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Demon Tail

Chapter Five: Arts of Seduction

By Era Fey


"Now what should we do with you?" Law said as he sat on Smoker's crotch with his legs spread on the either side.

The hunter was glaring at the incubus so hard Kidd wouldn't be surprised if the demon exploded. Kidd was just glad he wasn't the target of that hateful glare. Law on the other hand seemed almost gleeful for the nasty attention. His black tail was swaying excitedly behind him.

"I have a few questions for you, Mr. Smoker. I'll really appreciate it if you answer me nice and swift." Law patted the white hunter on his cheek mockingly.

"Get your filthy ass off me." Smoker spat and struggled.

Law merely grinned and sat up straight. All he had to do was glance at the beating heart of the hunter on his palm and Smoker went dead quiet. The defeat on the white haired man's eyes was kind of pitiful to look at, consider his extraordinary power. Kidd felt for him, really. It was a shame a prideful warrior was lowered into the position of a kicked puppy just because his opponent got his hand on something precious. It really sucked dicks. But looking at the bright side, at least Law was still alive. If Law hadn't been busy wiggling his cute ass on another man's crotch, Kidd would have sigh in relief. Instead, he felt conflicted and disturbed by the incubus's sexual playfulness. Goddammit, he wasn't gay!

"So Mr. Smoker, will you cooperate now?" Law asked sweetly. "How did you know I'm here? I keep my track clean… very clean."

In silence, both Kidd and Law waited for Smoker to answer but the hunter remained stubborn and silent.

"I just have a question," Kidd asked, drawing the attention to himself. "How is he alive? I mean… he is without a heart."

"Now is not the time for your questions, Mister Eustass. I will explain it to you later, alright?" Law said and turned back to Smoker. He gave the heart in his hand a clench, causing Smoker to spat blood and Kidd's red eye to twitch. How barbaric. "Why are you looking for me, Mister Smoker?"

"I was ordered to find you." Smoker finally said after puking out a few lungful of blood.

"Ordered? I suppose hunters have a hunter guild somewhere. Who gave you the order?"

"I'm not telling you a damn thing, demon."

"Let's not make this difficult. I have no intention of going after your guild as long as they leave me alone. Human politics bore me. I'm just curious how your superior knows about me and my whereabouts."

"We have connections."

"The only human who knows what I am is Mister Eustass here." Law drummed his fingers on Smoker's chest. "Unless your guild has connection with demons, then…" he paused, his eyes widening in realization, "that is a possibility. What is the name of the demon you are working with?"

"There's no demon. You think we would ally ourselves with demons? Don't look down on hunters, you demon bitch!" Smoker spat.

"I'm sorry to burst your bubble. But whoever sent you after me is working with a demon. I have a lot of enemies and I just want to know which of them wants me dead so badly that hunters have to be involved."

Smoker groaned, turning his gaze away from Law and stared at the ceiling. "I was ordered to take you out, not kill you."

"Ah, that explains the stomach wound instead of a clean decapitation." Law chuckled darkly. "So a demon asked your boss to bring me to him alive. The demon is either very lazy to come get me himself or he doesn't like his hands dirty. Either way, the demon must be quite important for your boss to send you running to me like a big puppy."

"How dare you call me a dog?" Smoker yelled and struggled under Law's weight.

Kidd, who had been watching quietly on the side, frowned. The incubus looked light as a feather. Why was the hunter acting as though he was trapped under a horse?

"Then who is this demon? I promise I won't bug your guild unless they harass me. But I will deal with this demon. Give me names, Mister Smoker."

Smoker grunted. "I'm telling you we are not dealing with demons!"

"Names, Mister Smoker. I told you I have no business with humans. It's the demons that I'm fed up with. If your names don't ring a bell, I will just… dismiss them. But trust me, a demon is behind this and I want a name."

Law gave the heart another squeeze. After taking a few painful breaths, Smoker glared at the incubus. "He called himself The Joker!"

Law tensed up completely. Kidd watched the demon's pupils blew and his breathing quickened. Law clenched and unclenched his trembling hands.

"I see…" He murmured.

"You know the guy?" Kidd asked, worried.

He had never seen the demon so shaken before. Law had always been cocky and proud. To see him this afraid of a name sort of affected him too. Hell, who was this Joker fellow? Kidd wanted to know even though he knew it was completely none of his business.

