The wind blows at my blonde hair, tendrils flying out behind me as I frolic through the flower filled field. The aroma of the plants fill my nose as my bare feet patter to my destination. It's my secret hiding place- away from my mother, and the nymphs. A place I keep secret, for when I need solitude from mother's overbearing-ness. Now, you must be asking yourself some questions. Who am I? Who is your mother? And why is she so overbearing?

Well, if you ask, I suppose I must answer. My name is Persephone, goddess of spring. If you put two and two together, you'll realize that my mother happens to be Demeter, goddess of Agriculture. The reason my mother is so overbearing is because, well….I'm all she's got. My father, Zeus, king of the gods, has a wife, Hera (Who's crazy), so it's not like she has a man to keep her company. I think he's the reason my mother refuses to allow me to see any men…..which is quite unfair. But, alas, if she wishes it, I suppose I must follow it. Speaking of my mother, wasn't I supposed to meet her when the sun meets the tips of the trees?

"Oh Zeus!" I mutter, looking at the sky. "She's going to throw a fit if I'm late!" I run to the edge of the woods, away from the small meadow. My pale feet contrast greatly with the vivid green of the moss & grass that fills the woods.

"Persephone! Persephone! Where are you!" my mother calls out, her voice shrill & frantic. I step out of the dimly lit trees, showing her my presence. "Oh Persephone," Demeter breathes out, the crease lines on her forehead disappearing, "I was so worried!"

A look of confusion appears on my face. "Why? I told you I was going out to explore for a bit."

"Yes, but that doesn't give you the right to come back late? What if you encountered something horrible? I'd never be able to live with myself if that happened!" My mother looked near-to tears. I gave a heavy sigh, 'she's so over dramatic sometimes', I thought. Of course, I'd never say that out loud. Even if she's a bit over the top, she's been here for me my whole life. Whether that was a good or bad thing, I wouldn't know.

"I'm sorry mom, I lost track of time. Forgive me for my forgetfulness. I'll see to avoid such situations in the future." My green eyes bore straight into hers. My eyes are really the only think I inherited from my mother, if I think about it. My face looks more angular than her round, my hair is blonde like my fathers, and my body is much taller than my mother's 5'5, my height going to about 5'8. The only quality I've really got from my mother are my startling eyes.

My mother smiles softly, reaching her arms out to wrap me into her warm embrace. "Well, as long as you're sorry. I'll see to it that you don't forget such things in the future. Now, did you eat?"

I gave a swift nod of my head, my straight hair swinging around my body as I do so. "I ate before I left two hour's ago. I think I'll be okay until morning. I'll just grab some bread before I go to my chambers."

She reaches up to give my sharp cheek a pat, and then turns, walking back towards our quaint little cottage. Ivy grows over the stone, and flowers bloom all around the edges. I follow her, my hair going to and fro as I do. I walk in behind her, and make my way to the kitchen, going to grab a piece of bread. After doing so, I make my way to my room. It's not huge, but it isn't small either. The walls are a sky blue, and plants grow all over, in various different pots. Daffodils over in one corner, orchids in the other, and etc. I strip out of my light blue toga- revealing enough for the warmth, but not revealing enough to be provocative. I would never hear the end of it from mom if I were to every wear something provocative. I grab my sleeping attire, put it on, and climb into my bed. Tucking myself into the cool, sleek covers, I twist and contort my body, going into a ball. I think about the day, and how it's been. I think about adventures heroes have been on- adventures the wood nymphs always talk about.

I want to do something with my life, other than this. I frowned, and closed my eyes, drifting off into a dream-less slumber.