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"Yo"= Normal talking


"Sup"=Past talking

'Scary'=Past thoughts

"Kit"=Demon or Higher Creature Thingy talking

Kit=Demon or watever thinking

The Storm Meets the Fairy

"Huh? W-what is goin on?" vision cloudy, his eyes wanted nothing more than to close to the darkness, but the boy would not relent, determined to stand and to see what brings him. Though he winced as pain erupted to his head, 'Uh note to self, sit still while Kurama heals. . . aww who the hell did this to me?'

"Where is everybody?" the blond silhouette took notice of his surroundings of the forest, but saw no one close by. The pain returned to him as visions and parts of his memories returned as well.

~~~Flash Back~~~~

"Go Naruto, we can hold him while you escape!" Naruto looked upon his sensei in utter belief, first they try to keep the war a secret from him, now they are trying to get HIM to run away! Uzumaki Naruto does not run away, especially when his friends are in danger!

"Kakashi-sensei! What are you talking about! Do you not see that fucking crazy statue KILLING everyone, now is not the time for this!"

"Naruto, this is a direct commend from a superior officer and your sensei! Now try to save any survivors and return to the meeting point NOW!" Gray eyes harden against cerulean blue. The war was not going to plan, first the jinchuurikis escape from their hideout, now this war was blowing out of proportion, either protecting the jinchuurikis or capturing them. Later not succeeding so far.

Suddenly the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, otherwise known as the crazy statue, released a roar similar to the bijudama. The blast carried Naruto away from Kakashi-sensei and the remnants of his squad, miles and miles away from the others. As well as carried Bee away but towards the opposite direction.

Naruto could not believe his luck that he was pushed away to another battlefield just as he was about to release some crazy ass kicking moves against the crazy statue.

"Kuso, I can't believe this! Just you wait until I get back there -ttebayo!" Naruto started to commune to nature, utilizing his sannin modo to find and reach the crazy statue when suddenly he lost the trace of it, "Damn it, where is that stupid statue at anyway? Guess I'll just go to the nearest camp to ask for directions, hope Baa-chan or Sakura-chan ain't there."

As Naruto approached the camp, he could see the buzzing activity in the camp, one kunoichi barking out orders to others, until she caught him approaching them, one look and her eyes burned in fury towards him, enough for him to pale and actually wish Sakura was there, at least she holds back . . . a little.

"What do you think you're doing in that atrocious thing!" the kunoichi suddenly appeared behind him and started to shoving him into one of the many tents there. "Don't even let me see this, this abomination to all ninjas, and you better wear a proper uniform, do you hear me!" A nod from the frightened blond was all he could do. And with one last shove, he entered the tent.

Naruto could do nothing but grumble as he changed his clothes, but could find nothing in orange, just clothing in either black, navy blue, brown, etc. And at the ending of the tent seem to be some basic supplies like first aid, shurikens, kunais, and some scrolls.

"What's taking you so long! You better be ready in 5 minutes or I'm coming in there, do you hear me brat!"

'Wow that chick is scary, maybe Baa-chan told her to keep watch out for me,' were the thoughts of our pale hero.

Naruto quickly dressed into a pair of anbu-standerdized pants and wore some two belts to hold them up, and in a x-crossover appearance. With some anbu-standerdized gray combat sandles that reached just below his knee, he removed his jacket and sealed it in one of his scrolls for safe keeping, and placed one of the green flak jackets over his black short sleeved shirt. He always wanted to wear one, and now he has an excuse for one, an awful and horrible excuse, but one nonetheless. Naruto spotted some fingerless gloves that his sensei always wear, but with black cloth instead of blue, putting them on he went to resupply his weapons.

Once he was grabbed his fair share of kunais and shurikens, he spotted the scrolls and read what was on the spine, only to find out that they were about jutsus and styles from many villages. Naruto could not believe luck, but went to scramble as he sealed as much scrolls into as fast as he can before the inevitable.

"OI! Gaki, take this headband instead of that crappy one you have on!" just as the headband, with the kanji of ninja, came crashing into the back of his head, forcing a whelp out of him.

Naruto stared at the headband before tossing it aside, 'Like hell they are going to make me give up this headband -ttebayo!' As he pulled his bangs over the symbol so you cannot see it.

