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"Narutoooooooo!" Naruto recognized the owner of the voice, except it had a different feel to it, like it was lighter or higher than usual. Naruto took a peek behind himself, only to turn around to point out incredulously to the dark skinned male.

Instead of the mid-30's old man Naruto expected to see, he found a teenager around 13 years old, with a dark tan skin and bright blonde hair. 'Maybe this is Bee's kid?'

"Naruto, there you are, I heard the blast all the way from the bar!" Nope this is Bee alright, or maybe the trait passed onto his son as well? 'NOOOOOOO, why! We already have one (horrible) rapper, why is there another. Everyone back home, I'm already starting to regret THIS decision!'

"Naruto ya fool, pay attention and don't ya drool! It's me, the one and only Killer BEE!" Insert infamous Bee pose. 'Well that threw my idea out of the window.' Naruto could not even speak as he registered into his mind that Bee is so young.

"It's been a while, makes me want to cry for a mile." Bee went up to Naruto, and gave him a bear hug. Naruto stared in shock as he finally accepted that he was not the only one that changed physically.

"Bee-nii, w-whats happened to you, with me, we both look so, so . . . damn I can't even imagine it, let alone say it!" Naruto looked back at his image from the river, then to Bee, and back onto the river.

"The old man took me way back, shows that he lost some tack. I was as young as nine without a doubt, when I came about." Naruto gave him one of his "Are you fucking kidding me" face.

"So you already been here for about 4-5 years already?" Naruto's question was answered by a nod of the young teen, as he looked up and down of Naruto's appearance.

"Now we need to change your rags, here take these bags," Naruto turned to look at his clothing and noticed that they were way to large for him now, as well as shredded down too much. He took the clothes and changed into a lose fitting black jeans, black T-shirt with a white unzipped hoodie, and into some regular sandles. Naruto kept his necklace and over his shirt.

"Bee-nii where'd you get the clothes at?" Taking notice that there was not a scratch of orange in/on the clothes.

"They are my old clothes, they were what I chose. When I saw the blast from town, I came all the way down." With that answered, Naruto turned to Bee with the real questions now.

"But why are we so young? And you said you came at nine, how did you survive so far? And why were we separated in different time periods, I mean, I know the Rikudo Sennin had the power to do so but why all of this differences?" Naruto took hold of Bee and shook the young Bee back and forth to bring about his point.

"Whoa, whoa-WHOA! Little man, one at a time, we got all the time. This is all the old man's fault, and I believe he sent us at different vaults. Remember I was sent first I reckon, and you were second."

"But Bee-nii, where are we?" Naruto's voice sounded weak, but hey give him a break, it's not everyday you wake up in the middle of nowhere and found out you're a kid again.

"A better world." All fun and intents were gone from Bee's voice, revealing his seriousness. "A new world that we both been hoping for in our world, Naruto, now come with me, we'll talk on the way."

Both walked side by side out from the bare land, and into a beaten path. The tension between the two began to grow. Neither one of the two talk, both didn't even knew how to begin. There was so much to talk about, what is this world, why did they appear so young, but most of all, what will happen to them. Naruto was thinking all this and more, he was so confused and was sure that his face showed it all. Not wanting to be kept in the dark, Naruto spoke first.

"What do you mean Bee-nii? How is this place better than ours in the first place?" Bee turned to look at Naruto, not so surprised that he started to talk. He looked up front as the two continue to walk down the path.

"This place is what we both been wanting in our old world, Naruto. This place does not judge those unfortunate nor kill without a purpose. But best of all, they do not judge against or ridicule our kind. They too have people who use demons as a power source called Take-Over, and they are not feared at all, but admired for their strengths and they are wanted by many groups. Their powers are so different from our chakra, that they call it magic. It's a different source of power than our chakra, it's actually just spiritual strength, but the way they use it is mind blowing. I'll explain it later after you got a glimpse of it later on. And where we are, well we are in a place called Magnolia, in a world called Earthland." Bee turned to look at Naruto only to see him behind him, look as if he stopped walking midway of his speech.

Naruto turned to look around their surroundings, to take a better look of the place. 'A whole new world. . . one better than the last . . . no nonsense killings, no more hiding who we are. Is this really real?'

