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A soft fluttering noise made Shaiden look up from the daisy chain she was making. A tiny greenfinch was pecking for worms a few feet away from her. Its tiny head poked up in a sudden movement, beady black eyes looking curiously at her.

"Hey there little birdy, something wrong?" she said quietly so as not to spook it.

The bird skipped closer to her and gave her a tiny cheep.

"Oh, I see, you wanna be friends, right?"

Cheep cheep.

She took that as a "yes". She opened her hands close to the greenfinch and let it hop into her palms. She slowly lifted them closer to her face.

"I'm Shaiden. What's your name birdy? Oh yeah, you can't speak. I bet you like flying, huh? I wonder what it's like to fly, I can jump pretty high but that's not the same, is it?"

The bird's beak has a beak about it that made it look like it could be smiling. Of course that was impossible for a bird, but it did have that look about it. Its wings started to fidget and it took flight.

"Bye little bird." Shaiden called as it flew to the clouds, giving a small wave.

A rustle and a thump from behind her made her turn around. Something had fallen out of a nearby tree, that something was her older brother Thorne.

"Hey sis, what'ya doing" he said pulling a leaf from his hair.

"Talking to birds."

Thorne ruffled Shaiden's hair.

Thorne let out a laugh.

"But they like me Thorne."

"My little sister can talk to birds. Haha."

Shaiden stood up. "I'm not little! I'm seven! And I'm only two and half years younger than you! And I'm almost as tall as you!" she said, standing on her tiptoes and sticking her tongue out at him.


Shaiden buried her head in Kook's chest, smiling as they cuddled. She wrapped her arms around him harder. Her smile widened as Kook nuzzled her forehead.

"I love you Kook."

"I love you too Shaiden."

She had always a way of attracting birds.

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