Title: Demon Tail

Author: Era Fey

Rating: M

Pairing: Kid x Law (they have such great chemistry together that I will have to be blind not to notice. My yaoi radar was going crazy when they appeared... for like a few chapters... they need more love)

Disclaimer: Dear diary, if One Piece is mine, Kid and Law would be having sex all day long. But seriously, I don't own One Piece. Our favorite Oda-sensei does... (un)fortunately.

Demon Tail

Chapter One: That Tail

By Era Fey


Eustass Kid damned the day he bought over the infamous brothel in Grand Line. With his newly acquired position as a proud owner, he had expected sex… lots kinky sex around the clock without paying a damn beli. After all, it was no secret among horny noblewomen that Kid was the beast in bed. But after one fuck with one of the whores of New World Brothel, he wasn't too sure of that epithet anymore. The prostitute Kid had the misfortunate to bone was Jewelry Bonney who had an appetite so grand she was stuffing her face while he fucked her. Kid cringed at the memory. The noise of her slurping down the pasta sauce was far from seductive. Kid doubted she even realized he was fucking her.

"And I thought I'm the one sick in the head." Kid grumbled to himself as he walked to his office, passing by the whores' room where screams of ecstasy escaped through the thin walls. "I feel like a fucking saint here."

Going up the spiral stairs lightened up by a huge chandelier, Kid groaned as he unwillingly made way for a horde of female clients running away from Absalom's desperate wooing.

"You will be our bride!" The blond man with a lion muzzle stitched to his face yelled as he chased after the giggling ladies.

"Erosalom, you're so naughty." The girls teased.

"Don't run away! We just want to get married!" Absalom roared in excitement, going down the stairs two steps at the time.

"Hey, no running amok here! Absalom, control your shit!" Kid shouted after them but they had already disappeared into one of the many corridors below, taking their stupidity along. "Fuck, I think I age a decade running this hellhole."

Just as he was turning around to continue his way up the stairs, he saw a man flung himself off the banister and landed awkwardly on the floor. Kid let out a sign of relief when the client was not only alive but seemed to find pleasure in self-inflicting injuries.

"Oi, don't tell your men to kill themselves here." Kid sneered as he glanced up, locking eyes with 'Empress' Boa Hancock.

She thrust her exposed cleavage forward and tilted her head so far back that she was actually looking up at the ceiling. With her arrogant attitude, she exclaimed: "The world forgives me because I am beautiful! You down there, I'm forgiven, right." It wasn't a question but rather an order.

"What of course! Empress Hancock, the most beautiful of all. There's no way you aren't forgiven. But Empress, I did it! I jumped down as I was told! Will you love me now?" The man cried out of joy at the woman perching over the banister, his eyes glued to her long legs uncovered by her red sarong.

"You fool!" She tossed her black hair over her shoulder. "Now rid yourself from my presence!"

"Y-yes!" The man squealed and crawled away.

Among the commotion, Emperio Ivankov, the flamboyant transvestite who was determined to sex change everyone, dashed out of his room which he named Kamabakka Kingdom, grabbed Hancock's client by the back of his collar and dragged the poor man into his room. Seconds later, cries of horror echoed the hall, leaving Kid speechless. Shaking his head, Kid walked up the stairs. The brothel was more fucked up than he had first imagined and the clients that came to the place were even worse. Kid was a realist. If misery overweighed pleasure, he was the first out of the door. Yet ironically, he was struck with this hellhole until he finds a buyer. As time went by, Kid realized he was a fucking fool for buying the brothel when no one else dared. The price was way too cheap to be true and he was stupid enough to get caught into it.

Reaching his office which was located on the penthouse of London city, he shrugged off his heavy fur coat and hanged it on the hanger behind the door. Facing a full length mirror, he smirked in approval at his reflection. Without his usual headband, his fiery red hair fell over his handsome face where a large scar ran down his left temple to the base of his neck. Unlike other men who enjoyed flaunting battle scars, Kid only saw his as a sign of weakness. He shook his head to clear off the depressing thought. He was a changed man now. His powerful frame had scared countless sailors and soldiers alike. After his gang took over the South Blue of Grand Line, Eustass 'Captain' Kid was almost invincible in the eyes of society. Besides, it was only a matter of time before he became king of the Grand Line.

