and biting down hard on his shoulder at the same time. The sharp yelp he was rewarded with made his cock twitch and brush against the rough material of his hakama. He growled, muttered against Ichigo's skin. "Do you have any idea of how tempting it is for me to fuck you right now, my dear Ichigo?"

Ichigo rocked in his arms, as if trying to pull away and push closer into the bite at the same time.

The brunette snarled and bucked against the teen's body once, twice, before letting up his grip, but not moving away from the panting body that still rest against his own. He released the flesh between his teeth and lapped at the bite mark, satisfied when there was a taste of copper on his tongue. A wave of pride flowed through the rogue Shinigami. He had marked Ichigo as his.

The teen whined and arched into the touch, drawing an equally heated moan from the leader of Hueco Mundo as he struggled to keep his urges down. He mustn't force Ichigo into something that he wasn't ready for. It was a good thing though that Ichigo wasn't returning his touches, as Aizen didn't think that he would have been able to hold himself back for simply plunging into the teen's tight virgin body. It was obvious he needed all the reminders he could get of how young the slender male before him actually was. He kept getting ahead of himself, kept losing focus-


"What is it, my Ichigo?" Ichigo moaned softly and turned his head to the side briefly to pant. Aizen released Ichigo's nipple from his fingertips before stroking it gently in apology. "What is it that you want me to do?"


"That's it, Ichigo. I want to hear you say it. Do you want me to touch you, Ichigo?" He brought his hand down to rest

The teen groaned and twisted in Aizen's hold.

"I want to hear you say that you want me."

Ichigo groaned and blushed deeper. "I…I…"

"Please," Ichigo said breathlessly as he turned in Aizen's hold so that he face him. His hands clutched desperately at the material of his hakama as he looked up into the lustful eyes of Aizen. "Make me come. It hurts."

Aizen groaned and quickly slid his hand down those last couple of inches and cupped Ichigo's cock through the denim. He squeezed lightly, earning a deep moan from the teen. "Nice and hard for me aren't you, Ichigo?"

He nipped at Ichigo's naked shoulder. "Let's get these pants off, shall we?" He popped the first button in the fly open without waiting for response. His cock twitched with every little 'pop' as the fly slowly came open. "Lift your legs."

Ichigo complied without question or protest and Aizen peeled the jeans down to the top of his thighs so that his crouch was exposed to his wandering hands. The rogue Shinigami chuckled as he hooked his finger tips in the waistband of his Ichigo's underwear and slid them down as well. The teen's cock immediately sprung up to strain against his belly. It was thick and heavy and dripping precome from its slit. Aizen's smirk faded as he peered down at the body that was still arching against his own. Ichigo's smooth chest was covered with a thin sheen of sweat as he panted deeply.

It was all too much. Aizen quickly pushed down his own hakama so that his own aching erection was exposed to the cool air of his room. He hissed as the teen's back rubbed against his sensitive tip.

As he slowly wrapped one of his large, warm hands around Ichigo he put all his remaining focus in not flipping the teen over and thrusting into his entrance without a care to the teen's pain. No, he thought, I want for Ichigo to enjoy this so that he will become dependent on me.

Aizen slowly moved his hand, squeezing lightly while moving his hand up, a string of thick precome dribbling over the darkened head and down his knuckles.

"F-fuck…Aizen…" Ichigo squirmed and began to move his hips against Aizen's hand, thrusting into his tight first. It felt so good.

Aizen drew deep breaths through his nose. He kept the teen's hip pinned down and released his cock to a whine of disappointment from the teen. Ignoring the loud protest, he brought the hand up to his mouth and lathered it with his tongue to make it wetter. The taste of the teen's essence sent a shiver down his spine.

Aizen brought his slick fingers down once more and wrapped them around the teen's aching shaft. He worked up a rough, quick pace, his hand sliding effortlessly up and down the hardened flesh of the teen. "How is that, Ichigo? Do you like the way my hand on your cock feels?"

Ichigo was reduced to a quivering mass of moans and whimpers, his thrusts in a rhythm so broken it could hardly be called a rhythm at all, it was more like a seizure that had the teen's body bucking up and shuddering with each stroke of Aizen's hand. "Ah-ahh! ngh… fu-fuck Aizen!" He dug his fingers into Aizen's scalp and clawed, causing the perfectly slicked back hair to fall out of place and hang in front of his eyes.

Acting on an impulse, Aizen slid his wet fingers down Ichigo's face, over his chest and past his hand that was still furiously working the teen's cock. He prodded gently at the puckered entrance and sucked in a breath as the teen moved back on his finger. Ichigo's lips parted readily and that little pink tongue peeked out.