Just as Naruto walked out, he heard those infamous words.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

"We met again nine tail jinchuuriki," The crazy statue was upon them, just as a hooded figure with an orange mask stood upon the shoulder of the statue. All the present ninja escaped from being harmed by the arriving statue and proceeded to escape from there and towards another meet point, all except one.

"Tobi! What are you doing here! Kakashi-sensei was fighting against you! Kuso, you better not have harmed him TOBI!" Anger and killer-intent was released in loads from Narutos body as he stared into Tobis mismatched eye, and formed a few kage bushins to surround the statue.

"Now, now jinchuuriki, they are still alive. I left them somewhere over there since I was in a hurry to find you," as Tobi pointed in a random direction. But it seemed to late as Naruto activated the first stage of his bijuu mode with a rasengan in one hand and a kunai in the other. Naruto charged straight ahead in front of Tobi, but Tobi was prepared and just raised a hand.

"Foolish one, shinra tensei!"

Obliterating everything in its path, Naruto was blown against a tree with a thud just to disappear in smoke to leave a log in his place.

'What the-? Where'd he go?' "Rasengan!" Tobi quickly jumped back, avoiding the technique, a reflex that can only come from decades of fighting and experience.

"Not bad, not bad at all jinchuuriki, but you're gonna need more than that one-trick tactic you got goin for yourself. How about something new jinchuuriki!" The insult just forced Naruto to lose temper and charge towards him again, but who says that rasengan was his only trick?

From behind Tobi head the faint words "Kage bushin no jutsu! Duplex Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" And right before he turned around, he was engulfed in flames.

"Thank you Kichi, Tatsu for the oil and flames! I promise to bring you guys some snacks next time we meet up k?"

"No problem Nicchan, call us anytime you got a problem!" With that both summons returned to their mountain as Naruto trained his eyes onto Tobi, as he walked threw the flames as it uselessly flicks around him. Taking in his appearance, he seemed barely injured, a burn here and there, as well as his jacket and mask singed.

"My, my jinchuuriki, you seem to be full of surprises. But the game is over and I will be taking my prize now-"

"Rasengan!" Tobi cursed at himself for his stupidity for forgetting about the clone from before as he sailed through the air, away from the crazy statue.

"Amaterasu!" Black flames flew across the plain, burning the remnants of the encampment, sailing towards Naruto at unrecognizable speed.

"Hiraishin!" Naruto flashed away from Tobis line of sight. "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" 50 clones appeared and spread through the clearing, avoiding the flames of course. Most hid in place, others rushed towards Tobi.

"I grow tired of these pity games jinchuuriki! Turn yourself in and I might leave your friends alive."

"Will you ever shut up or is that all you can do now old man, you haven't even taken a step towards me, always hiding behind your power! And my name is NARUTO, not jinchuuriki, can you do at least that old man or are you too old that your one track mind cannot understand such a simple thing!"

Anger was released in waves from Tobi, he would not accept this insolence any longer, he will end this once and for all, no matter the cost.

"Susanoo," the words brought shivers down Naruto's spine, as he stared in amaze for the first time at the legendary technique.

"It's over now boy, give up now jinchuuriki. You are way over your head if you think you can challenge this!" Tobi narrowed his eyes towards the blond, though he was certain of his victory, living through all this time made him frighteningly cautious. Years of planning and setting things in place, Tobi believed he will finally see the fruits of his labor.

"Do it kit."

"Bijuu mode, third stage," as those words left Naruto's mouth, large amounts of yoki left his body, surrounding himself, forming around himself, until a recognizable figure stood in front of Tobi and his Susanoo. The glory of the nine-tail fox, Kurama, appeared. The air surrounding the two was weighed down fiercely by the power omitted from the two.

Naruto, standing upon the head of Kurama, stared down into Tobi's mismatched eyes. A silent battle started between the two, to see who will make the first move of this battle, and to see who will prevail in the end. Nevertheless, Naruto was never one to stand by and wait to be attacked, and with a roar of approval from Kurama, they then leapt towards Tobi, readying themselves for the following onslaught of attacks and techniques.