"Yes," Law said but his eyes were distant as if he was lost in old memories. "This makes sense. Damn him. He followed me all the way here!"

"He is not a demon." Smoker groaned as he coughed, his hand still pressing on the spot where his heart should be.

"Yes, you fucking idiot. Does The Joker's real name 'Donquixote Doflamingo' ring a bell?" Law stopped to glare at Smoker who merely frowned in confusion. "You must be a damn shitty hunter if you can't even tell a fucking demon overlord is standing right in front of you. Have you ever met a human who is 10 feet tall? Of course not, that's because he is a fucking demon! Let me guess, your boss… the one who works with Doflamingo is Vergo, who happens to be a demon too by the way. And I bet he is the one who gave you the Devil Fruit."

Smoker didn't make any noise of protestation. But judging from the look of surprise and horror on his face, Kidd knew Law had hit the mark. But what the fuck was going on? A demon working with another demon who happened to be the boss of a bunch of demon-killers? This was fucked up. Big time.

"So that's what Vergo has been doing. I haven't seen him for awhile. I thought it was strange he disappeared fifteen years ago without a word. I didn't expect him to be securing a place among humans, becoming a demon hunter spy. Did they predict I would come to the human world eventually?" Law shouted. "This is bad. I need backups!"

"What's going on?" Kidd asked.

"I'm in deep shit." Law said, getting off Smoker.

"Who is Doflamingo?"

"A royal pain in the ass!" Law kicked the window open and scanned the outside.

"What do you mean by backups… you're going to bring more demons here? Does— Hey! What are you doing?" Kidd asked when the demon leaped and stood on the window sill, staring down at the street below.

"I've business to attend to. Don't follow me!" He said and jumped out.

"Hey! Wait! Are you coming back?" Kidd rushed to the window and looked down. The demon was gone. "Fuck!"

A movement from Smoker jolted his attention. Turning around to face the hunter who was steadily getting back on his feet, Kidd tightened his lips. What was he supposed to do with the guy? Was he supposed to retain him here? How was he supposed to do that? The hunter could easily turn into smoke and flee and Kidd would have no way of stopping him.

"What are you going to do?" He asked the hunter instead. "Your guild is… corrupted. And the incubus has your heart. You can't afford to piss him off. If I were you, I will stay low and keep out of trouble."

"I'm leaving. If what that demon said is true then I need to warn my comrades of this nonsense. Vergo is a demon… I would never suspect that. Damn it."

"You must be stupider than I thought." Kidd said. "If you go back and tell your buddies about your boss being a demon, you are endangering not only your life but your friends' life. Do you think the demon is going to let any of you live after you guys know the truth? Ignorance is bliss. You keep your mouth shut and all of you live."

Smoker remained quiet but at least he wasn't looking at the exit anymore. He seemed to be reconsidering Kidd's words and sighed. "This is fucked up."

"I agree." Kidd said.

"I don't understand. Why does Vergo want the incubus?"

"From what I understand, it's mating season for demons. They are horny and want to get laid. The female demons are crazy bitches that want them dead so they are now turning for incubi for sex. Conveniently, there aren't many incubi around so they are pretty desperate." Kidd explained.

"Why doesn't your boyfriend just sleep with them and end this crap."

Kidd rolled his eyes. "We aren't lovers, asshole. The dude practically jumped on me upon first meeting trying to suck my soul out or whatever incubi do to their victims." He chuckled at the memory. Oh the look on Law's face when Kidd gripped his tail for the first time was pulling a rare smile on his face. "Well as for the mating season orgy, Law is fighting hard to protect his virginity."

"You seriously believe a sex demon is protecting its virginity?" Smoker said in a tone that matched his deadpanned face.

"Now that you put it this way, it is pretty hard to believe, isn't it?"

"Incubi are famous for their insatiable sexual appetite. That's how they feed themselves. The more partners they have, the better off they are. What can he gain by being chaste? Not that I believe a word of it."

"He must have a reason." Kidd said.

"Why are you protecting it? Did it promise you sex in return?" Smoker asked, lighting up two new cigars.

Kidd snorted. "I'm not gay." To which Smoker raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything. "The only deal we had was I'm a brothel owner and he wants to work here."

"Are you fucking serious?"

"That's how it is."

"It ran from the demon world to our world to escape sex and you're telling me he wants to work at your brothel. He is lying."

"Actually, he works as our cook." Kidd answered with a smirk.