"Yes Naruto this is all real. Guess the old man kept up with his end of the deal." Naruto caught himself as he spoke what he was thinking about, and picked up Bee's little rap.

"But what will we do now?" Naruto kept his stare to Bee as Bee kept his straight forward with a small smile.

"Just cause I said this world is good, do not misunderstood. There is still some bad man in fact. We all just try to stop them at the act. We just have to keep on moving forward little man, before we're ban," Naruto looked upon Bee, it was a lot to take in for him, but he knew it was all they can do for now.

"You're falling behind, hurry up if you can be so kind! We have plenty to talk about, that is without a doubt." Naruto looked up and ran up to Bee as he started talking about the workings of the world.

Scene Change

During the walk to town, Bee managed to explain to Naruto about the magic of the world, its uses, what guilds are and the services it provides, the cultures, the land, and its government. Naruto would have been enchanted by it all, if it were not for Bee rapping about it all, and no matter how much begging and/or bribing, Bee just won't stop rapping and constantly going off topic.

"Look up little deer, for we are here." Bee announced as Naruto started celebrating for all the rapping and rhythms to be over, well for now anyways. Naruto looked up to the a fairly tall building that was decorated with a strange, yet similar symbol, one that looked similar to the leaf insignia back form home. Below it, there were the words, Fairy Tail, etched into the building. Naruto turned back to Bee, only to notice him entering the building.

"Master! The Bee who floats like a butterfly and stings like a killer Bee, is here!" Bee walked up to an elder man, ok not just an elder man, he was short, incredibly short and had lost most of his hair. Not only that he was chugging down glasses of beer after another. But to Naruto, he had great clothes as he was decked out in an orange. Around the room, others following similar behavior as the old man.

'Why am I in a bar?' Naruto followed in after Bee, thinking about his escape route, just in case. 'Maybe through that open window?'

"Bee, you're back. And I see you brought your friend." The old man jumped towards Naruto, only to pout in embarrassment/anger, as he was even smaller than the lad. "Well Uzumaki, Naruto, Bee has told me a lot about you, as well as your previous adventures and how you ended up in your current predicament. But I have to ask you some things first of all."

"Go ahead, I have nothing else to do." Naruto shrugged in an uncared manner, though was internally ready for the invasion of his privacy.

"First of all, I'm Makarov, and welcome to Fairy Tail, the soon-to-be greatest guild." Makarov held up his hand, as a great applause came around from the other members, and held it up to Naruto, with Naruto quickly shook his hand, only to jump back from the short shock, as Makarov held up his hand to show a buzzer strapped on.

"Sorry about that lad, couldn't resist. Well now to start," Makarov quickly took hold of Naruto, and whispered to his ear, "has Bee always been like this." At first Naruto was greatly confused, until he remembered about who they were talking about, and he turned to take a look at Bee, as he quickly wrote into his notebook about his new rapping.

"Yes, as long as I've known him," Naruto's answer came in a low, dry voice. Makarov showed dislike at that, but quickly beat it out of him.

"Well, what's done, has been done with. Anyway Naruto, Bee has told me about your um, 'circumstances' and I know you have no place to go now. So I like to offer you membership to Fairy Tail. Bee has told you about the workings of 'this' society, has he not?"

Naruto gave a quick nod of understanding and with a bright smile, "Yes, it would be my honor to join Fairy Tail." Naruto remembered all the tales that Bee has told of about the place.

"Where would you want the stamp to be at?" Makarov took out the essentials as he turned away Naruto.

"Right here, at my upper right arm, and in oran-" "He'll take it in a dark blue Master!" Bee quickly stopped Naruto from saying his favorite color as the stamp's color. Makarov, who did not see the little spat, quickly imprinted Naruto's upper arm with the Fairy Tail logo in a dark blue, just as Naruto glared toward Bee, who just laughed it off and walked away.

Shooting him a quick smile, Makarov turned to approach everyone, "EVERYONE, LET'S REJOICE AS WE HAVE A NEW MEMBER WITH US! MAY I PRESENT YOU TO UZUMAKI, NARUTO, OUR NEWEST MEMBER!"

