Hi all, I just wanted to create another story, well, multiple stories, about Mi Nyu and Tae-Kyung. This will comprise of many short stories that will NOT follow a chronological timeline and it will also NOT have any ties to my other stories. With that in mind, enjoy reading!

Chapter 1

I hesitated at the door. I didn't know what to do or what to say. It's been so long since I've seen them- since I've seen her. I gripped the handle of my luggage tightly with sweaty palms.

Why am so nervous? It's not like it's my first date. It's been nearly a decade now.

I took a deep breath and turned the cold knob. Yellow light flooded the doorway. "Daddy?" a soft voice sounded from the other room in uncertainty. A little figure ran down the hallway and paused twenty feet away. "Daddy!" he shouted with joy. "You're home!"

"Appa!" another little one appeared and sprinted towards me with his blanket trailing behind him.

Both boys tackled me down and submerged me with hugs, kisses, and tickles. I laughed and squirmed. I was rendered helpless.

Their giggles and cries of happiness eradicated every anxiety thought I had before. From the corner of my eyes, I spotted a slim yet beautiful physique leaning on the wall. She had an angelic smile on her face with glistening eyes to match. Her delicate fingers reached up to her gorgeous eyes and wiped away a few tears that allocated in them.

Don't cry. I begged her with my eyes. Don't cry. I am back. So please don't cry.

"Dad, did you see the statue of liberty? Were there a million sharks in Hawaii? Did you get to meet any superheroes?" the small one asked enthusiastically.

I grinned at him, "Of course I did! I saw Spiderman, shook hands with The Hulk, and even ate with Batman."

His eyes grew wide. "Really?" He hugged me, "My daddy is the best!"

The older one stared at me and held his cupped hands out. "Appa, did you get something for me?"

I feigned despair and covered my face with shame, "Ah! That's what I forgot! Sorry, bud, maybe next time."

He pouted, "I am not getting off you until you give me my presents," he declared, not falling for my trick.

The younger one tugged his brother's pajamas, "Hyung, daddy says he forgot."

"Nuh-uh! He said the same thing last time but we got toys!" he argued.

I frowned playfully, "Do you not trust my words now?" I addressed the 8 year-old.

He immediately backpedaled, "No, it's not that, dad!" Defeated, he stood up and went over to hold his mother's hand. His younger brother gave me one more hug before doing the same thing.

I got up and for the first time in half a year, I gazed at her- my wife. She returned the same warm glance and I felt a smile appear on my lips. Suddenly, she broke off the eye-contact. "Boy, it's very late and extremely passed your bed-time. Go wash up and head on to bed!"

Whines and complaints inevitably came out of their mouths. "But mom! Dad just got home! Why can't we stay up with him! There's no school tomorrow!"

"Yes! Why can't we? I want to watch movies with Daddy all night!"

Mi-Nyu sighed but refused to budge from her earlier command. "Little boys need sleep in order to grow big and strong!"

"You say that for everything! 'Eating lots of veggies will help you grown big and strong'," the eldest child mimicked.

"You know why I say that for everything? Because it's true," Mi Nyu countered, "So go upstairs and brush your teeth. When I come up, I better see both of you fast asleep."

"But mom!" he continued to argue, but saw no compromise in the future. Desperately, he shot puppy eyes with me.

I covered my eyes, "No! Must. Resist!"

I felt arms wrapping around my left leg. "Please! Daddy! Please! Can we please stay up with you?" the 5 year-old begged, unleashing his ultimate weapon, moist eyes.

I caved in. "Can you overlook it this time, Mi-Nyu?"

She glared at me for giving in so easily to the pleas of our boys. Mi-Nyu sighed and nodded her head.

"Yay!" the children shouted in unison and ran over to hug me again.

"Alright! How about you guys take my suitcase upstairs to my room and then go pick a movie you want to watch while mommy and I will make some snacks," I smiled.

"Okay!" They energetically picked up my bags and hauled them upstairs.

"Oh! And help me unpack the dark blue luggage!" I yelled after them.

Mi-Nyu gave me a suspecting look.

"What?" I asked.

"What did you get them this time? I still haven't gotten all the green slime off the carpet and erase the drawings on the wall that were created with invisible markers," she scowled.

"Don't worry. I got them a bottle of sand from the shores of Hawaii and little, harmless bobble heads," I consoled her.

I took hold of her hand as we walked to the kitchen. "It's nice to be back at home. I missed you," I said shyly.

She smiled delicately. "Really?"

I kissed her softly. "Why would you ask me that? It's obvious that I do."

Mi-Nyu tenderly pushed me back, "We need to make food for the little monsters."

I grinned and went to retrieve apples and other fruits from the refrigerator. We made a simple smoothie accompanied with apple fries.

Thankfully, the food calmed the rowdy boys. Not long after the movie started, our children fell asleep on our laps. "It's not even midnight yet," I whispered to Mi-Nyu. I gently brushed my sons' hair, "they've grown up so fast. I am not going to go away for that long ever again. I want to be there to watch them grow up and to teach them on how to be decent men."

"It's your job. They understand," Mi-Nyu objected.

I shook my head. "Family comes first my fans will understand."

"But what about the band?"

I chuckled, "Our popularity hasn't dropped even though we're getting old. On another note, can you get up without waking them?"

"I don't think so."

"Me either. I guess we're going to sleep on the couch tonight," I grinned.

She smiled back. "Goodnight."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

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