Me and Lily walked downstairs hand in hand. I couldn't seriously believe this. I'd had a kind of crush on her since my first day at Elm Tree House, back in January last year. And now me and her were finally together. I was flabbergasted.

"Wait," Lily said, suddenly breaking apart from me.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Are we gonna tell that lot, or not?"

"Erm... they'll find out somehow even if we don't tell them," I reasoned.

"Let's just tell them, or wait for them to find out. Love you," she said as we turned into the lounge, where Carmen, Lorna, Johnny, Cara, Harry, Gus, Saskia, Elektra, Tyler and Viva were sitting down.

"Hey guys!" cried Carmen. "You okay?"

"Yeah, of course we are. What are you watching?" asked Lily, noticing the TV was on.

"Lorna wanted to watch this show. God knows what it is, though. Lorna seems to really, really like it. I think it's an animal show. Are you two seriously all right? You look really, really happy".

"What's wrong with two people looking happy?" I queried.

"Erm... nothing," said Carmen, turning back to the TV.

"Good," I responded, and sat down next to Johnny and Cara. Lily went to sit down with Carmen, and all of us naturally decided to change the channel, sending Lorna into a furious rage, causing her to abandon the room and skulk off to her bedroom to sulk and be angry.

"Can we watch the giraffe programme?" enquired Harry.

"But at 8:17, Gina agreed to let me watch the Beethoven programme!" shrieked Gus.

"There's a show on all about Buddhism, though!" said Saskia calmly.

"Theresa McMann, the hair and make-up expert, she's doing a TV show tonight. Come on, me and Carmen want to watch that!" chirped Viva viciously.

"Well, there's a show about gangs on at nine, and if I can't watch that... you'll be sorry," threatened Elektra.

"Can't I just watch the last fifteen minutes of the football show?" inquired Cara.

"No!" shouted Tyler.

Suddenly, there came a huge 'beep' noise which was so loud it was unimaginable. For a few seconds, there was a flickering, barely visible image of Tina Turner, Cher and Oprah Winfrey singing, and then the screen went black.

"Saskia, why'd you turn it off?" somebody asked.

"Me? We all were fighting over the TV remote and the TV broke with all of us pressing all the buttons," replied Saskia reply.

"Oh, come on!" protested Tyler. At that moment, Gina walked in and we all sat in front of the TV, obscuring it.

"What's going on?" asked Gina curiously.

"Oh, nothing," Cara replied nochalantly.

"Really?" she asked.

"Yeah," confirmed Elektra.

"Seriously, guys, what's going on?" asked Gina.

"No idea," replied Viva. We all moved away from the telly.

"Oh look, is the telly broken? What a coincidence!" exclaimed Viva, feigning enthusiasm and surprise.

"Guys, what happened?" asked Gina sternly.

"Rick, stop doing that!" shrieked Carmen. Gina turned round to see what Rick was doing, and we all scurried off, leaving Gina alone. She turned around.


"What. The. Hell?" asked Carmen, barging her way into my room the next day at ten in the morning. "Seriously. What. The. Hell?"

"There are these things called manners," I explained. "You might not have heard of them. Why are you saying 'what the hell'?"

"You, and Lily?" asked Carmen in disbelief.

"Carmen, keep your voice down!" I hissed.

"You, and Lily?" repeated Carmen, quieter.

"Yes, me and Lily. Just... don't go telling everybody, okay?"

"Okay. Just tell me how it happened".

"It just did. How did you find out?"

"Lily blabbed a bit too much. She didn't exactly say you and her were together, but I kind of pieced it together".

"So you do have a brain".

"Er... yes".

"Go away".

"Right". Carmen left the room. If Carmen already knew, how long has it before everybody knew?

The next day

"You and Lily-"


"I thought-"

"You and Lily?"
"He's way out-"

"She's way out-"

"Since when did-"

"I'm going to-"

"But that's not-"

"Wait, how did-"


"You and Lily-"


"SHUT UP!" screamed Gina. The room fell silent.

"Now, all of you, go to your rooms and think about your behaviour. Shouting in the house, I don't know". The kids all went off to their rooms, as Gina had ordered.

"Demon, Lily, up to your rooms," she demanded. We trudged up the stairs to our rooms. Well, we tried to. We got up the stairs at least, and then we were ambushed by all the other kids.

"Seriously guys, if you really have to talk, then do it one at a time so Gina doesn't lock us out the house".