Smoker merely gaped at him and slapped his face. "I have no comment. What are you going to do when a horde of demons come bursting through your front door?"

Kidd groaned. He didn't think about it. He didn't want to think about it. "I thought he was exaggerating. I know he is very desirable but a horde… that's extreme. Besides, Law can take care of it himself. He has super strength, a freaking sword and some magic voodoo that pops out people's heart. I think he can handle his shit."

"I admit your boyfriend is powerful but it is just an incubus. Incubi are pretty low in the demon hierarchy. According to what is going on, there is a fucking demon overlord who is interested in your incubus. I have never fought with any demon higher than your usual rogue demons but I do know an overlord is on a whole different scale. Your little boyfriend won't stand a chance. I bet that's why it ran away. Good for you then."

"You said incubi are weak but you just lost to one. That's a bit ironic, isn't it?"

"Your incubus is… different." Smoker snarled. "It has strange ability. I bet it's a Devil Fruit user."

"Aren't all demons Devil Fruit users?" Kidd asked.

"No, Devil Fruit users are troublesome and rare. I didn't know Devil Fruits exist until I ate one myself. You and your boyfriend are first users I have the misfortune of knowing. The other demons just use their traditional skills."

"Why don't they eat a Devil Fruit? I mean they are fruits in the demon world. Don't they sell Devil Fruits there like apples in markets"

"It's rare. That's what Ver- he told me." Smoker spat the name, as if ashamed. "Only high class demons have access to the Devil Tree."

"And you never suspect your boss when he gave you a Devil Fruit, which is supposedly super rare even among demons. And the thought that your boss might be a demon didn't occur to you at all? You must be retarded."

"He said he found it, alright?" Smoker grunted. "I thought he exterminated a powerful demon and found the fruit in its possession. I never thought of him being a demon."

"Why did he give it to you?"

"I'm his right-hand man. What's your reason? How did you get yours? Your boyfriend gave it to you?"

"Naturally." Kidd said as he rolled his eyes. "You think I took a holiday to Demonland and bought one myself as souvenir?"

"How did he get it? Only the high—"

"He must have connection. That explains how he knows a demon fucking overlord. I bet this Doflamingo is his sugar daddy or something. He gave him a super fruit and expected sex in return during mating season. Then Law chickened out and ran. I don't blame him. Didn't he say the guy is 10 feet tall? Can you imagine the size of his dick? How long is yours?"

"Why am I having this conversation with you?" Smoker asked with the same deadpanned look on his face as before.

"Well, whatever," Kidd walked to the door. "I don't know what Law plans to do with you. It's none of my problem as long as you don't try to trash my brothel like you did today."

"You are letting me walk away just like this?"

"I'm not going to play nanny with you. Do whatever you want. I have a business to run." Kidd said and left the room, leaving the hunter to decide his own fate. Speaking of business, he wasn't looking forward to explaining this disaster to Killer. His right-hand man was going to flip if he saw the state of this room.

To avoid the incoming catastrophe, instead of heading back to his penthouse to work, he ended up wandering the streets of Grand Line and hoping to get drunk on cheap booze. By the time he looked out the window of the filthy tavern, the sky was already dark. He vaguely wondered where Trafalgar had disappeared to. Then there was the new problem with new demons in town. There were some bad demons out there wanting a piece of Law and that made Kidd worried. He tried not to think of Law as someone fragile that needed his protection despite his slender appearance. It wasn't as if he was a kid that needed to be worried after. Kidd forced himself to remember that the incubus had the strength and power to defeat even the invincible hunter. That ought to mean something about his competence, right?

"Drinking alone?" A woman sneaked up beside him, snaking her hands up his chest.

Kidd glanced at her for a quick assessment. Sure, she was gorgeous. Well-endowed, she wore only her white bra, tight pants and a cow boy hat.

"Alvida, at your service." She said, pouting her red lips.

Kidd nodded and resumed drinking. The woman grinned and poured herself a cup. Together, they drank in silence. Kidd sort of hoped she would pass out after a few shots and leave him alone. But she was not a woman to underestimate. After a few bottles, she was still completely sober. That was one professional prostitute if you asked him. A whore must never be careless when attending a customer. Otherwise the customer would just slip away when she was drunk and not pay for the service, which would mean a general waste of time and energy for the whore. He tried not to think of Jewelry Bonney who let many of her customers slip away without paying when they bribed her with food. A lot of food. Now, he paid Sadi-Chan extra to help him keep an eye on Bonney's customers. If they tried to cheat Bonney, well… they would have to go through Sadi-Chan's horror and sometimes, Invankov's.

