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Yamada and Ueda Tales

Chapter 5

by: WhiteGloves

"You can go now," said the old man and Naoko was pushed a little toward the exit. She looked back behind her to Ueda who gave her a short nod of encouragement.

"Don't ever comeback," said one of the male villagers.

Naoko looked uncertain for a moment, and then decided to nod. Ueda watched her go with a thoughtful look in his eyes.

Minutes later, Naoko found herself walking by the rocky shore again. The sun was already up the sky and stinging her skin. She has not taken breakfast either so she was not in the mood. So setting herself under the shade of a curved rock, Naoko sat down and sighed.

"I'm very hungry… how come they didn't feed us anything? Prisoners still have rights, after all…"

The quiet island did not answer her as she sulked on.

"Wait for him, he says," she muttered to herself, "what's that guy up to?"

"Are you sure that sensei can take as many treasure as he can and then give it to us?"

Yamada's sharp ears caught the voices talking about 'treasure' from behind the large rock she was in. Seemed like some villagers were behind the rock.

"Yeah, that's what he told the chief. Anyway, if he can prove that those people from Tokyo are real culprits, there's nothing we can do but destroy them,"

"How about if the sensei lied?" asked the companion.

"Then we'll just have to destroy him with them don't we?"

Naoko's eyes widened as she heard this. She crouched a little more to listen.

"But I really can't believe that Tokyo keiji would know so much about the hidden treasure here in our village…"

"Well, that's why he's a keiji, isn't he? He's supposed to know about those things, let alone find them."

"and then give it to us,"

The two men howled in laughter while Naoko clenched her fist.

"…came here about my past eh?" she murmured with eyes flashing, "Ueda!"

"What's his condition in finding the treasure by the way?"

"I heard he was asking for the village chief to stop looking for the missing miko."

At this, Naoko blinked so many times.

"Missing miko, huh? So you think he knows where she is?"

"The village chief has ideas, but if he can find the treasure then who needs a miko? It is only believe that the miko knows where this island's treasure is that's why we're desperately seeking for them. But if the keiji can find it first then we don't need to wait for any miko."

"You're right. Ain't that dangerous? We've tackled those yakuza people from Tokyo and we're no match… they've got guns and all."

"It's the keiji's problem so let em' deal with it. He's probably on his way to that eastern mansion and getting his butt kicked."

"Shame… and here we are betting he could figure out how to get rid of those armed people."

Back at the rock stone, Naoko was nowhere to be seen for she had already ran toward where the eastern mansion was with one thing in mind.

She dashed toward the place where Ueda said the big house was located.

"You idiot, Ueda…" she hissed, "What do you think you're doing trying to get your hands on some treasure without me… and getting yourself killed… you idiot… you think a treasure's more important than your life? You super idiot!"

She ran as fast as she could with determination in her eyes. Just then, as she went near a slope, she saw a familiar figure lying on the ground.


She stopped dead for awhile, uncertain of what to do, until she recognized the body of the tall sensei lying on the floor.


She dashed near him and immediately shook his body with her somewhat shaking hands.

"Hey, Ueda-san! UEDA!"

To her relief, however, Ueda stirred. He opened his eyes and blinked up at her with his glasses askew.

"Thankgoodness!" Naoko breathed as she stared at him, "Are you okay?"

"Uh…" was his short response.

Naoko's worry turned to revolution as she glared at him.

"What do you think you're doing lying here on the ground like that?"

"I don't know… I can't… remember…" he murmured as he tried to sit up and arrange his glasses, "I… I was…"


Just then, Ueda suddenly looked at Naoko with that most serious look he would always reserve when they were in the midst of exposing a crime and the criminal.

"Ueda…?" Naoko blinked at him. Ueda merely stared at her for a moment, and then to her surprise, asked the most bizarre thing he's ever asked her.

"Am I supposed to know you?"


Ueda frowned, the kind of frown he has when he was thinking deeply. For some reason, Naoko felt something stirred in her stomach.

