Hi there.

My, well penname I suppose, is Eastonia.

I'm helping to campaign for the SAVE DICK GRAYSON petition. So I've thought up of this.

Dick Grayson's birth month is March, so from tomorrow onwards I challenge you to do one of two things. Use the writing prompts below (there are 31 in all) to write something every day. Or you could try and write a chaptered fic of at least 10,000 words in that time.

So the rules?


1. Be Dick Grayson centric.

2. Be gen. (Or with very minor focus on pairings.)

3. Declare that you are taking part in said challenge in your summary (How are we supposed to find your story otherwise?)

What is allowed?

Well, you are allowed to use previous fics as a launch base. This is provided:-

1. You declare to a member of the community staff how many reviews were already present in the beginning.

2. You declare what chapter your challenge work begins at.

And... Actually, that's it.

On the other hand, I will be needing staff to help me out with the community I'll be establishing and to trail through the different Fandoms to place it there (PM me if you would like to do this!). I will also need readers to vote – via review system. The more reviews a story has, the closer the story gets to becoming the winner of a category (TBA).

Any artists can choose to do the challenge in another way - fanart. Please make use of the prompts below for inspiration for a minimum of 4 pieces. (Please PM the staff members of the community your image.)

The winners (with permission) stories/ fanart will be posted onto the SAVE DICK GRAYSON Facebook page.

So without further ado the prompts are (in chronological order for the days of March):-

1. Insomniac.

2. A stolen ring.

3. Spider

4. Dyspnoea (AKA shortness of breath.)

5. Tachycardia (AKA an unusually fast heartbeat.)

6. Firefly.

7. Doppelganger.

8. Riddle.

9. Teenager.

10. Matchstick.

11. Force.

12. Prologue.

13. Epilogue.

14. Guitar.

15. Middle.

16. Climax.

17. Talons.

18. The Round Table.

19. Sword.

20. Magic.

21. Birthday! (Basically – a write whatever you want day. It is the original Robin's birthday.)

22. Prodigal.

23. Runs in the family.

24. Wanderlust.

25. Wildcard.

26. To lead.

27. Carpe diem.

28. Spot of wax.

29. Origins.

30. Resolutions.

31. Safe and sound.

Have fun! And remember to mention that you are undertaking the challenge (we do need to find your fic after all)! BTW please show your support (they kinda want to kill Dick off, again...) and sign the petition (remove the commas)