"She's done that before, at 5:31pm until 5:45pm on Wednesday 21 July 2010," chirped Gus.

"You're not joking, are you? You and Lily are together?" asked Lorna.

"No joke".

"But why? I mean, Lily's way out of your league, Demon," said Cara.

"No, Demon's way out of Lily's league," said Viva. All heads turned to her. "What?" she asked.

"Well I think they're perfect for each other," announced Carmen.

"Thanks Carmen," said Lily.

"Well, why are you even together?" asked Saskia suspiciously.

"Because we like each other," replied Lily.

"Well, we need a name for you two, don't we? And I've got a perfect one," announced Rick.

"If this is revenge for the Rick-Siren-sick thing, then-"

"Then what?"

"Just tell us the name".

"Demon Kettle".

"So, you just mixed my first name with Lily's last name? That's a bit stupid. And what the heck is a demon kettle? Is it like a kettle with fangs that goes round sucking blood?"

Rick left and the others kids too. Lily went off to her room and I went off to my room. I had an idea. Revenge for revenge. Revenge on Rick for making up the Demon Kettle thing. I waited for five minutes and then went to Rick's room, banging on the door.

"What?" he asked from inside the room.

"Gina says you can come out now". Rick opened the door and walked past me, going downstairs. I scurried into his room, without him noticing me, and looked on his desk. I found a diary which had his handwriting in. Great! I had his diary to embarrass him with, and I also knew what his handwriting looked like. It was curly and loopy, like cursive handwriting.

I walked out of Rick's room with the diary and went back to my room, putting the diary down on the desk. I found a piece of paper and started duplicating Rick's handwriting. I wrote:

Dear Viva,

I love you so much, and I've had a crush on you every day since you arrived here at Elm Tree House. I love your smile and your hair and everything about you. You are so funny and cute and sexy. Every day I want you to kiss you. Will you be my girlfriend?

LOADS of love,


I think my duplication of Rick's handwriting was perfect. I slipped the note under Viva's door: she was at an ice-skating lesson, and she wouldn't be back for a while. Then, I returned to my bedroom and got Rick's diary off the desk. I fell back onto my bed, and opened the diary at the first page. I started flicking through the pages, scanning for all the interesting information. Rick updated his diary nearly every single day. He'd written about his friendship with Tyler, his friendship with Kitty (although he admitted in one entry that he had a tiny crush on her), and- wait, what?I had to re-read it to believe it:

Dear Diary,

Today's been an average day. Tyler was mucking about as usual and Demon's in the middle of making a custard cannon to cover Viva in custard. Sapphire came round today, which made me happy. Obviously. I mean, what's wrong with fancying Sapphire? There's nothing wrong with it. She's really pretty. She's beautiful in fact.

From Rick

Rick fancied Sapphire? Ha-ha! I couldn't believe this. This was just impossible. I'd never stop teasing him! This was even better than when I found out that Elektra fancied Liam a year ago. I read today's entry.

Dear Diary,

Gina's told us to all go to our rooms for shouting at Demon and Lily because they fancy each other. But what Gina doesn't know is that I'm going out in a minute. Sapphire said to meet me at this time in the dark alley down the road.

This didn't sound good. I slipped downstairs, grabbed a coat and ran outside. I ran until I found an alleyway. Rick was there. But Sapphire wasn't.

Two fat men were standing there, one in front of Rick, one behind him, trapping him. They were really, really chubby and had gold necklaces on – probably stolen.

"Did you think you were meeting Sapphire?" queried the first man.

"Well you're not," informed the second man.

"You're going to get beaten up by us".

"And we'll leave you here, crying, bruised, battered, naked. And there'll be nothing you can do about it".

"Not if I can help it," I announced, standing confidently in front of the men.

"Oh, another little kid to beat up. Marvellous," said one of the men.

"Demon, get away from here!" ordered Rick.

"Us Dumping Ground kids stick together".

"Jude, you get that kid," said the first man, indicating me. The second man, Jude, came at me and I punched him in the stomach and he fell to the ground unconscious. I ran over to the first man and he got me in a headlock but I bit his hand really, really hard and he yelped, letting go of me. Whilst he tended to his hand, I punched him in the stomach and he too fell to the ground.

"Quick. Rick, get away from here," I said. "They'll wake up any moment now".

"Okay". We both ran all the way to the Dumping Ground, worrying about the two men. We ran through the doors of the Dumping Ground. To safety.

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