The rejoice and cries shook the building, but Makarov was not finished yet. "NOW LET'S PARTY!" Now he finished and went to bring out multiple barrels of beer to everyone, but only gave Naruto a kiddie cup with juice, oh Naruto remembered the remarks and snickers made at him for that and promised revenge against Makarov.

The Next Morning

Naruto walked past the sleeping drunks as he remembered last night, if it was one thing this guild was number one at, it was partying for sure. As Naruto walked by, he waved at Cana and Gray, the only other two who were the same age as him. He met the two during the party as they also was hiding away from the remarks about having kiddie cups as well, and one thing lead to the next and they all quickly became friends, each promising revenge against Makarov. Naruto continued walking towards Makarov.

"Old ma-I mean Master, I remember from Bee-nii that we can take jobs from here to make money, so can I have a high paying one?"

"Sorry Naruto, but not only are you 'new' to the place, you're too young, you have to have guardian with you until he/she gives me the recommendations of which class of jobs for you to take, it's not only guild rules, but the rules the council has set upon the guilds. One that I actually enforce willingly" Makarov showed a sad face, but with a glint of amusement in his eyes. To Naruto, he did not understand why a combination of the two, until he remembered about what he said about the guardian part.

"But who will be my guardian . . . wait, you can't mean HIM, can you?" Naruto quickly figured out who will be his guardian.

"Sorry my boy, but he knows you best, and the faster you go through the evaluation, the faster you can take on jobs." Makarov did felt bad for the boy for getting paired up with HIM, only a few can last an hour with him for his annoyance, 'But oh well, this would certainly be entertaining for the next few days.'

Naruto then felt an arm pulled around his shoulder, "Don't worry so much Naruto. Bee might be annoying, but he's strong, I think. You just need some earplugs, that's all." Naruto did not even need to turn around to know it was Gray, but smiled at his try to help him.

"That's right Naruto. You just need to do this for a week and then you can do awesome jobs if you're approved to do so. Oh and Gray, your clothes." Naruto turned to Cana and could not help but smile at his friends, as well as laughing at Gray for his attempt to get his lost clothing. Such a weird habit he has. He continued talking to Cana as Gray got his clothes until he noticed something strange.

"Wait, a week? That's way too long, can't I just beat him up then take the jobs? I mean, a week is too long." Naruto retorted.

"Regular newcomers do that, but the young members have to stay longer at the mat," Naruto winced as he noticed who that was.

"So when do we start then Bee-nii." For a moment, a shiver went down Naruto's back as he looked up to Bee.

"Now." Next thing Naruto knew, he was kicked off the floor and through the back door. He landed roughly onto the grassy floor as Bee quickly jumped towards him with all of his blades drawn out and holding them by his joints, he then preformed the initial stance of the Seven Sword Dance. The two were then surrounded by a large crowd, but given enough space, the members of Fairy Tail were eager to watch the fight.

"Now prepare," Naruto jumped back and willed 3 kage bushins to appear around him and sent them to surround Bee. Naruto stopped himself from being in shock as he did not form any hand seals for bushins, but left it alone for now as he was in a middle of a fight.

"Come on Naruto! Beat him up!" Naruto was able to discern the voices as Gray and Cana. He gave out a small smile at the encouragement, but quickly went back to focusing to Bee.

The clones quickly surrounded Bee, but Bee knew what to expect, "Lightning Make: Supervibrato Swords!" Bee's swords were then coated with lightning, making the blades vibrate from the overload of power. In mere seconds, Bee swept through all the clones. "Come now, Naruto. You have to do better than that, otherwise you'll end up splat." And rushed towards Naruto.

Naruto bit back a curse, and continued to dodge from the swipes of the swords, having taking several cuts before he managed to break ground from Bee. Holding out his left hand, Naruto charged towards Bee.

"Rasengan!" As Naruto charged towards Bee he had only made it about halfway as the rasengan suddenly picked up strength and became unstable. Unable to control it, Naruto bit back another curse as the rasengan exploded, the blast temporarily crippled his left hand and sent Naruto to the ground and delusional. Unaware from his surroundings, Naruto was now prime target for Bee now.

"Lightning Make: White Lightning Arrows!" From the palm of Bee's hand, multiple beams of white lightning shot from his hand and made their way to Naruto.

