The Lorax and all related characters belong to Dr. Seuss' estate and Universal Studios. I guess IHOP should be noted here too.


The Lorax quietly tiptoed out of bed, careful not to wake the Once-ler.

Today was their anniversary and he was determined to make him breakfast in bed.

He had observed his lover make pancakes most mornings, even helped out whenever the Once-ler felt his age more. So today's batch couldn't just be the same old, same old.

The Once-ler only ever kept whole wheat flour in their house, having gotten used to it in his youth- back when you didn't see 20 different types of product variations, each less healthy than the last. It probably was part of why he still seemed to have the metabolism of his youth. The Lorax, on the other hand, had more of a sweet tooth that kept up his slight gut. Natural sweets like the truffula fruits starting to bloom once more, with the occasional marshmallow or outright disaster like the time Ted Wiggins brought over a box of this cereal called Empty-O's. That did not end well.

Looking into the mixing bowl, the Lorax thought about ways to spice it up and express his love. For a brief moment, he thought about styling them after the Once-ler but then realized it would be weird making pancakes based on your boyfriend- anniversary or not. Beanpole was what he loved most in the world but he'd certainly tested the Lorax over the years. So, the Lorax decided on truffula pancakes. He poked around the kitchen, looking for something with enough food dye to pass as truffula tufts and settled on rainbow sprinkles deep within the pantry. The Lorax poured some sprinkles into the batter.

After pouring the batter, the Lorax looked for a topping and ended up pulling out a container of creamy, almost sauce-like strawberry yogurt.


Beanpole was up and about, probably cleaning his teeth and mustache judging by the sound of the faucet.

Quickly, the Lorax stacked up the pancakes- 4 and 4- and poured the yogurt on top in a zigzag direction before adding some more of the sprinkles on top to keep up the truffula tree theme.

"Do I smell pancakes?"

It sure didn't look anything like the pancakes they usually had- was this even fit for human consumption? - but the Lorax did know one thing. The Once-ler had never let the Lorax's attempts on his life ever come between them, even back when the Lorax didn't even see them as being friends.

"Happy anniversary, beanpole." The Once-ler and the Lorax sat down to a stack of whole-wheat pancakes filled with rainbow sprinkles, topped with more sprinkles and a creamy strawberry yogurt sauce. That, and a plate of scrambled eggs mixed with spinach and tofu ham.


The End

Brief note: So yesterday, I went to get some of the seed bookmarks from IHOP and figured I'd try one of their Lorax items. Then I saw their Lorax menu… I know I'm a horribly picky eater and way too old for this but wow… I got some French toast and they were nice enough to give me a bunch of the bookmarks when I asked but did human beings really come up with those monstrosities? Yeah, it's what they serve in honor of the Lorax movie, although I felt tofu ham was more in character than the actual ham served at IHOP, lol.