by BizarrePineapple15

Chapter 13: IN JOHNNY'S BED

"More new girls? Is this ever going to stop Mike? I mean, I can't be friends with all of them!" whined Carmen babyishly to Mike, who'd just told us that not one, but two new girls were going to be arriving at Elm Tree House. It was a whole two weeks after the food fight, but Viva and I still hadn't spoken a word to each other and avoided each other as much as possible. Me and Stephanie obviously saw each other at mealtimes and maybe if we were both in the living room at the same time, but I was too nervous to go up to her and talk to her after the kiss, even if it had been two weeks since. She was really pretty, and I really really fancied her, but if I asked her out, she'd probably say no because I was 'too violent', or something.

"The new girls are coming to Elm Tree House because apparently, our care home is one of the best in England. It's ranked very high, everybody thinks we have friendly and excellent care kids, and has rave reviews," replied Mike, sighing wearily. He knew how Carmen's questions tended to drag on for YEARS.

"But... Demon and Elektra live here," whined Carmen.

"Well, how can anybody think that we're good care kids, when Demon and Elektra live here? Because those two are nightmares!"

"Good morning to you too," I said, walking into the kitchen to eat my breakfast. "Of course, what the reviews don't mention is that Carmen Howle is an annoying bratty drama queen idiot-face, and that she'll never stop whining in people's faces to get what she wants. They don't mention how she's really, really stupid, or how Carmen's brain is a bit like the five-headed vegan chair monster of Calcutta".

"Why's my brain similar to a chair monster?" squeaked Carmen, shocked.

"They're both nonexistent," I said.

"You are SO DEAD!" shrieked Carmen. I knew what was coming, and I knew Carmen was going to chase me until she got me, and probably maim me with her viciously sharp nails, so I decided running away was the best option. I ran out of the kitchen, Carmen in pursuit just behind me. I ran past Gus, who was playing a jolly little tune on the piano, and into the office, where Gina and Tracy were working at their computers. The only noise was the continuous, addictive typing noise made by the keys. I ran to the back of the office, pulled the blind up, opened the window and jumped out of it.

"Demon!" cried Tracy. "We do not jump out of windows!" At that moment, Carmen came running into the office, saw that the window was open, opened it and jumped through it.

"Carmen!" cried Tracy. "We do not jump out of windows!" I was already outside, running to a massive tree in the garden. I reached it and was relieved to see that it had several brances jutting out of it – perfect for climbing. I started to climb up the tree as Carmen came jumping out of the office window. She scuttled across the grass and ran up to the tree. I kicked her in the forehead, and she fell over onto the wet grass. I wondered if she was okay. As I climbed further up the tree, I stopped to look down at Carmen. I realised, with horror, that blood was streaming from her forehead.

"There, there, you'll be okay," said Mike quietly, mopping up the blood from Carmen's forehead with a cloth, as Carmen woke up. Everybody had gathered around her after I had run back into the office to say that Carmen banged her head on the tree – not true, but I didn't want to get in trouble. Carmen's eyes opened as she woke up, drowsily looking around, her eyelids fluttering.

"Do we need an ambulance?" asked Gina.

"No, I think she'll be okay. She just needs some rest," replied Mike, helping Carmen up to her feet. "You okay there?" he asked.

"Yeah, I think. But now I just want to kill Demon Traylen," she mumbled.

"Kill Demon? Why?"

"Why do you think my forehead was gushing out blood? He kicked me right in the face!" she screamed, turning to me. I'd been waiting for this. Mike, Gina and Tracy turned to me.

"So how much trouble am I in?" I asked.

"A lot," responded Mike in fury. "My office. Now".

"And this was all because of Carmen calling you a total nightmare?" asked Mike after I'd finished explained why I'd kicked Carmen in the head.

"Well, partly, but it's also because she's a total nightmare!" I protested. "You've got to admit it, she's annoying, weedy and greedy and she always complains about everything! I've never liked Carmen, why should I start now? And I just wanted to tell her to stop being so arrogant and demanding".

"Why couldn't you have used words, though? Why did you have to kick her in the head, Demon? I'm really disappointed in you. Kicking a child deliberately in the head, and you know Carmen's had a tough time, with her mum and everything. As a punishment, I'm officially removing all your allowance for this month".

"What? No, that's not fair!"

"I know it's not, but neither is kicking Carmen in the head".

I angrily stood up and left the office, reminding myself of how much I hated careworkers. They were always so stupid, and they never understood your side of the story, they just understood what the victim would say. Even though Mike was, by far, the best careworker I'd ever known, I was still really annoyed. As I walked out of the office angrily, I bumped into Tracy.

"Ah, Demon! Living room, now! House meeting – I've got a Tracy plan!" I dutifully traipsed into the living room and crashed down onto a sofa. Everybody was staring at me. They were wondering why I'd kicked Carmen, I could just tell.

"What?" I said. They all turned their heads away, and looked instead at Mike, Gina and Tracy, who'd just entered the room for the unveiling of yet another Tracy plan. I dreaded to think what idea Beaker had come up with this time. She began to speak.

