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Chapter 1

Hermione stood staring at the two boys who were her brothers. She loved them both dearly. Getting up, she went to go get some firewood. She made sure to stay within her wards, there were snatchers around. Things had been so glum with Ron gone, but now that he has returned, the camp was filled with laughter and hope. They had destroyed the locket and she was so proud of them.

Harry was like her brother. He was always there when she needed a shoulder to cry on and he helped her through her problems, even when his were way more important. She knew he was a dunderhead sometime though. He didn't always think things through, the most obvious example being what had just transpired at Godric's Hallow. She knew it was a bad idea, but she caved. She wanted him to be happy, and figured if he had a feeling, it would be a good one. Next time, we're sticking to my gut she thought to herself.

Hermione's thoughts drifted to Ron as she picked up more sticks. She could tell Ron had feelings for her that extended beyond friendship. She didn't feel that way about him, not at all. She knew she needed to break the truth to him, but she didn't know when. Things were just so tense now. They needed to focus on Harry, and helping him with the rest of the Horcruxes.

Hermione sighed. Horcruxes. She had no idea where they should go next. But on the bright side they now had the sword so they could destroy whatever evil they came across next. She gathered the rest of the firewood and make her way back to the camp. They two boys were sitting in silence.

"Hermione, I'm not sure where we should turn next. Do you have any ideas?" Harry asked her. His cheeks were pink from embarassment. Hermione knew Harry felt terrible for dragging them through this when he really had no idea of what he was doing.

"I'm not sure Harry. I mean, we don't even know that much about Him." She sighed. "Hopefully something will just come to us." The three of them sat in silence. No one wanted to break it, it was comforting in a way.

Harry got up and yawned. "I'm gonna try and get some rest." Hermione and Ron bade him goodnight. She could have sworn she saw Harry wink at Ron before he entered the tent.

This is awkward. Me and Ron.. alone. Perfect. Just what I need. She took a deep breath and waited in the silence. She knew Ron was trying to build up his courage. It was something he always did before trying to do something "important."

Ron got up and sat closer to her. "Hermione," he mumbled. "I have something really important to tell you, and it can't wait. I mean, we're meant to be and..." She didn't hear the rest. At first she was just spacing out, but suddenly her head began to pound. A raging migrane came out of nowhere. She rubbed her temples with her hands, trying to soothe the sudden pain. "Hermione..." she heard whispered. She looked around, trying to figure out where the sound came from. "Hermione..." There it was again! Was it in her mind? It might be. She waited to see if she'd hear the soft gentle voice again, but there was nothing.

Frowning, she realized Ron was still blabbing. "Ron," she interuppted him. However, before she could continue she felt his lips pressed on hers. Nothing. No fireworks or emotion of any kind for that matter. She pushed Ron away.

"Ron," she began knowing she was about to break her friend's heart. "I don't care for you llike that. I'm sorry but I love you like a brother, nothing more." Ron looked like he had been slapped in the face. "But Mione, we're meant to be! Everyone says so." She stood her head, standing up. "Well, I'm not everyone. Sorry Ron." She turned and crawled into her bed. She was exhausted. Closing her eyes, she felt herself slip away into a deep sleep.

Hermione was in a field. She was wearing a long flowing gown made of pure silk. It was a bright beautiful sunny day. Walking along she inhaled, smelling pine and sweat. It smelt delicious. She inhaled and looked around. Suddenly, a dark figured loomed overhead. She glanced up. It was a dragon. "Hermione..." she looked around frantically trying to figure out where exactly the voice was coming from. No one was in the meadow but her and the creature flying above her. It was magnificant and beautiful. Hermione watched as it soared through the air, but all of a sudden, the dragon came crashing to the ground. It landed with a thud a few hundred feet from her. Hermione ran towards it, her heart filled with concern.

There was a gaping hole in the dragon's wing. Hermione could tell it was in great pain. She needed to help it, but how? What could she possibly do? She knew nothing about dragons. She went to touch the injury, but the creature suddenly disappeared.

Hermione was then standing in a dark room, completely alone. She felt cold and terrified. She looked around, screaming for someone, anyone, but no one answered. Hermione collapsed onto the ground and flashes of scenes began to race through her mind. She bearely witnessed each imagine, yet she remembered them all clear as daylight.

"HELP ME!" someone shouted.

Hermione woke up covered in sweat. She took a deep breath trying to calm down, looking around her room for the source of the shout. Hermione got up out of bed and pulled her cloak around her.

"Help me please! Hermione!" the voice shouted once again.

She glanced around, searching but found no one. Harry and Ron were both fast asleep, and there was no one else. Her wards made sure of that. Hermione went to grab her wand but had another vision.

The dragon reared on it's hind legs, roaring in pain. It swung it's barb covered tail at the wizard's trying to help it. She saw a flash of red hair. The creature was in great pain. Spells were flying every which way, but no one was relenting.

Hermione snapped out of it. She was never one to believe in divination, but she definitely just had a vision. One that obviously meant something since it was the same as my dream. Hermione made her way outside her room. She knew she had to go to the Dragon Reserve where Charlie was. That was what her vision was trying to tell her. Something was pulling her there, but she didn't know what. She quickly pulled out a piece of parchment and scribbled a note to Harry and Ron.


I'm sorry to leave so suddenly and without saying goodbye, but something came up. I'll be back as soon as I can. Try thinking about connections to Hogwarts, that might help. Don't do anything stupid. I'll contact you as soon as possible. Stay safe, I love you both.


She folded the note and left it on her bed.

She walked outside, pulling her cloak around her tighter because it was terribly chilly out. She really had no idea of what was her possessing her to do this, but she did anyways. It just felt right.

Hermione quickly lowered the wards so she could apparate away.

Hermione opened her eyes finding herself in the woods. She heard a roar and at once began running towards it. She couldn't stop even if she tried. Making her way through the thicket she saw exaclty what her vision held.

A giant golden dragon was lashing out at the wizards, believing them to be the cause of her pain. Hermione stared in awe. It was beautiful. The creature had large black claws and fierce green eyes.

"Hermione! What the bloody hell are you doing here?" she heard someone shout.

She turned to see Charlie Weasley staring at her, his mouth open in suprise. Before he could say anything the dragon snapped it's head in her direction. With a stroke of it's powerful wings the creature landed directly in front of her, smoke pouring out of it's nostrils.

Charlie shouted for her to not move, but of course she didn't listen. She really had no idea as to why she was there, but he gut feeling was telling her to reach out and touch the creature. So she did.

She placed her hand on it's snout and closed her eyes. She heard the soft voice whisper "Hermione" once before she succumbed to the darkness.