Kurama's arm stretched upwards, came crashing downward on Tobi's Susanoo. Though it appeared to not be damaged, Kurama was able to capture Tobi in place. Naruto seemed to brightened up about this as he knew that Tobi does not have the chakra necessary to make himself permeable, while keeping up Susanoo. All he needs to do is break through Susanoo and nail him, simple enough right?

Wrong, this technique seems to be one of those impenetrable ones, but Naruto did not worry, nothing is impossible for an Uzumaki after all.

Tobi also realized this, but was not afraid at all, he was not just planning all this time, he was also mastering his techniques, training himself, though not as much as he should, he was still can be called an S-class shinobi, one that was on par with the greatest of all others such as the Yondaime Hokage.

"Magatama," a comma-shaped ball of Amaterasu flew from the hand of Susanoo straight towards Kurama's head. Kurama released his grasp on Susanoo to retreat a few hundred feet from where the attack reached. Only, both his and Naruto's eyes to widen at the explosion released from the mere attack.

'Kuso! What is with those Uchihas and their need to blow everything by kingdom come!' Naruto steadied himself as he kept focus to not only Tobi, but to his surrounding as well, preparing himself from any attacks from all sides. Tobi was no fool, and to treat him as one was suicidal.

The kage bushins ran from their hide outs, and tried to sneak upon Tobi to deliver any kind of damage to help out their boss. Key word, try.

Tobi knew that there were kage bushins about and knew they would try to sneak attack him, utterly pointless and a waste of chakra if you asked him, but this tactic seems to do wonders for the jinchuuriki. Nevertheless, Tobi felt a shiver down his spine. He had told all that he needed no back-up when confronting the Kyuubi's jinchuuriki from that mutant Kabuto nor from Sasuke, but the rest of the battlefields seem to quiet down.

This would give the reasoning that either the shinobis had retreated or hidden themselves for the moment to rest, or that all the revived shinobis and Kabuto have been taken car- enough! He needed to stay focus, there was a reason this jinchuuriki has not been caught, for he is that strong to go against him. He needed to capture him and procede with the final measurements of his plan, before others come to intervene the battle.

"Magatama!" instantly mostly all the kage bushins were burned to nothing.

"Rasengan!" half a dozen cries came out to hit the Susanoo. "Enough of this!" Tobi wretched out his hand, forcing Susanoo to repeat the gesture, dispersing all the kage bushins present.

As Tobi turned his attention to Kurama, he paled to see the two preparing one of a bijuus greatest technique, Bijuudama. Tobi had no choice but to release most of his remaining chakra to use one of, if not the strongest techniques he had.

Naruto stared straight down towards Tobi to see him started forming multiple Magatamas just above Susanoo, and mentally cursed, seeing as Bijuudama takes time to perform and set out many of Kurama's tails to distract/attack Tobi, to stall for time.

Tobi had to jump aside to barely miss being attacked by those dreaded tails, oh how ironic this was, he needed those tails, yet here he was running around to dodge those same tails. Nevertheless, he finished his technique, though not as fast as he wanted as he spotted Naruto.

"Tobi, this ends NOW! BIJUUDAMAAAAA!" Unrelenting force escaped from Kurama's mouth, Naruto looked upon this, he was finally going to end this godforsaken war once and for all. Naruto could actually feel himself relaxing until he snapped himself out of this.

'No! I can't relax just yet. I need to make sure this will be truly be over!'

Tobi had his eyes fixated on the oncoming attack and quickly released the one he was preparing, "YASAKA MAGATAMAAAA!"

The two attacks collided, waves upon waves were fluxed out. It was so powerful, Naruto was forced to release his bijuu mode, as Susanoo was removed for Tobi. Naruto squinted his eyes towards the center of the great mass of power, only to have to close his eyes shut tight from the powerful light omitted. Even then, Naruto could see bright light through his eyelids, he felt weak, he felt scared, he felt proudfull to emit such a technique, he felt numerous emotions as the power still fanned out in waves. Then there was only darkness.

"Uhhh, w-what happen?" Naruto stared up to the cloudless sky. ' How long was I out for?' Could have been seconds, hours, maybe even days with that collision of power that was released. "Fuck, everything hurts!"

Naruto groaned as he got upon his feet. Taking his surroundings as he stood up, he kept watch for Tobi, no doubt he survived the blast as he, himself, did. Foot steps could be heard behind Naruto, as he quickly jumped back while rotating to face the him.

