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After getting over his initial quick shock of the innocent question, Mewtwo narrowed his violet eyes at the human child.

"For what reason?" Mewtwo demanded to know, raising his long tail out of Kagome's reach so she couldn't tug on it anymore, "Why would a human want to travel with a Pokémon?"

"Umm, because I don't know where I am," Kagome answered quietly, nervously shifting her feet around because she already assumed this Pokémon would not let her follow after him, "And I don't know where Mama is."

"Mama?" Mewtwo pondered out loud, briefly thinking about Mew for a moment before shaking his 'original' out of his mind.

"Yes, I don't know where she is," Kagome sniffled a bit, "And I'm scared!"

Mewtwo looked at the ground, wondering if he ever met with Mew – would this be how Mew would react to him? Would Mew accept its role in all of this – either his mother or father?

"Do as you wish." Mewtwo simply answered, wondering if the girl was asking the same questions of herself. And he could not help but to stiffen in shock when the human child ran torwards him and wrapped her arms around one of his legs.

"Thank you, Pokémon-san!"

Whether this was a mistake or not, Mewtwo would know soon enough...