With a tired yawn, he opened the window for the cool autumn air to enter. The sky outside was black with the occasion candlelight wavering in the richer household. The moon was full tonight, brightening Kid's pale face in the dark. Seeing his room was on the fourth floor of the building and by far the tallest in the vicinity, Kid doubted a fool would dare to enter from his window if he left it open. Besides, only a suicidal would dare to steal from him.

Once he finished signing the important documents that were due tomorrow, Kid cracked his neck and rolled onto his huge bed. He closed his eyes, preparing for a good night sleep. He had dozed off quite comfortably when he felt someone breathing down his neck. He didn't feel it physically per say. It was more like his instinct screaming at him to get his ass out of bed and throw the intruder out of the window.

"Hush," the voice was smooth with a slight hint of mockery. "Just relax and let me handle it."

"What are you talking about?" Kid hissed as he had difficulty opening his eyes and moving his limbs. "Get the fuck off me!"

"Don't order me around," the voice groaned slightly.

Kid flinched when he felt light kisses along his jaw line. "Fuck you, I'm not gay!"

"My, aren't you a fighter. Stop fighting me and relax."

When soft lips were pressed against his own and a slippery tongue wiggled its way into Kid's mouth, an explosive sensation shook Kid's very core. Images of women in wanton positions flashed behind his eyelids. Multitude feeling of orgasms he had over the years nearly caused him to burst a nut. It was like nothing he had experienced before. It was exhilarating yet at the same time, it felt unnatural. While his mind was bombarded with sexual pleasure, his body was left unattended and that frustrated Kid. Fighting against the shroud of sensation, Kid managed to jerk his body and threw the man off him. The instance they broke contact, Kid felt a surge of energy returned to his body. Snapping his dark red eyes open, he rolled over and pinned the man beneath his muscular body.

"How did you-" Kid's shout died in his throat as he felt his soul being sucked away by the most mesmerizing pair of stormy gray eyes. The man under him was oddly gorgeous. There was an air of nobility emitted from the man despite his questionable actions. Swallowing hard, Kid experimentally brushed his callous hand over the man's soft goatee which was rarely a fashion anywhere. In addition to the rebellious hairdo, the man wore golden earrings which were considered as unsightly accessories that only women owned. Still, they went perfectly well with the man. Kid was almost tempted to run his hands into the stranger's short black hair that fluttered as a breeze swiped the room.

Downstairs the grandfather clock by the entrance chimed, successfully snapping him out from the trance. "Fuck, what was that all about?"

"Again? How…" the man's gray eyes darted to the open window and back to Kid. "Get off me, you brute!"

"Oh yeah? Why don't you stop fighting me and relax?" Kid grinned as he used the man's words against him. "Yeah, I don't think so!"

Suddenly, Kid was flying across the room and smashed onto the wall, red eyes widened by the unexpected retaliation. Much to his own surprise, he had somehow managed to stand on his ground and glared furiously at the man hopping off his bed and stalking towards him with a long sword in his hand. However, the weapon wasn't Kid's primary focus. Instead, his eyes watched a long, black tail swaying behind the man's legs.

"What the fuck?" He gawked. "What are you?"

The man smirked arrogantly as if he had already won the fight. "Things would have been simpler if you had listened to me and sleep through the night. You would have your lust fulfilled and I would be on my merry way." He posed his sword over Kid's chest, ready for the finishing blow. "I have to say, you are the first human to break out of my spell… twice. This bruises my ego a little."

Having faced death multiple times back when he was ruling his gang, Kid snorted at the threat. "I don't give a shit about your pride. So what are you?"

Lowering the blade, the man hummed and grinned. "If you give me a kiss, I'll tell you."

"The last time I remember, your kiss blew my fucking mind."

"Hmm, it was that good huh?"