Tobi stop just a few meters from Naruto, as Naruto was frozen stiff as he stared into Tobi's face. Yes face, the mask was completely destroyed upon the great blast. Tobi looked awful, he was breathing heavy, and his face was littered with wrinkles and old scars. If Naruto had to guess, he would be as old as Sarutobi-jiji if he still lived.

"Well, well, I never would have expected you to come this far jinchu-no, you earned enough respect to be called by your proper name, haven't you, Uzumaki, Naruto." Naruto just stared upon the man that caused so much damage, so much deaths, so much grievances, and so much, so very much pain. Naruto was tired of all of this, this has been going on since before his birth and he was tired of this all. He just wanted it to all end now.

"Who are you! No, what are you!" Only silence answered him as the two shinobis stared at each other. Until finally . . . .

"I am Uchiha Tobi, the son of Uchiha Madara!"

"W-wha what? You're his son!" Naruto could not believe his ears, he could not believe what he heard. And yet, he knew it was true, he just knew. Call it a sixth sense or whatever, but he knew he was facing the son of Uchiha Madara.

"Naruto! Wait up Naruto!" Naruto quickly turned his head to see all of his friends and comrades running towards them, he could see Bee and Kakashi-sensei with them as well, and relief filled him to see them alright. But that was quickly removed, as he was still in battle.

Tobi looked upon the oncoming shinobi approaching them and knew, he had to act quick or he would surely lose due to their numbers.

"Katon: Hibashiri!" (Don't know how to translate that, sorry). And just as the shinobi were about to approach, a 40 meter high, wall of flames erupted in a circle around both Tobi and Naruto. And unlike the ordinary technique, Amaterasu was used instead of ordinary flames.

The oncoming shinobi came to a halt before the flames, except two shinobis from Kusa tried to leap over the flames, only for the flames to leapt up against them and drag the unfortunate shinobis downward as they were burned to ashed instantly.

"Kuso, just when we were so close too! Hang in there buddy, we'll get you out of there and kick Tobi's sorry ass together man!" Right there was none other than Nara, Shikamaru. Call him lazy, uninterested, or boring, but he was a good man and a better friend. And Shikamaru knew Naruto needed help, and he meant right now. And without a second of hesitation, he threw his last remaining memento from Asuma-sensei, the trench knife flew towards the direction where Naruto was last seen. "Naruto! You better catch this!"

Meanwhile . . .

"I had fun fighting against you Uzumaki, but I really need to go now. So I will just be taking the Kyuubi with me and be on my way."

Naruto immediately prepared himself, his body protested as he was almost out of chakra.

"Now now Naruto, no need to fight it. You're out of chakra, no chakra no techniques,and no techniques mean no resistance." Tobi felt smug about this. He felt reassured of his chances of winning, until he caught the sight of Naruto's confident grin, and slightly narrowed his eyes upon that.

Naruto formed a jutsu with his last remaining chakra, "Kuchiyose no jutsu!" And in a puff of smoke, another Naruto laid there, but with orange strips over his eyes. Tobi eyes widened at the possibility and rushed a few hand signs, "Katon: Gokakyu no jutsu!"

Naruto quickly release his kage bushin, and absorbed the nature chakra it had, and leapt away from the ball of fire. Just then he heard, "Naruto! You better catch this!" and he caught the object just to realize that it was Asuma-sensei's trench knife.

Naruto meet up with Tobi, just to see him remove the fan from his back and stood in a stance towards Naruto. Naruto pumped chakra into the knife, enlarging it, and ran straight forward.

The knife meet up with the metallic fan, each one refusing the be pushed over, Naruto realized he was starting to move automatically, not even thinking his moves through. Ducking, jumping, dodging from the blasts of air coming from the swipes of the fan.

Naruto swiped his blade, Tobi jumped back only to be nicked in the face as the chakra leapt from the blade forward. 'Shikamaru, Asuma-sensei, thank you.'

"Tsunade-sama! What do we do now!" This seemed to be the common thought from the shinobi.

"There's nothing to do, but to wait, until that wall of fire is put out!" Tsunade was at a standstill, she wanted to desperately help out Naruto, but with those flames surrounding them, it would do more harm than good.

