"Come on Chase! Your going to be late and make me late!"Dean yelled for his younger brother.

"Coming." he replied as he threw his school bag over his shoulder.

"Good. Have a good day at school." Dean yelled as he locked the door as Chase ran to meet his bus.

"Good luck." Chase yelled before getting on the bus.


"Hi, I'm Michelle LeTourneau." Michelle introduced.

"Dean Gallagher nice to meet you." Dean replied shaking hands with her.

"You too. Right so you are our new Team Leader, you will be working alongside with Vince our station coordinator and myself and three others that are out on a call." Michelle said showing him his desk and locker.

"Ok." Dean replied taking a seat at his desk to fill out the rest of his paperwork. Not too long after he heard two female voice and two male voices come up the stairs.

"He was a complete idiot." Said the first male as they reached the top of the stairs.

"Really? When did you figure it out stupid." A pretty blonde said.

"Before you did I think." he replied earning himself a smack up the head while the redhead just watched them banter.

"Okay you two shut up." the second male said before walking over to Dean.

"Dean this is Vince. Vince this is your new Team Leader Dean Gallagher." Michelle said making introductions before she went back to her office to file some more paperwork.

"Nice to meet you mate. Don't worry about them two, they do it all the time." Vince said as they walked up to two people fighting,

"Not a problem. Do that all the time with my younger brother." Dean replied.

"Right you three. This is Dean Gallgher your new Team Leader. Dean this is Lara Knight her specialty is ropes. She can pack a rope in less then two minutes. Jordan Zwitkowski, his specialty is water he does all the water rescues and Heidi, her specialty is flying our helicopter which comes useful sometimes. Lara will show you around & you can help her pack the ropes." Vince said turning on his heel leaving Lara and Dean alone.

"Right. What do you want to do first. Station house tour or ropes?" She asked turning on him.

"Uh. Ropes." Dean said as they made their way down stairs to where the ropes were.

2 mins later

"Done." Lara announced as she packed the last of her ropes away.

"Holy crap." Dean said as he finished his last one.

"Yeah well it takes a bit of practice. Come on I'll show you the station house." Lara said before leading him off towards the change rooms.

20 mins later

"So that is the station house. If you need any help finding your way around just ask Jordan, Heidi, Vince, Michelle or me. Ok." she said before walking off to her desk.

Hey guyz. My new story. Hope you all enjoy it. xx