Without missing a beat, Aizen inserted one of his fingers slowly. The sounds Ichigo made amazed Aizen. Not that he really had time to fully appreciate them all as it was more than a handful to keep the boy in his arms, but there were so many different whimpers and wails, moans and grunts that fell from the bruised lips of the teen that made Aizen want to burst.

"That's right, Ichigo. Keep going." He murmured against Ichigo's neck. "I wish you could see yourself right now..."

"Aizen…..Aizen!" Ichigo was close to coming, from the sound of it. The sounds that Ichigo made were steadily becoming more and more desperate as Aizen worked his finger in and out of the teen's tightening body. Aizen found himself groaning at the feeling of Ichigo's tightening walls clamping down on his finger. Oh how satisfying it must feel to have those silky walls tightening around his thickened shaft. Ichigo was unable to do anything other than groan and scream in pleasure as Aizen's warm and slickened hand worked up and down his cock in a furious pace, Aizen himself now bucking up against his sweaty back in quick and hard thrusts.


With one last shout Ichigo arched his back at an angle that left only his feet on the bed. He hung on to Aizen for dear life and convulsed over and over, hick cock spilling his seed over his own stomach and chest in thick spurts. Aizen worked his hand on Ichigo's cock all the way through his orgasm, stopping only when the teen went limp in his arms. With a final gentle squeeze he forced a few last drops out and then relaxed his hand.

Aizen groaned as Ichigo screamed his orgasm as he arched against his chest, his buttocks rubbing against his throbbing cock. Once the teen's body had entered the final throes of passion, Aizen brought his left hand down to jerk his cock with the flick of his talented hands, his finger still remaining within the convulsing body of the teen.

"F-fuck, Ichigo!"

Aizen thrust his hips against the teen's body one final time before emptying himself against Ichigo's lower back, his white come standing out against the tanned flesh. He slipped his finger out to trail his hand over Ichigo's neck and shoulder, stroking the moist flesh, the teen's body still shuddering against his own. Ichigo's breathing was heavy and ragged, slowing down as he relaxed against the rogue Shinigami's body.

Aizen brought his cum covered hand up to Ichigo's mouth, bringing the sticky fingers to the lips of the other.

"Lick them." Aizen felt the teen's body become taut against his before relaxing again. Aizen sat stunned as Ichigo's tongue came out to gently lap at the tips of his fingers, before taking the entire length of his finger into his mouth. He continued to suck until they were clean before letting them fall from his moist mouth.

When done, Aizen flipped Ichigo around to face him and groaned at the utterly debauched look that Ichigo was sporting; his hair was an utter disarray and plastered to his forehead in some places, his lips swollen and a delicious pink colour, his cheeks still flushed with his orgasm, his eyes half mast and unable to focus probably.

"Beautiful." The brunette pressed their lips together in a fierce kiss, demanding immediate entrance into the teen's mouth. Permission was granted quickly, the kiss at first brutal and searing before turning into something slower and deeper. When they finally broke away, Ichigo was panting heavily and Aizen flushed slightly.

"My beautiful Ichigo." Aizen murmured and nuzzled his face into the crook of Ichigo's neck, placing soft kisses against his skin. "My Ichigo."

Ichigo's breath evened out and eventually he fell into a deep sleep, his toned body resting against Aizen, who had yet to pull away from the slumbering teen. Aizen eventually noticed and pulled away, shifting the sleeping teen onto his back so that he could clean him of sweat and release before tucking him under the dark sheets. Aizen reached down to clean himself off before tucking himself back into the confines of his hakama and donning his top layers that he had discarded earlier.

Reaching out, he ran his hands through the drying orange locks and bent over to place a soft kiss against the crown of his head. The rogue shinigami gazed down at the teen for a brief moment, taking in how helpless and young Ichigo seemed when he wasn't frowning.

Drawing his hand away, he pressed one final kiss to the slightly parted lips of the teen. "You will stay by my side, my dear Ichigo."

He finished righting himself before turning, leaving the slumbering teen nestled within the sheets of his bed, unaware of the outside world.

Aizen paused as he reached the doors. "Yes, you shall be my Ichigo. You will be mine and mine alone."



Gin skipped grinned happily as he emerged from the security room. His previously irked feeling that he had felt when he had been notified that he would be unable to share the delicious Strawberry that Sou-chan had had captured since he would be using him for his own pleasure, had been replaced with one of pure enjoyment and anticipation. It seemed that the little Berry would be staying for longer than he first anticipated. Well, if the way Aizen looked after thoroughly ravishing the young teen was anything to go by.

Gin giggled at the memory of the Strawberry crying out under Sou-chan's ministrations. It looked like he would have the chance to capture the lil' berry after all.

He would just need to get clever.

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