Even though she can't see them, she could hear the noise of clashing metal around them. Her eyes widen, her breath hitched as went to reach into her coat, and pulled a handle. The handle seem to be a simple handle without a blade, but Tsunade knew there was more, that this was the legendary Raijin no Ken. Her decision made, she threw this blade as softly as she can.

"Naruto! Catch this and use chakra on it!" And with that, she did all could do now, but oh how she hated it.

Naruto heard Baa-chan's words as he caught the blade and to his surprise, it was the same sword he destroyed all those years ago. 'Count on baa-chan to send you off with a great gift, well at least off to battle.'

Naruto released the Raijin no Ken on his left hand with the trenck knife in his right and defended against Tobi's attack only to shock him with the lightning blade. With Tobi temperately paralyzed, Naruto moved in to defeat him, leaving deep cuts Tobi's body and limbs, until the effects worn off.

Naruto grinned as he finally had a winning chance since the beginning of the battle. He produced 3 kage bushins to perform the Rasenshuriken, as he moved in to quickly paralyze him again, swiping up down left and right, but Tobi knew now his plan of action and did everything in his power to stop it.

The two fought to a standstill, neither one relenting, both knew the battle was drawing into an end soon. And neither were going to give up, not until the bloody end. The two leapt up clashing to each other, fan to knife. Naruto brought the lightning blade horizontally downward, and nicked his left shoulder, and kicked away from him.

The clones saw the chance and threw the rasenshuriken towards Tobi. Tobi seeing this, feared the end result from this projectile, and with the last of his strength, he brought the fan from his right hand downward, shifting the direction course of the rasenshuriken from Tobi . . . towards the real Naruto.

The blast of wind had also managed to puff out the flames from the running fire technique, so that everyone could see that the rasenshuriken was pushed off course, towards Naruto. And made himself vanish.

Naruto, Naruto just couldn't believe this (no pun intended). He knew from the moment when his technique was thrown against him, he lost.

Naruto leapt upwards as the rasenshuriken was enlarged, the activation of the technique, and as the blast from the rasenshuriken came towards him. Naruto released a regular rasengan against it. The friction between both rasengans caused Naruto old wounds to reopen and pushed Naruto upward, hundreds and hundreds of meters, and away from the sight of where the rasenshuriken activated.

Naruto flew through the air, blood flew from his injuries and completely out of chakra. He was exhausted, Kurama was exhausted. Then . . . he fell. Speeding towards the ground, Naruto started to cry, 'after all that, this is where is ends.'

What he didn't knew was that his seal started to glow, brighter and brighter as he fell, until it was so bright that with a flash, Naruto was no where to be seen.

As Naruto opened his eyes to terrible, terrible pain, nevertheless, he looked up and saw that he was at the same temple where he trained with Bee to use Kurama's chakra. Just thinking that, he felt that it was such a long time ago, when it was actually, only just yesterday.

"I see that you are awake."

Naruto tried to take a stance, but his body refused. He just laid there and taking in the appearance of what seemed to be another old man. Except this one had a friendlier aura, he wore a long white trench coat that had 9 commas on the back. He had spiky white hair, with two bangs coming up, looking almost like horns, but the greatest of it all was that he had almost the exact same eyes as Nagato, except his had commas in each circle.

"Kit, don't be scared." Kurama tone was what shocked the blond the most, it was not one of mockery, anger, or sneering, but one out of respect. "This is the Rokudaime Sennin." Cue in widened and hysterical eyes.

"Now lets see if we can patch you up now can we boy." And with swipe of his hand, Naruto's body seemed to glow green, before all this wounds healed and his chakra restored. Naruto sat up to survey his body, but coming across no injuries and with his chakra fully restored.

Naruto was speechless until he heard, "Now boy, think you can get up now?"

"H-hai!" Dang it, he could practically hear Kurama chuckling over his nervousness, 'Uzumakis should never be nervous -ttebayo!'

"Oh, but before we get you to your friends, I need to make certain of something."

"What do you mean?" Naruto did not like the look that was set upon the old man's eyes, it showed him sadness and regret, but most of all, it showed how tired he really was.

"I mean that I want to see how far you will be willing to sacrifice for your friends and for the end of this petty war."