"Oi, Ueda…"

"Ueda? Is that my name?" the keiji blinked innocently that blew Naoko off. "Do I know you?"

"Enough kidding, Ueda," she said quite angrily. "What are you talking about? Of course you know me… it's me, Yamada Naoko!"

But Ueda merely looked at her. That was not a good sign.

"Well, there is a concussion," the doctor said as she faced Naoko, "and a slight bleeding on the top of his head, but it's not something serious, just like a scratch… he seemed to have fallen of somewhere. That or he was hit behind the head or drugged."

"Drugged?" Naoko frowned.

"We found some positive drugs on his system… some strong drugs we don't have any idea where he got from… where did the accident happen?"

As the doctor became agitated with her question, Naoko decided it was about time to leave. She went out the office and saw Ueda with Yabe.

"Oh, how was it?" Yabe asked as Ueda looked at him to Naoko with the same frown he gave her. "Ueda-sensei doesn't seem like he's kidding."

"How can you tell?" Naoko asked.

"He told me my hair is fake. Flat out. The real Ueda-sensei would be sensitive about that."

"So you really admit that it's fake?"

"What did the doctor say?" Yabe asked again as if nothing happened.

Naoko sighed and then looked at Ueda.

"They suspected he fell of and hit his head hard, but they also suspect that he was drugged to forget…"


"Um.. Yabe-san… about that…"

And she told Yabe about Ueda's supposed mission on her island. After telling the inspector the story, Yabe was deeply frowning.

"He probably fell of somewhere high," he convinced himself with a smile.

"Yabe!" Naoko snapped. "Don't mislead the situation! It's clear they did something to him so do something about it! You're a police, aren't you?"

"How am I supposed to deal with a syndicate alone?" Yabe yelled in turn.

"Ano…" Ueda started, looking troubled. Him looking troubled troubled Naoko deeply too. "Can I just go home? I think someone's waiting for me…"

"Huh?" Yabe and Naoko looked at each other.

"Well, you know, like a wife and children…" Ueda smiled.

Yabe and Naoko shot each other an alarmed look.

"Um… wait just second, sensei," the inspector grinned, and then dragged Yamada to a corner.

"See? I told you! He even believes he has children!"

"What do we do?" Naoko asked blinking.

"What else can we do?" Yabe raised his eyebrows at Naoko as if the answer was pretty simple. Naoko got what he meant and this made her unsure.

"You can't make him stay with me with the way he is, Yabe!" she exclaimed, nearly taking off Yabe's hair.

"What else can we do? He can't stay with me, I'm a police!"

"The better reason he should stay with you!"

"I'm always on duty, idiot,"

"I have work!"

"Then take care of him and he'll pay you once he remembers."

"I'm not gonna be tricked with false promises! Of course he'll decline once he get back his old self."

Yabe stared hard at Naoko, and then finally sighed.

"Fine. I'll just hire some woman who can pretend to be her lover or something."

Naoko's eyes rounded.

"Oh right," Yabe added, "I remember he has that secretary for a girlfriend… how can I forget about her easily?"

"She's not his girlfriend!" Naoko hissed, looking outraged, "they were just pretending…"

"Shut up. If you have better ideas then say so already. We can't have Ueda-sensei go home alone with the way he is."

Naoko glared at him, and then at Ueda who was watching them anxiously. This, above everything, made Naoko sigh.

"Oh fine, let him stay with me."

Yabe smirked at Naoko.

"There's nothing we can do, you're the only person next to me that he trusts from the bottom of his heart.

"What are you talking about?"

"But you know, I think you're in a pretty damn situation too," the inspector gave Yamada a serious look.

"What do you mean?" she slowly asked.

"Well…" Yabe looked at Ueda who was reading a post on a bulletin board as if he was absorbed by its information, "What does it feel like to be forgotten by the person who was the only one to acknowledge your existence?"