"Right, you lot. Listen up, because this is important. You've all been fighting a lot recently, in fact you've been fighting way too much, so I've decided that I'm putting you into empathy pairings".

"What does that mean?" asked Brandon.

"It means that for exactly 24 hours, you lot are going to be each other. You're going to put yourself in their shoes, wear their clothes, sleep in their bedroom and act like them, to try and get a feel of what they must be experiencing. So remember, you can't do a single thing like you would do it – you need to do it as your partner would do it. You can begin by swapping clothes and bedrooms. The project officially begins at 12 o'clock noon, and finishes tomorrow, 12 o'clock noon. It's now 11:55, so you have five minutes to prepare, swap clothes and bedrooms, and we begin at 12". Everybody groaned. This was by far the most unusual and interesting Tracy plan ever. "These are your pairings," she said.

"Viva and Elektra". Both the girls groaned with anger. They hated each other, and were rivals, since Viva thought she was going out with me, and Elektra was my best friend. I felt sorry for both of them, but Elektra more so.

"Demon and Johnny". This was totally not fair. I didn't want to go near anything that had anything to do with Johnny Taylor, my arch-enemy. This was so unfair.

"Carmen and Stephanie". Surprisingly, the girls seemed quite happy about this arrangement. I wondered if they'd become friends. If so, maybe my chances of going out with Stephanie were nil. Kicking your crush's best friend in the head isn't the best way to get a girlfriend.

"Tyler and Gus". Tyler seemed unnaturally enthusiastic about this, dreaming up ways to be Gus, and Gus seemed really annoyed.

"Brandon and Mike," spluttered Tracy. Mike looked really annoyed, and Brandon started bouncing up and down on the sofa in excitement. Everybody started laughing at the idea of Brandon and Mike being each other.

"And me and Gina". Gina groaned in annoyance, but Tracy seemed quite happy. "So, you've got 3 minutes to get yourselves ready to be each other".

At 12 o'clock sharp, Tyler, now wearing a pair of Gus' trousers and one of his black T-shirts, dashed off to Gus' piano and began to play random notes in an awful-sounding tune.

"That's not how you play the piano!" squawked Gus, now wearing a curly black Afro wig he had found in the Cupboard of Junk, as well as one of Tyler's yellow T-shirts and jeans.

"Yes it is, Tyler," responded Tyler, resuming his song again.

Meanwhile, up in Elektra's bedroom, Viva ran in and grabbed the packet of Elektra's blue hair extensions.

"Get off them!" cried Elektra.

"They're mine now, Viva," said Viva, grabbing some of the hair extensions and putting them in her long golden hair. Elektra lunged for her and they started trying to hit each other. Elektra pushed Viva down onto her bed.

"Now listen blondie. I don't want to be you, and you don't want to be me, but we have to stick with it no matter what. So I'm letting you have my hair extensions, but if any of my stuff goes missing, I am going to hit you so hard that A&E will have no idea what to do about it". And with that, Elektra stormed out of the room.

Me and Johnny were having our own troubles. I oblingingly put on one of Johnny's blue T-shirts and one of his blue jackets. I didn't even like light blue stuff. I only liked dark blue stuff. I really, really hated Tracy for this. Johnny was now wearing one of my black T-shirts and a black jacket. We were in his bedroom.

"I cannot tell you how much I hate Tracy Beaker right now," I said to him through gritted teeth.

"Whatever, Johnny," he replied, storming out of his own bedroom. I really didn't like this idea of being somebody else. I didn't like anybody else. I only liked myself. It was going to be the most hellish 24 hours of my life.

It was 12 o'clock noon, the next day, and we'd all assembled once more in the living room. We were all still wearing each other's clothes, and we all looked really really depressed.

"So guys, did you enjoy being other people?" asked Tracy.

"No – really, no!" cried Viva.

"And what did you learn?" asked Tracy.

"That being Johnny is really, really annoying," I replied.

"Well, it's 12 o'clock, so now you can be yourselves! The new girls are arriving any minute now, though, so you better be ready!"

I quickly ran up to my room and got dressed into my normal clothes of black T-shirt, trousers and jacket. All I knew was that the two girls were called Skye and Gabriella. Skye was nine and Gabriella was fourteen. I trudged downstairs. As soon as I did, the door opened and in walked the two girls. I looked at them.

Skye looked a lot younger than nine years old, more like Brandon's age, with short brown hair and brown eyes. She was quite short and was smiling in anticipation. She was wearing a red jumper with a ladybird hood, and jeans, and was holding a toy owl in her hands. Gabriella did look her age of fourteen. She was of average height for her age, and looked athletic. She was wearing shorts with a flowery top, and had long dark brown hair. Her face looked like a heart with a straight nose and two green emerald-like eyes. Gus ran up to them.

"I need to know your names for my list," he chirped.

"Okay..." said Skye. "My name is Skye Walker".

"And I'm Gabriella Nelson," said Gabriella.

"Hello girls, my name is Mike and I'm Head Careworker. I'm sure you're going to love it here, but just watch out for Demon and Elektra. The girl with the blue hair and the evil boy in black". Skye laughed. I just thanked myself that I'd never have to be Johnny Taylor ever again.

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