"I'd give my life to them." No hesitation appeared.

"How about if you still kept that life of yours, but to never see them again?" Steel reigned into the man's eyes as he stared down at the cerulean blue ones.

"If it would help-" "Think about it first!" Confusion reigned into his eyes, as well as anger for being interrupted but he did what he was told.

'Hate being ordered around like this, but I can't really do anything about it and he healed so he must be okay. Now, can I live and never see them again or let many more die by this war. Ahhh, I hate this!' Naruto looked into the sennin's eyes and without any hesitation nor fear, "Yes."

The sennin stared strongly into Naruto's eyes as Naruto could not help but squirmed in response. 'This is getting a liiiittle too freaky for me. I wonder if Kurama is not just pulling a prank on me now.' Images of the fox playing around with his mind appeared, maybe even turning him insane with this imitation of the legendary sennin and all that.

"Why should I waste my time with such insolent idea, just hurry up and listen to the old fart. The faster this is over the faster we can go back to Tobi to kill him." Naruto only response to the furball was to mentally roll his eyes, no good to do this in reality with the sennin in front of him. Better to stay in good grace and all that crap. The sennin turned to him to say.

"Naruto, I plan to correct my mistakes." The comment alone left Naruto confused and yet, he had a suspicious idea to what he meant, and going further into the idea, it left an empty hole in his stomach.

"It seems you figured it out, or at least have a clue to what I'm about to do. That's right Naruto, I plan to stop the creation of chakra, and to bring the bijuus away from this world." Now Naruto was not the bright one among his group, but knew how impossible that sounded as well.

"You plan to stop chakra! How can anyone do that? I mean- I know you taught humans how to do produce and control chakra, but how can you stop it!" If Naruto was confused before, now he was dead on brain-dead, this whole thing sounded crazy and insane. Naruto was reconsidering this as a prank from Kurama again, or maybe he hit his head when he was falling and was becoming delusional.

"Let me show you." And with a flash of light, both appeared suddenly in front of the crazy statue, and in front of Tobi who was standing on top of the said statue.

Before either Naruto or Tobi can react to the others presence, the sennin appeared before Tobi and with the flick of the wrist.

"Human path, Soul Removal!" Naruto just stared as the sennin just pulled Tobi's soul just like that. He took in account all of his memories about all the training, work, and sacrifices he has made, just to stand against Tobi, to defeat him all only to be defeated. Naruto looked and saw the difference in levels between himself, Tobi and the sennin. Naruto thought he finally came close to being in the top tier of power, to finally surpass his father, all just to realize that he still has a long way to go. He felt devastated by the facts, but for some reason, he smiled, not at the realization of his powers, but at the chance to grow even more stronger.

"Now lets move on now, shall we Naruto-kun."

With a flick of his wrist, Bee was standing before both Naruto and the sennin.

"Naruto, you are fine, but I was blown to a mine!" Naruto sweat dropped from the ridiculous rhyme, but was glad to see his fellow jinchuuriki fine.

"Bee, it's great to see that you're okay, but right now there's something big happening," Naruto then pointed out the dead body once known as Tobi, and then towards the sennin.

Bee had his own jaw drop as he stared at the corpse, but saw no major damage, so deducted that Naruto did not kill him. He looked up to the elder man and took fear on the amount of power that came from his body.

"Now Bee, I hope you know who I am, and what I plan to do now, don't you?"

Bee took a step back as his bijuu explained what was happening, and worry came to his face as he expected to what was about to come. The sennin swept his hand towards the statue that contained the bijuus and the statue started to crack, and break open to release the captured bijuus.

"It is now time, return to me Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobuu, Son Goku, Kokuou, Saiken, Choumei. Kurama, Gyuuki, I will allow you to stay with your jinchuurikis until they too have past away. Naruto, Bee, you both know that you cannot stay in this world any longer, who knows what other nut job will come after you guys, but I will not kill you."

"What do you mean old man? Where can we go, practically everyone has heard of us now and knows who we are!" Naruto stared into the sennin's eyes before he saw the sennin go through dozens of hand seals at a blinding pace.

"Arc of Space: Transcending Views!" A spiraling vortex appeared the trio, two of which leapt back and armed. The sennin just looked at the two and sighed.

