Superjail!: The Story of Us

by voltaliathemajesticone

Chapter 1: The Story Begins

Author's Note: This is my first time writing a Superjail! fanfic, especially one that centers around The Warden x The Mistress. If anyone seems to act OOC, I'm terribly sorry. Also allow me to explain what goes on here: This story occurs sometime after (forgive me, for what follows sounds really stupid) Lord Stingray kidnaps Alice and wipes her memory clean (this was his new wife Venetia's idea). Therefore, Suzette has no mother to look after her, at least not for a while. Anyway, please enjoy. Thank you.

In The Warden's office, Suzette, just a year old, sat on the floor, waiting for her father to come out of his bedroom and play with her. Her father wasn't acting like himself ever since Alice had been subtracted from his life all because he refused to have gay sex with Lord Stingray. Suzette could hear low sobs and moans coming from behind the bedroom door and looked up at her big brother Jailbot with sad, pleading eyes.

Suzette toddled her way over to the door and was planning to enter the room herself when she heard someone bang on the office door and had to move out of the way. Expecting to see his accountant Jared, The Warden left the bedroom to answer his office door. Lo and behold, standing there instead was The Mistress.

Aw, Jesus. The Warden thought.

"Hello, Warden…" The Mistress greeted in a sultry voice.

"Mistress?" The Warden asked, confused. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I just came to say hello." The Mistress replied. "Has anyone told you you are a lovely gentleman?"


"No, dumbass. I was only testing you."

Without warning, The Mistress placed both of her hands on the door frame and gripped it tightly.

"Going somewhere?" she asked. She cocked an eyebrow, as if to taunt her rival.

The Warden tried to pry The Mistress away. She wouldn't budge. Jailbot proceeded to take Suzette back to her bassinet, which she had escaped from earlier, lest their father and The Mistress would start fighting.

Suddenly, for whatever reason, Mistress let go and Warden stumbled and fell right on top of her.

Very awkwardly, Warden appeared to be pinning down Mistress while his crotch was inches away from hers (fortunately, they didn't appear to be touching) and his knees almost touched her boobs. The both of them were blushing from embarrassment and sexual arousal.

"Get off me, you pervert!" Mistress yelled.

The Warden was too humiliated to try to say anything to that.

"Hey, what are you doing?" a voice shouted.

And lo and behold, a guy with a burn mark running across his left cheek all the way down to the corner of his lower mandible, shaggy mouse brown hair, and pale skin stood over the "lovebirds" on the floor.

"Oh my God…" Mistress muttered to herself. "Russell again?"

"Get your hands off my ho!" Russell shouted.

"What did you just call me?" Mistress asked, now utterly outraged.

"Get your hands off…my…ho!" Russell shouted once more, as if he had gone deaf for a brief moment.

"I was never your ho!" Mistress raised her voice.

She pushed Warden off of her, got up, and kicked Russell so hard in the sternum, he literally had the wind knocked out of him. She then proceeded to stomp on his genitalia while he was down.

"Damn!" she heard Warden exclaim in pure amazement.

Mistress whipped her head around to look at him, her face showing shock at what she had just heard.

"I take it you thought that was great?" Mistress asked deductively.

"Yes, it was, actually." Warden answered.

Warden then pounced on Mistress from behind and started kissing the nape of her neck.

"What are you doing? I don't want any right now!" Mistress yelled.

"But you like it…I know you do…" Warden said seductively.

"Get off of me! This is not…" Then she gave in to the pleasure she was currently feeling.

With every kiss of the neck, she moaned. She could feel him rubbing against her back and could also tell that he had a boner from watching her fight back.

"You liked what you saw and now I'll show you my greatest moves…" she whispered seductively.

They undressed each other slowly until Warden was completely nude and Mistress was down to just a bra. Then Mistress turned around and latched onto Warden and suckled on part of his ear. The twosome contoured their bodies, sexually competing for dominance. Finally, at some point during the longest time they had sex, Warden experienced a climax that was so powerful that it instantly exhausted him. Then he passed out.

When he came to, Mistress was already standing over him, still in nothing but a bra. She had a somewhat relaxed smile that was firmly in place, perhaps hinting at a bit of mischievous delight she managed to get out of him.

"What's that about?" Warden asked in a confused tone.

"Thanks for the great sex…" Mistress answered.

Warden expected her to finish with "loser", but she never did. Instead, she hastily dressed herself again and left him alone.