"What are you thinking, mister? Are you thinking about me?" Alvida asked, pulling herself closer to Kidd.

"A bit." Kidd said, taking note of the girl's black hair and seductive purr. "You remind me of someone."

"Is it your childhood sweetheart?"

Kidd tried hard not to choke on his alcohol. "No. Oh god, fuck no! He's an asshole that has been giving me massive headache since I met him."

"Is he the reason why you are drinking yourself stupid here?"

"Partially, I'm also running away from my co-worker. My place got trashed and it's going to be hell." Kidd grunted. He wasn't quite sure why he was telling all this to a whore but it helped lift his pent up frustration.

"You poor thing," Alvida cooed. "Do you want a good time?"

Kidd looked at her, unimpressed.

"When was the last time you had a good time, sugar?"

With Jewelry Bonney. And it was a nightmare. He still recalled the slurping noise of pasta sauce as he fucked her. It was the most turn-off shit he had ever gone through. How long ago was it? A year? No wonder he was so sexually frustrated when a sex demon tumbled into his life. And Law was keen on keeping his virginity intact. If he didn't want to have sex with demons, what made Kidd think he had a chance? Tough luck. Besides, he wasn't gay.

"Yeah, I'm up for it. Are you any good?"

"Very good." Alvida said, pulling him up to his feet and led him upstairs of the tavern for a bit of privacy.

Kidd let her lead him into a room, watched her undress which wasn't long considered she was wearing minimal clothing. Alvida seductively threw her bra onto the floor and crawled on top of Kidd in the bed. Kidd merely stared. It had been so long since he last had sex that he was getting dull. He let her kiss his chest and neck. Fuck, he felt like a damn statue. Alvida must have noticed his lack of participation as she sat on Kidd's stomach, frowning. Kidd tried not to think of a particular demon sitting on top of him. The memory of Law straddling Smoker this afternoon was still fresh in his mind. The way those slender legs parted and the teasing looks Law gave were enough to make him hard.

"That's more like it." Alvida said as she patted Kidd's crotch. Kidd merely grunted. If only she knew he didn't get hard because of her…

"Let's get this over with."

"So impatient, big tiger."

Kidd snorted. "You talk too much."

Alvida seemed to take offense and tried her best to charm him. It would have worked if his fucking mind stopped comparing her to Trafalgar fucking Law. Every move she made, Kidd knew Law would have done better. He didn't even know how he knew that, but he just knew.

He couldn't believe he got bored in the middle of foreplay. He was tired of watching Alvida caress his pectoral. Couldn't she be more creative? Instead, he studied the room. It was plain. The only other furniture other than the bed was the wardrobe. He guessed being a whore at a tavern was pretty tough. At least the guys at New World brothel lived like little snobs. Kidd had provided them almost everything they wanted. Bonney's room had about five fridges to store her junk food. Hancock's room looked like a throne room with a bed bigger than Kidd's. Absalom had pictures of brides he hoped to marry one day on every wall of his room. Kidd ordered him to take them off because it pissed off the female clients but Absalom flatly refused and made a scene that Kidd just punched him in the face. He had never entered Sadi-Chan and Ivankov's room and he was glad of it. He was sure stepping a foot in there would traumatize him for life.

"You're really quiet. Are you thinking about me?" Alvida asked again.

"No." Kidd said and turned to the window. At least the moon was bright and round.

"I'm insulted. How can you not think of me? Am I not the most beautiful person in the world?"

Kidd rolled his eyes. "I have seen sexier people. Even a guy can—" his words died when he looked at the window again. Instead of seeing the moon, he saw a familiar silhouette perching on the window like a black cat.

It took him a second to realize it was Trafalgar fucking Law who was staring at him with a wide grin and his black tail swaying in the air.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" Kidd sat up, throwing Alvida off him. "What… how… Oh you little shit!"

"Hey!" Alvida snapped angrily at Kidd who ignored her.

Law merely grinned, jerked his head, signaling that they would continue the talk elsewhere, and jumped off the window, disappearing once more into the darkness outside.

"Fuck!" Kidd pulled up his pants and kicked the door open, pulling it off its hinges.

"What the hell are you doing?" Alvida shrieked. "You're paying for that!"

