I feel like such a traitor for making this because I'm such a Klainer. I have accepted it though. Kurbastian is just the most beautiful thing ever. This should turn out to be 10 chapters. Maybe more if I get really into it. The whole story is loosely based around "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol, which is the inspiration for the title. I'll try to get new chapters out quickly. Anyways, here's how it all started. & I love you all for reading this.

xxx, Elizabeth

(Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters or Glee. If I did, they would be nowhere near as perfect as they are.)


Kurt couldn't pinpoint when it happened, or how exactly, but over the past few months he had learned a lot. He didn't know when he came to these realizations, but he was glad that he had.

Somehow, over the countless cups of coffee, the arguing, the smiles, and eventually the kisses, he had fallen in love with Sebastian Smythe. And he wasn't even really all that surprised.

The only thing that shocked Kurt more than this little bit of information was the fact that Sebastian actually felt the same.

It was like looking at the world through new eyes. A few months ago he thought losing Blaine would be the end of him, but now he realized everything would be okay. More than okay. Everything was perfect. And the only person he could thank was Sebastian.

Kurt smiled as he looked up at the taller boy. The smile reflected on the other boys face. Sebastian took his hand and led him off to the car. Kurt still wasn't used to the feel of the other boy's hand in his, but he was slowly getting used to it.