"Now Naruto, Bee, it is time for you to leave."

"Like hell man, tellin me like I'm ban! I won't leave, can't you see the men of leaf!"

All three looked at the incoming shinobi army, it would only be a matter of time before they would approach them.

"You have no choice, as long as the bijuu stay in this, there would be blind fools that go after its power. The bijuus became as they are now only due to man's hatred and pain reflecting onto them. And removing the bijuus from you will only kill you, and I cannot in good conscious, do such a deed. So the decision is yours, leave or die?"

Both Naruto and Bee took a single glance to the stopped mass of shinobi and then towards themselves and walked forward.

"Good-bye brother from another mother. It's been swell, but it's time to ring the final bell." And with that Bee jumped towards the vortex.

Naruto took one last look around, it stung his heart to leave this, but the sennin was right. He had to leave, and so Naruto walked towards the vortex. He was scared, frightened even, but he managed to stand in front of it and took one last look at the old sennin.

"Oh before you go Naruto, I'll be giving both you and Bee a last gift, a little late for Bee, but he will figure it out." The sennin chuckled as he stared into the strong but hesitant eyes. "Grow strong Naruto, you will have Bee by your side, along with those scrolls you swiped from the camp."

Naruto gave a guilty look before he nodded to the sennin. "Good-bye old man, and good luck." Naruto then jumped into the vortex, and the vortex closed in itself after Naruto entered.

"With that, I just need to do one more thing." The sennin started forming multiple hand seals, even faster than before. "Art of Creation: Energies Manipulations Cancellations!" Large waves of chakra were secreted out from the sennin and spread through all directions. The incoming mass of shinobi all kneeled down as they felt all their strength leave them. Later , this was occurring to all the shinobis of the land.

The Rikudo Sennin used chakra to his amplify his voice so all can hear hum from every corner of the world. "You have misused the gift I gave you, instead of unity, you have separated from one another! You have used this power to hurt and kill those innocent, but NO MORE! None of you shall ever bare this gift, live on now my people. Live without these gifts as you once did!"

After that, the sennin brought the seven bijuus in front of him, and in a flash, all of them were simply gone. Never to be seen in this world again.

"So that's what happened. I . . . I really left behind them, my friends, my comrades, my village." Naruto looked around in confusion, he noticed that he was in the center of what looked to be like a crater.

"A stream. Maybe some cold water will help, at least for this killing head-ache!" Naruto walked towards the water, but only to see a child in the water. The child could not have been older than 9 years old.

The boy also seemed to look confused as he did, but as Naruto came closer he noticed the young boy had long spiky blonde hair that was similar to his fathers, his hair also seem to be covering his eyes. As Naruto was in front of the boy, all Naruto could do was scream and jump 30 ft into the air as he realized he was looking upon himself.

"Wha-what the hell is happening! Am I in a genjutsu, no maybe this is all a dream, -ttebayo. I was tired and passed out after fighting Tobi and-"

"Oh for the love of Satin, wake up kit! This is not an illusion!" Naruto had a minor seizure until he realized it was Kurama speaking to him.

"Kurama! What happened! How did I-" "Kit, you know what happened, now stop playing dumb!"

With a few breaths, Naruto calmed down enough to look at his appearance, as he was about to stand up he heard steps that were heading his way. Pulling out a kunai, Naruto hid himself and prepared to take battle if needed, only to drop his jaw at the incoming person.


Well that's the first chapter of The Storm Meets the Fairy, actually that was my first chapter I've ever made. Please read and review, and please give me tips and advice since this is my first fanfic. Tell me if it was good or if it was bad, tips and hints that could make the story even better. I could really use the help and these remarks would be greatly appreciated.

Katon: Hibashiri – Fire Release: Running Fire

Bijuudama – Great Beast Ball

Shinra tensei – Almighty Push

Raijin no Ken – Sword of the Thunder God

Yasaka Magatama - Eight Slopes Curved Jewel

Those should be the ones that I thought were not so much known, and if you do not know what it is, you could just google it. For the two jutsus that were in English instead of Japanese, that the sennin did, well I just thought them up to keep the story going. I thought that since he is the creator/discoverer of chakra, he should have some godly ass techniques.