Naoko didn't react but merely stared after the Inspector who slowly walked toward Ueda and tapped him on the back. She watched them, with her eyes boring on the tall professor.

What Yabe said just now… were there some truths about it?

"Ueda, come here!" Naoko called as she pushed open her apartment door and pushed Ueda in. "This is my house."

Ueda hesitated a little as he went in, making Naoko a bit irritated.

"Just go in like you usually do and drink my tea like you usually do!" she snapped.

Ueda gave her a look which somewhat distracted her for he looked so uncertain. Ueda Jiro, uncertain? The world must have gone nuts!

"…ano…" he whispered as Naoko pushed pass her and started unloading her arm with the bags she was carrying, "who are you?"

Naoko pressed her eyes patiently and turned a glare at the professor.

"I told you my name is Yamada Naoko!"

Ueda merely stared at her. This made her feel suddenly empty. His unrecognizing eyes were hurting her… somehow…

"Am I really living with you?" he asked after a moment.

Naoko stared at him, and then dropped on her only table.

"Sit down," she instructed him which he gladly followed.

"You…" Naoko started as she gave Ueda a calculating look, "Did you really forget all about me?"

Ueda gave her a long look.

"Should I remember you?" he then flatly asked.

Naoko's eyes narrowed and her fist clenched.

"BAKKA UEDA!" she shouted out of nowhere that made the keiji jump in surprise. Naoko turned away, feeling irritated and angry.

How can Ueda forget about her so easily? Those dangerous things they have went through together, those adventures they shared together—how can he forget all of that like it was all a dream? And will it be just like a dream for him where in like she never existed in his life? How selfish can Ueda be?

"…oi…" Ueda whispered after a few moments, "why are you crying…?"

For Naoko's eyes has already filled with tears and is now flowing down her cheeks.

"I'm crying because you're an idiot!" she hissed, turning away and wiping her cheeks. She was about to stand up but Ueda's hand shot out of nowhere and pulled her back.

Surprised at what happened, Naoko looked at his hand, and then up at the sensei who was looking at her quietly as if he wanted to say something.


The keiji stared hard at her, and then murmured,

"Could it be… you're crying because of me?"

Naoko gave him a look, and then blinked and pulled her hands away from his grip, making him a little surprised.

"Wh—why would I cry because of you? This is nothing. I got something in my eyes."

Ueda Jiro stared at her for a few moments, and then nodded.

"What's our relationship then?" he asked, "Are you my sister?"


Naoko glared at him.

"We are in no way that closely related, you got that?" she said firmly as she gave him a look, "You are… we…"

And she looked at him once more with a very lost look in her eyes. Ueda blinked at her and then frowned.

"You and I…?" he muttered,

"We… we're very distant cousins."

Ueda blinked. Naoko looked away.

How can she admit it… even with Ueda's lost state there's no way she can tell him that flatly and straightly… not yet…

"Cousin?" Ueda murmured, nodding a little, "Then where's my girlfriend?"

Naoko shot him a surprised look.


"That inspector said I have a girl friend," Ueda grinned from ear to ear this time, making Naoko somehow see the familiar characteristics of the old keiji.

"You…" she muttered with a dark look at the keiji, "never change at all except from forgetting me… you are really an idiot!"

Ueda looked taken aback.

"Your girlfriend is not here!" she shouted at his face with her own face very red, "she's in another country."

"That's impossible!" Ueda countered, looking adamant, "Yabe-san said she's in my office waiting for me to return!"

"I thought you've forgotten about everything!" she demanded.

"What can I do if that inspector told me about it? Of course I'd want to see her! She'll be worried about me!"

"How can you see her when you don't even recognize her?" she challenged.

That shut Ueda up. Naoko was bristling.

"Just shut up and stay here," she said after awhile, standing up while still glaring at him, "if you go out of this room there'll be plenty of trouble."

Ueda stared at her looking disappointed.

Naoko pressed her eyes closed.

Until to what length is this man willing to make her heart go up and down?


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