Kid almost laughed but the situation was too weird to spark further humor. "You talk too much!" Without waiting for the man's reply, he kissed him. It was nowhere near passionate. It was rough and full of dominance. The other man tensed up for a split second and relaxed. It was then Kid felt the same horny sensation from before. He was certain now that the man was entirely responsible for his sudden lust. His hands explored the man's back, sliding over the perk ass and reaching the base of the unnatural appendage.

Taking a deep breath, Kid used one hand to press the man into his broad chest while his right hand curled into a tight fist around the swishing tail. The breathy yowl he got followed by an agonized mewling was almost adorable. The man in his hold tensed and thrashed like a possessed wildcat, dropping his sword at the process. As expected, he broke the kiss and bared his canine teeth at Kid who gripped the tail harder in response.

"Ah-a-ha, stop it!" The man's breath hitched as he clung hopelessly onto Kid's biceps for support.

Seeing the man at his moment of weakness was exhilarating. The wanton look and the throaty moan were genuinely sexy. Kid couldn't help but leered shamelessly at the man. "That's my good kitty." He whispered and gave the tail a rough yank, pulling a long shriek out of the man's heaving body. "You should really hide your sensitive little tail if you don't want the big bad wolf to play with it."

"I'm go-aah… kill you!" The man moaned. His eyes squeezed tightly together in embarrassment.

"So what are you? Some sort of bastard son of a fucked up bestiality love? That explains the tail." Kid said. The man shook his head slightly as he clawed Kid's bare chests.

"Let go and I'll talk!"

Kid pondered the pro and con and shrugged, loosening his hold but kept his hand close to the tail in case the deal turned sour. "Now talk."

"I'm an incubus." The man hissed and sighed in exasperation when he noted Kid's unfazed expression. "Do you even know what an incubus is?"

"No, should I?"

"I'm a sex demon. I seduce people in their sleep."

Kid chuckled. "Kinky."

The man rolled his eyes. "I don't think you understand. I'm a real demon. Literally."

"Right. If you are a demon for wiggling your ass then I must be the demon king. I sure have more sex than you do in a life time." He smirked and stroked the tail, earning a sweet moan. "I like your attitude. Hey, do you want to work for me?"

"Are you serious?" The man gave him a look of disbelief.

"With your looks and sex drive, you'll do just fine here. I'm sure there are people who will find this tail… appealing." Kid grabbed it and wagged it around. "I'm Eustass Kid. What's yours?"

"You don't seem to grasp the magnitude of this situation. I'm a demon, you fucking idiot."

"Oi!" Kid squeezed the sensitive appendage that performed miracle. The man's pulse skipped a beat under his touch but otherwise, he remained indifferent though he wasn't fooling anyone with that tough act. "What's your name?"

"Over my dead body," the man grunted and slammed Kid's back against the wall once more with his inhuman strength. For a split second, Kid did believe the man was a monster but once he used his trump card, the man just went limp immediately and dropped onto the floor. Kid smiled sadistically and thumbed the furry tip of the appendage.

"For someone so bitchy about life, you are good at digging your own grave." Kid eyed the forgotten sword lying next to the man and quickly kicked it under the bed.

"Take your filthy hand off my tail!" The man roared. His face lost the calm façade and he looked like an angry cat with its fur standing up. "You are the most infuriating human I have ever come across!"

"Well, just tell me your name and you can start work tomorrow."

"Are you stupid? A demon giving away its name is unimaginable. Do you know how much you can do with a demon name?"

"God, stop acting like a royal bitch! Fine, I'll just baptize you one. There's always this one name that got stuck in my head for as long as I remember. I named a few pets with it and they all died mysteriously the next day. I think it's cursed."

The man scoffed and glanced at the hilt of the sword poking under the bed. "I bet it's a very lame name."

"Trafalgar Law." Kid said as he caressed the tail and looked at the man who gaped at him like a fish out of water. While Kid had expected the man to protest, he was perplexed by the silent treatment he was getting. The man seemed almost shocked by the name. Kid's brows knitted together when it clicked in his mind and he let go of the swishing tail. "No fucking way!"

The punch the notorious owner of New World Brothel, Eustass 'Captain' Kid, got in the face from the incubus, Trafalgar Law, was powerful enough to knock him out cold.

To be Continued...

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