The story of Nate Farling breaking into the Cullen house flew around the school like a hurricane. Oddly enough, it earned my family very little attention. This was the case mostly because it was Nate's act itself that was so shocking plus the way he was caught.

Nate alleged that it was all Kyle and Adam, but those two told Chief Swan the truth of what happened on Hurricane Ridge. The truth was more convincing then web of lies Nate had spun to save his ass. Nate's parents convinced him to plead guilty to the charges in order to seek leniency.

When asked about our family's position, as victims, Carlisle in open court merely requested that Nate be treated for steroid addiction. Carlisle was more concerned about Nate's individual wellbeing then getting the book thrown at him. Oh Carlisle, the eternal healer.

The steroid problem in Forks was quite the scandal. UW revoked Nate's scholarship and even announced mandatory drug testing for all types of drugs including steroids. Forks High School announced a similar policy for all student athletes. It would be expensive, but a foundation offered to fund the program. Jasper had so been kind to set up that foundation for me. It would be well funded into perpetuity from the dividends my stocks earned annually.

After reviewing the case, the judge offered Nate two options: drug rehab or prison time. Nate chose the first one and after some wrangling, Nate was on a plane for Ohio. He would do rehab there away from the distractions (and I thought embarrassment) that Forks offered him now. Nate had family in Ohio so he could be near people who loved him.

Within a week of Nate's departure, life in the sleepy town of Forks returned to normal. Gossip at school turned to newer and juicer topics leaving Nate all but forgotten. I wouldn't forget him however. He would never know how close he came to death. I would know it for him. I realized then how far I would be willing to go to keep the secret of my kind and protect my family. The secret was the key to my family's survival.

It was pushing mid-March when Chief Swan's patrol cruiser meandered up the winding driveway. It was a sunny day so the rest of the Cullens cleared out of the house lest an unpredictable shade of sun bounce off their skin from a window. I greeted the chief with a sturdy handshake. (I made sure to leave my hand on the stovetop, which I turned to high, for a few seconds before greeting Swan of course.)

"What can I do you sir?" I asked.

"Well, since the Farling case is closed, I can return this to you." Swan handed me the lockbox. It opened easily and my treasures were before me.

I offered Swan some coffee.

"Thank you, Logan, but no. I have to head over to Seattle to pick someone up from the airport."

"Oh, who?" I asked, genuinely interested.

"My daughter, Bella, is moving back to Forks. She's been with her mother in Phoenix for the last couple of years. She'll start at the high school with you tomorrow."

"Oh, I'll keep an eye out for her," I said with a nod.

"I appreciate that," Swan said. "Well, I'll let myself out. You stay out of trouble, Logan."

"Trouble, sir? Never!" I said trying to keep the sarcasm from my voice.

"Mmmmhmmm," Swan said as he took to the stairs and out the door. For being only a human, Swan was pretty intuitive.

"I agree. We'll have to watch out for him," Edward said. I saw the family file in through the open kitchen window.

"We'll have to watch out for his daughter too," I mused. "I sort of promised."

"What was her name?" Alice asked.

"He said her name was Bella," I responded. "Probably just another human girl. Nothing special."

Everyone around me nodded in amusement.

"When does she start at school?" Emmett asked pulling me into his arms.

"Tomorrow," I said. "No biggie."

Yeah right… No biggie. Little did I know Bella would push this family onto a roller coaster ride that we would never forget through eternity. Bella Swan was about to enter our lives, and Edward's especially.

A/N: Thank you so much for reading this story. I decided to pen a sequel so if you liked "Second Life," I invite you to read "Life Resolute" next. You can find it on my Author's page.