Due to mere reflects, Naruto was able to jump from his position and over the arrows and continue to send more clones onto Bee. But before Naruto can assist his clones, he was shot in the back. The pain not only blinded him, but also paralyzed him. A clone appearing to catch him mid-fall, and jumping back, he took into account as the arrows were swerving and changing directions towards him. Naruto was forced rely onto the clone as it continued dodging and tried to have the clones take the hit for him, but only saw the beam go through them, just as Naruto let go of his clone, as he got some feeling in his body back.

Bee seeing his chance as Naruto was distracted, threw his blades into the air and lept towards him, "Lariat!"

Though Bee might not be as big nor as muscular as he had been before the time jump, he was nonetheless powerful, and sent Naruto back as he lost his breath. Hacking and coughing as he got up. He glared towards Bee. The crowd around them stayed silent as they continued to watch the fight. Naruto tried to reach into Kurama's chakra to begin healing him, but was blocked off from reaching Kurama.

"Stay down, or I'm sending you to town." Bee's words were no longer joyful or joking, he was completely serious, and Naruto hated this. He could not even land a punch, his clones were weak against his attacks, rasengan is hurting him more than Bee, he could not stay still long enough to start sage modo, and he could not reach Kurama nor his chakra for some reason.

Naruto stood up nonetheless. He was a born fighter. He would not give up so easily, not now, not ever. Forming more clones, he sent them to distract Bee as he turned his focus towards his chakra. It was then that Naruto noticed his chakra was different, it was more concentrated yet it was more pure than his regular set of chakra. Naruto knew that this change was what had threw him into disorder in this fight, but he has no time to concentrate on it. He was in battle now, no longer was this a spar or a fight, this was serious for him.

"Taju Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" About 50 clones appeared around Bee. Seeing this, Bee smirked.

"Lightning Make: Paralysis Field!" Bee punched into the ground, leaving several cracks that his lightning ran threw. About a 100 feet diameter, the ground was coated with lightning, the lightning flew from the ground to all the clones, dispersing most of the clones. Naruto, that was away from the range, jumped up to position himself to see Bee's blind spot.

"Shuriken Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" Like the other bushins, Naruto needed no hand seals to form them. A few shurikens suddenly became upon dozens of them.

Bee hearing the remark, quickly turned and placed his right hand in a protected manner, as he casted, "Partial Take-Over: Gyuki's Arm!" His right arm enlarged into the Gyuki's arm and deflected all of the shurikens without taking any damage.

"Is that all you got little man, if it is you're a shame to your clan," the taunt did it's job as Naruto then lost what was left of his rational thinking and charged forward. As he ran forward, Naruto felt rejuvenated as he felt his new power began to fill him up. Raising up his only good arm (the right one), Naruto focused the new power there as he tried to control it.

Bee seeing this, did not make a move to dodge. Trying to evaluate the new power in Naruto, he stood straight on as he focused into the power gathering into Naruto's palm.

Having seen the dramatic increase, Bee had seen enough and went to stop Naruto from exploding his only good arm. "Lightning Make: Paralysis Field!"

Naruto, seeing Bee's move, knew that he could not dodge from such an attack, as well as could not accept this ending. 'No, no, NO! I can't let this end like this! I won't lose! I can't lose! I changed, I'm no longer weak! I can't lose, not after what happened with Tobi!'

Naruto then focused onto a spot beside of Bee, Naruto wished he was right there to deliver the technique to him. He wished it, and at the same time, he wield it to be. "Hiraishin." It came out only as a whisper that was lost into the wind, and yet in a blinding flash, Naruto was suddenly aside of Bee, just mere milliseconds before Bee initiated his spell.

Without any hand signs, seals, or outside (or inside) help, Naruto was able to perform the legendary technique, Hiraishin, all by himself.

"Rasengan." With a whisper once more, Naruto pored out all his power into this one technique.

Bee was caught in surprise, was only able to turn around towards Naruto. But the rasengan collapsed within itself just before it reached Bee by a fraction of an inch. The blast the rasengan created sent both Bee and Naruto away and dragged them away into the dirt.

Bee stood up immediately, only to wince at the pain. "Demonic Arts: Gyuki's Regeneration," the technique taking its course, it was a handy one, but it took time to completely heal, especially one at this size. Bee then took noticed that Naruto was still down, but also concise.

