The Magic Drink

Joy (Rushes in the house and runs upstairs)

Joy: I really hope this drink works!

Joy (grabs a glass and pours the drink in)

Joy: erm its pink Ha! I hope it works!

Melanie comes in...

Melanie: Joy what are you doing?

Joy: oh what do you want?

Melanie: what are you doing?

Joy: this man give me this special drink apparently it will make me irresistible to men!

Melanie: oh I want some!

Joy: sorry only enough for one person!

Melanie: you're mean!

Joy: Ha!

Joy (drinks the magic drink)

Melanie: anything?

Joy: no I don't feel any different!

Melanie: how annoying!

Joy: you said it!

Melanie: erm Joy where are you're feet?

Joy: WHAT!

Joy (falls on the floor)

Melanie: omg! Joy are you ok?

Joy: I don't know!

Victoria comes in...

Victoria: what's all the noise? I have an audition tomorrow!

Victoria: Joy get off the floor!

Melanie: she can't she has no legs!

Victoria: whatever!

Joy: how am I going to get up?

Melanie: well maybe Victoria can carry you?

Victoria: oh no!

Melanie: oh please iam scared I might drop her!

Joy: hey! Iam not that heavy!

Melanie: well I can't carry you!

Joy: why not?

Melanie: iam not that strong!

Joy: are you saying iam fat?

Melanie: no!

Victoria: well look at it this way its not everyday you see a mermaid on the floor!

Joy: oh yes very funny just help me up!

Melanie: well if you are a mermaid which I think you are! You're going to need to be in water!

Joy: oh great I suppose Elka is going to have a field day when she sees this!

Melanie: well we won't tell her!

Victoria: yes we'll say you went to England to visit you're parents!

Joy: yeah like that will ever happen!

Melanie: ohh yay Elka could be like the sea witch!

Joy: what do you think this is the little mermaid?

Victoria: iam not being the crab!

Joy: look just put me in some water!