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Life is... wonderful

"Where... am I?"

Those words would not leave his mind and he could see brief images in his mind of bright blue eyes and a gentle smile.

"This... this is not the same."

It was short, but sharp and he curled up further into himself as a wave of pain raced in his core, "You should be happy. You're alive!"

He was reaching out with his paw, not wanting her to leave him all alone in this darkness.

"Was everything before... just a dream?"

His eyes began to open and he found himself staring at a few different figures in white lab coats through murky liquid.


There was something pulling on him, something calling him to leave this place immediately and to find the source of the magnetic pull.

He had to go.





Teary blue eyes glanced around as the small girl whimpered, "Mama?" She stared upwards, her leg hurting as she looked helplessly up the well she had fallen into and feeling even more frightened when she noticed that she was staring at the blue sky, and not the roof of the shack that housed the well.

Higurashi Kagome was terrified and in a completely different world from her own.