Bee then continued his assault and grabbed his blades from where they were blown off to and stabbed them into the ground around Naruto, having them nick and hovering over Naruto in several vital areas, such as the neck, spleen, kidney, etc.

"It's over now, so take a bow, ya fool." That remark brought life back into Naruto's eyes, and a glow set over Naruto, only to push back the blades and allow him to stand. He winced as he took a look at his right arm, jagged cuts decorated it as blood trickled from the wounds. 'I won't be using this arm for a while.'

"What are you doing Naruto, it's over now!" Naruto noticed the worry in Cana's voice.

"It's only a spar Naruto, you'll more chances to fight later on!" Naruto notice agitation in Gray's voice. And he could not help but disagree with that, this was so much more. It was a test to see how much stronger did he became, or in this case, how weak did he became?

Taking notice of one of Bee's blade on the ground, he took it to his mouth.

Bee noticed the motion, "What are you doing ya fool, any more and you'll be a ghoul!"

Naruto, chin up, stared to Bee, "I don't care how I continue to fight . . . if you rip my arms off, I'll kick you to death. If you rip my legs off, I'll bite you to death. If you rip my head off, I'll stare you to death. And if you gouge my eyes off, I'll curse you to death . . . Even if I'm torn to shreds . . . I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!"

Cana, no longer able to watch this, turned to Makarov, "Master! Why aren't you stopping this? Naruto will die at this rate!"

Makarov turned to the poor girl, "It is not my decision, it is Bee's decision now. He knows Naruto the best, so he will know his limits as well. He was placed as Naruto's guardian for a reason after all, but I will intervene if they really have gone far enough." After that, Makarov turned back to watch the fight as Cana turned away from it all.

Adjusting the blade into his mouth, Naruto then charged towards Bee. Bee seeing Naruto so passionate, decided to end this now, and charged straight forward. The two clashed, Bee, with the advantage of being able to use both of his arms and his multiple blades with his skills, managed to implant two of his blades into Naruto's back, though not that deep, and parried Naruto's blows that headed towards himself. Jumping back, Bee prepared his final spell for the day.

"It was a good fight, but it's time for you to go nighty-night. Lightning Make: Paralysis Inducing!" Lightning flew from Bee's spell's runes and towards the blades imbedded into Naruto's back. The spell took the hit, but before Naruto lost concise; he took one last charge, and swiped away from Bee's side. Blood escaped from the wound, but Bee's regeneration already took place. As Naruto looked back, he could not help, but feel ashamed after such a fight, over his weaknesses.

"Why? . . . Why am I so weak? I . . . I could not even bring you all out," with tears falling down his face, Naruto lost concise before he even landed on the ground. Multiple people from the crowd came towards the two and sent Bee to the infirmary and Naruto to the hospital.

Makarov was the only one left standing, still staring into the pools of blood before him, before he turned to call Porlyusica for help. 'Oh I'm so going to get it from her for allowing this to happen.'

The Next Day

Naruto woke up, looking at white: white walls, white ceiling, white sheets, etc. White was such a boring color to him, that's why he likes orange. It was such a vibrant and bright, not like white, which is dull and boring.

Naruto turned away from the hospital walls to see that all his wounds were healed, but could still feel hollow pains coursing through his body.

"I see that you're awake, thought you'll still be in ache," Naruto turned to Bee, only to stare in shock as he looked to be without a wound to be found, reading some book.

"Now, now, don't give me that look, why don't you see into this book?" Naruto took the book from Bee and saw that it had Bee's stats into it. As Naruto read, he saw that Bee has already been given recommendations to become an S-class mage.

"There's something I didn't tell you about before Naruto, but I can guess you already know it now don't ya," Naruto almost didn't realized that Bee was serious, as he looked up to Bee.

"We no longer have chakra anymore do we?" "Nope." The answer left a dark feeling in Naruto, nevertheless he continued on.

"But we have something else . . . we have magic now don't we?" "Yup" Bee gave Naruto his full attention, as he began to explain.