"Shut the hell up." Kidd grunted and ran down the stairs, startling the drunks with all the noises.

He ran out the stinky tavern and looked around for the incubus. It was damn hard to see in the dark. He narrowed his red eyes, trying to decipher each silhouettes on the street. There were homeless children running about, prostitutes waving at bypassing men, merchants pushing their cart off the road and stray dogs barking at cats. There were way too many people moving in the dark.

Just as he was about to give up, thinking he had hallucinated Law, the incubus appeared beside him and dragged him into an empty alley. They were both panting slightly with Kidd pressed on Law.

"Where have you been?" Kidd asked.

"I met up with some old friends." Law said with a small smile. "Did you think I run away?"

"No," Kidd answered. "You need me."

"Now you are just flattering yourself."

"Did you follow me?"

Law chuckled. "No. I have better things to do. I just dropped by to say hi but then… you were busy."

"You are such a cockblocker."

"You don't want that woman anyway. It doesn't matter what I do. You aren't going to be satisfied."

Kidd frowned. "You don't know a thing about what I like."

"Of course I know what you like when it comes to sex. Professional sex demon here, hello?" Law snickered.

"A virgin sex demon," Kidd corrected with a smirk, putting his arms on the either side of Law's head, caging him in. "Tell me, what do I like?" He purred into the incubus's ear.

Law looked away from Kidd's piercing red eyes and played with the fur of his black coat. Kidd tried hard not to laugh when Law's ears turned red from embarrassment. Aw fuck! The demon was so cute!

"You don't know?" He teased.

Law scowled. "You're such a dick."

"I'm disappointed." Kidd said. "You shouldn't have interrupted me just now. I'm still quite hard, you know."

Law snapped his head up at him, staring at him with his mesmerizing gray eyes. He gaped and said nothing, only turning away shortly after.

"Don't tell me you interrupted because you are jealous? Did you want me for yourself?" Kidd asked, carefully keeping track of the many shade of red flickering on Law's ears. This was too fun.

"You flatter yourself." Law said again.

If Kidd wasn't hard before, he certainly was now. Hell, the demon looked so delectable Kidd wanted to take him right here, right now. Although alley sex wasn't something he enjoyed, let alone with a man, he would be more than happy to make this an exception.

"What do you want me to do?" Kidd asked Law, purposely taunting him.

Law looked at his face for a split second and down to his crotch. His demon tail was swaying frantically. Did that mean he was excited? Kidd wanted to know why. He moved one hand down Law's side, over his perk rear and closed his hand around Law's tail. He was rewarded with a sweet moan.

"Aw yes, this is what I'm talking about." Kidd sighed happily, dipping his face into Law's shoulder. THE incubus smelled so good. Playfully, he gave the tail another tug.

Law looked as though he was on aphrodisiac. His pupils dilated. With his back against the wall, he hooked a leg around Kidd's waist, pressing the man's crotch against his own. Kidd thought he would burst a nut from that one rub alone. Fuck. This was getting out of hand.

Almost shyly, Kidd went for the kiss. He thought he was a goner when Law returned the kiss with as much passion instead of flinching away. Kidd caressed Law's face, letting his fingers running through the demon's hair and touching his pair of golden earrings. By then, Law had hooked his both arms around Kidd's necks and his legs around the waist. Kidd didn't mind the extra weight. The kiss was more than enough to make up for any shit Law had caused him.

When Law broke the kiss, Kidd sighed happily. Oh god, that was awesome. Kidd was disappointed the kiss was over. He wanted it to last longer. Still, he was confused as to why Law was still clinging onto him. A flutter of hope caused him to try for another kiss. But Law stopped him with a lazy smile.

"Let's continue this in your bed."

Kidd thought he had died and this was just part of his after-life paradise. "Continue…?" He gaped.

Law flashed him a wider grin. "Yes. You and me. Bed. Now."

"Bed… like… sleeping?" Kidd had a feeling he was about to combust from awkwardness.

"I don't think Mister Eustass Junior will be happy with just sleeping." Law eyed him seductively as he pressed his hand on Kidd's crotch. Aw fuck. That felt so good.

"Are you serious?" Kidd managed to blurt out.

"Don't you want to do it with me?" Law asked teasingly.

Something in Kidd snapped. He didn't think it was humanly possible for him to run that fast back to the brothel. But with the promise of hot sex with Trafalgar fucking Law, he was ready to do anything.

To be Continued...

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