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Chapter 1: Just a Taste of What You Paid For

(Ichigo POV)

I hated him.

No, hate is too kind of a word to use… Loathe would be more appropriate. Despise, abhor, detest, whatever. They all mean the same thing, and that's the only thing that matters.

I hated him.

I hated him.

I hated myself.

Yeah, that's right. It was my fault that I hated him in the first place. I invited the demon bastard into my head in the first place. I was the one who made that stupid fucking deal in the first place. And now I was paying for it with everything I had. My mind was slowly slipping away from me with each scream-filled nightmare I had. The image of blood soaking my hands and splattered all over my body was permanently burned into my retinas. It was all I saw whenever I closed my eyes.

And it was all. His. Fault.

Even just thinking about it, I heard his stupid cackle echoing through my head, audible only to me. He thought the trouble I was in because of him was funny. Hilarious, even. The fucking bastard had a twisted sense of humor, that was for sure.

'Least I have a sense of humor, King.'

I could picture that snarky grin of his perfectly and it made my usual scowl turn into a full-blown pissed-off expression. I didn't say anything back. Doing so would only get him more riled up and cause me more harm than anything. That was honestly the last thing I needed at that moment. I didn't think the security officials of the juvenile detention center would have been too pleased with "me" destroying their cells. Again.

Fucking demon.

An irritated scoff was the only warning I had of him still listening. 'Stupid human, I have a name. It's Shiro, 'member? Or did the cops beat ya so badly ya forgot?' He laughed and I glared.

"Fuck off, stupid demon," I hissed, balling my hands into fists and partially enjoying the stinging feel of my nails digging into my skin. "I'm not in the mood to deal with your shit."

Shiro just laughed again, though I could feel his presence slowly fading from the front of my mind. At least he sometimes listened. But it was always when I hardly cared and never when it really mattered. Like when he randomly decided to go "hunting", as he called it, and I was screaming at him to give my body back. He never listened then – just continued on with what he was doing, his sadistic grin plastered on my face.

I hated him so much. And the stupid police who never believed a single word I said, even when I pleaded insanity. I practically begged them to lock me up in an asylum, just so Shiro couldn't hurt anyone else while using me to do it. But they thought I was completely fine. Even after they saw with their own eyes, Shiro taking control and killing three security guards, then just disappearing out of my mind. They said I was just acting to get off easy and instead threw me into a holding cell until my bail could be paid. As if anybody in my family had a hundred and fifty thousand dollars just lying around. No doubt about it, I was going to be stuck there for a long time.

After releasing a quick sigh I let my head fall into my hands. My arms were still speckled in dried blood and I could feel it in my hair too. They hadn't even let me wash it out before putting me in the cell. Fucking bastards. They might as well have been as bad as Shiro, making me sit there for God knows how long with blood everywhere.

'That's not true, Aibou. I wouldn' even put ya in a jail cell in the first place. Thass no fun fer me.'

I rolled my eyes at Shiro's comment and leaned back against the grimy stone wall. "Yeah, because you can't do shit if I'm locked up."

The second I felt my mind darken was the second I regretted what I said. I saw a flash of Shiro's grin and glowing gold eyes before I was knocked back into my own mind. Within moments I was on the inside looking out, and the demon was in charge. I tried pushing him out of the way but a set of bars blocked me from doing anything.

Before I knew what was happening Shiro had pried the bars of the cell open and stepped out into the deserted hall. Well, previously deserted. A guard walked out from a room on the right and raised his gun defensively. I saw his eyes grow wide as Shiro laughed and lunged for the man. I couldn't do anything to stop it. Moments later there was fresh blood on "my" hands and face, once again. Struggling got me nowhere, and any attempts just made Shiro laugh.

"Yer an idiot, King," he sneered while picking up the keys from the dead guard's belt and unlocking the door. I growled in an almost animalistic way, but it fell on deaf ears. After that I gave up trying and instead just watched in disgust at what Shiro was doing.

He was on one of his hunts again. But the kills were quicker than usual – as if they were rushed. I was almost too afraid to ask.

'Your kills aren't the same as before,' I mumbled, not wanting to sound interested. Of course, it failed miserably. But when Shiro replied his usual cocky tone was gone, along with the shortened and slurred words. Instead his voice was soft and serious as he strode through the front doors of the facility.

"If you keep getting caught then I can't fulfill my end of the deal." He paused outside and raised his head – as if he were sniffing the air – before walking off confidently. "And I'm so looking forward to my payment for succeeding."

I put on the best mental glare I was capable of and aimed it at Shiro. 'Payment? Like what?' Knowing the demon bastard it would be something bad.

As a reply all I got from him was a chuckle and a soft "You'll see" before he completely blocked me from anything and anything relating to my physical body. As a result I was left in the dark, not having any way to know what Shiro was doing, or planning on doing.


(Shiro POV)

The second Ichi was blocked off in a little corner of his mind, I broke off at a full-on sprint towards a dark and deserted alley. Usually this is when I'd try to find new prey, but I'd already been satisfied at the detention facility. And I needed to make sure King was hidden somewhere safe. He was an idiot when it came to evading law enforcement, and if he got his ass arrested one more time I might've had to resort to just eating him right where he stood. Or sat. Whichever came first.

Admittedly, him getting a brand-spanking-new criminal record was mostly my fault. But I had to get nourishment somehow, and taking it from my host certainly wasn't an option. If I did that I'd kill the poor guy. If that happened I wouldn't be able to get my payment, and most certainly would fade away into nothingness.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that hiding Ichi would have a negative effect on me. But I'd promised him that I would help him fine his significant other. And hiding him is exactly where the two would meet. I knew Ichigo wasn't fond of the Underground, but there wasn't much of a choice for him. His "other half", as some would say, personally worked for his uncle, Kisuke Urahara. They needed to at least meet each other, and Kisuke was the only person who could make that happen.

In my train of thought I nearly ran right past the man's shop, skidding to a halt right in front of the door. The second I stopped it slid open, revealing a man in green with stubble on his chin and a striped hat. He grinned with only one look at me. Or rather, Ichigo. The only difference between Ichigo and me inhabiting Ichigo directly was the eyes and the personality.

"You aren't Ichigo, are you?" The man waved a fan in front of his face and looked out at me through the brim of his hat. From the tone of his voice it sounded as if he wanted to play some kind of game with me. But I wasn't in the mood for that, nor did I have the time.

"Are you Kisuke Urahara?" I glared at him, wanting to snatch that fucking fan right out of his hand and smash it to pieces beneath my foot.

He seemingly completely ignored the harsh stare and nodded once. "The one and only. Now tell me… What are you doing in my nephew's body?"