"You see Naruto, when the sennin passed us through that portal, it had augmented our bodies. When we came out, we needed to be adjusted to this world's conditions. So our chakra coils needed to be removed, but that would kill us at our current age and conditions we were at. So it changed us to kids to first remove the chakra coils without killing us. Next it gave us power, magic, since we are still jinchuurikis, we are still the 8/9 tails jailors. So we need power to control them, calm them, whatever. And so we were give magic to do so." Bee waited to let the information pass through Naruto.

"Now magic is like chakra, except it is just spiritual energy, no physical energy. This makes magic much more concentrated because we do not need balance it to our physical energy. Thus the more concentrated magic is, the more powerful it can be." Bee sit back to allow the information to pass through Naruto again. It is a lot to take in so suddenly, Bee could even remember when he had this talk with Makarov all those years back.

"Naruto, you must realize that without chakra, you lost most of your techniques such as rasengan, as you saw yesterday, as well as summoning your toads. It can't be helped, the only thing you can do now is to keep moving on forward." Bee turned to look at Naruto, but noticed that he was already lost in thought. With a sigh, Bee left Naruto alone as he collected his thoughts. So Bee went to see Makarov, who was next door to Naruto, to see how his wounds were doing after that bloody fight (punishment) from Porlyusica.

After a Week

Both Naruto and Makarov were let out of the hospital, with Makarov heading home to relax before heading back into the craziness of Fairy Tail. Naruto, himself, just headed towards the guild, he had a lot of time to think in the hospital, and he came to a conclusion.

Naruto walked past all the other members as he went to sit at a table. At the other side of the table was none other then Killer Bee, writing down whatever rap that came to his mind. Bee then placed down his notebook and pencil to give Naruto his undivided attention, having a feeling that something will come up.

"Bee-nii, I want to become stronger." Bee took notice of the seriousness in Naruto's eyes, but had to ask. "Why?"

"To never lose again! Next time, if I lose, it could be all over! Last time we were lucky with the sennin appearing, but who knows what will happen next and the sennin won't be here for us anymore!" Silence then rained in between the two, Naruto noticed that the whole guild hall was quiet as well and paying attention to the two.

Naruto understood that Bee was thinking about this, or maybe he was thinking about a new rap. Who knows what goes on in Bee's mind?

"So . . . you want to become stronger to protect not only yourself, but also your comrades?" Bee removed his shades to stare into Naruto's eyes. Naruto was surprised as he realized he never really saw Bee's eyes before, but soon steeled his curiosity.

"Yes," was his reply.

"So what will you do with such power?" Bee couldn't help, but be amused by the turn of events.

With a smirk to his face, Naruto answered, "TO TAKE THE WORLD BY STORM!"

Well that was chapter 2 of The Storm Meets the Fairy. Bee will be the same age as Laxus, who did not appear so far (think off it as he's on a job), who is about 4 years older than Erza and Mira. Naruto will be the same age as Erza and Mira, which is about 9 for now.

I know there will be people who will think that Naruto was too weak in the battle and all but I had my reasons. First of all, Naruto was in a new, younger body, meaning that he is not used to the size as it is not way similar to his previous one. Second of all, Bee was sent back when he was 9 as well, so he had about 4 years to train in that body and magic. Third, Naruto no longer has chakra, but magic, he never trained for that, but he's learner by physical so he learned a few things such as the bushins. Fifth, this would set as motivation for Naruto to become stronger and learn new things as he right now is very young and is now motivated to become stronger. Also Naruto could not use the Raijin no Ken now, for he has no skill using it and has no chakra to use it, so the blade will change later on.


For the spells/techniques name and all that, it will be in English, unless it sounds way better in Japanese, which I'll try to translate in the endings of the chapters.

I'm still thinking about what kind of spells for Naruto to use, but it will be storm related, so it will be like lightning, wind, water, ice, such and such, something like that. Some tips and hints will be greatly appreciated.

For Bee, he will have sword spells, lightning spells, demonic spells, such and such ya know. Also I think Naruto called him Bee-nii or Bee-bro or something, I could not really find what Naruto called him, so I just settled with Bee-nii.

I am also so glad Bee is a bad rapper, for I am also a bad rapper so I can portray his character better.

Shuriken Kage Bushin no Jutsu: Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique

Taju Kage Bushin no Jutsu: Multiple Shadow Clone Technique

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