In the 13th hierarchical city of kagutsuchi a young man wearing a hooded cloak had arrived at the entrance to this grand city, after what seemed like a long trip he had arrived at his destination. Saying nothing he glanced up at the sight he saw before him he gave a small satisfied nod but continued to stare at the entrance. Pulling out a small bottle from under his cloak he took a quick swig from it before sealing it again and putting it away.

"So this is the 13th hierarchical city eh...What a uninteresting looking city." He murmured to himself before setting out to begin is ascent to the top of the city. Taking a quick glance from under his cowl and checked to see if anyone was around. To his liking he saw this entrance was free of guards. Without a second thought he began to walk up the stairs to the top.

After what seems like hours he managed to make it to the bascule it was pretty muched deserted, except for a couple of kids that were playing with a dog and her puppies. Without paying much attention to the kids he continued to make a good pace to his destination. His goal was to arrive at the NOL(Novus Orbis Librarium), Headquarters and destroy everything and everyone that got in his way.

Before taking a few steps more a figure stepped and front of him and ordered him to stop. Not paying too much attention he stole a quick glance at the figure it was a woman wearing the standard NOL outfit. With a sigh he relaxed his pace and stared at the girl and in a curt voice he answered.

"Yeah what do you want?" He snapped sounding a little much harasher than intented but it worked. The woman caught off guard by this replied with a soft yet abashed voice. "I-i'm sorry I didn't mean t-to disturb you but..." She paused trying to recollect her thoughts but was interrupted.

"Yeah just spit it out so I can be on my way again!" The girl gave a look as if she was just slapped acrossed the face. "I-i'm sorry..." she repeated again but continued "Its just...That a SS class wanted criminal had been spotted in this area and I wanted to know if you saw anyone suspicious."

Beneath his cowl he let a smirk knowing too well it was hidden from sight underneath the dark shadows. "No I haven't seen anyone except for those two kids over there." He jerked a thumb and pointed to the duo still playing with the puppies. She glanced at the pair and let a smile out at the cute little scene that played out behind them but quickly turned her attention back to the hooded figure.

"Um...If you see anyone suspicious would you please report it to the nearest public office." She let out a sigh and quickly pulled out a wanted picture and handed it to him. "If you see anyone that matches this picture please report it."As quickly as she appeared she was gone glancing down at the picture he saw a familliar face. "Zin the Azure Knight...Hm...Guess after destroying three NOL headquarters they'd catch on sooner or later."

He crumpled the paper up and pulled off his cloak then released his grip on it and letting it catch a breeze of air and fly freely in the wind. "We'll i'm better off walking around like this that cloak will attract too much unwanted attention."

Underneath where his cloak use to be he was wearing he wears a vibrant blue sleeved jacket with two long thin tails hanging from the back. Under it is a black shirt with two black belts. Engraved on the metal plate of the two belts is free and spirit. He wears a pair of black gloves with a red shell on the backs of the hands. His hair is blue silver and spiked up with dark blue eyes. Lying in a large sheath on his back is his sword which is fittingly named scythe, for in its unleashed form it takes the shape of a azure energy blade that seems to be made out of seithr.

"Man that thing was getting kinda hot we'll break times over time to get back to work." Having sucessfully infiltrating or walking straight into kagutsuchi our hero finds himself ready to set out again.


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