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Hinata quickly exited the noisy club hoping no one would notice her absence. Ino had helped her dress for their girl's night out. She wore dangerously high heel and a piece of black material Ino called a dress. Her long purple hair was curled slight and she wore a small amount of make up.

The reason she had left the club was because males and even some females were grinding into her nearly naked body. The quiet clicking of heels snapped Hinata out of her thoughts and she turned around ready to defend herself.

Um… sorry hinata I didn't mean to scare you. But Ino is totally pissed you left. Sakura said. She was dressed in a bright pink micro dress that zipped up at the front with a black zipper. A small silver heart hung from black velvet tantalizing close to her medium sized swells. A bracelet with several onyx stones hung from her delicate wrist. Her short pink hair had been straightened.

It's okay I really don't want to go back to the club. Hinata told her trying not to look at the other girl's tits.

I know what you mean. But Ino told me to drag you back to the fun. Sakura said openly ogling the clueless girl's sexy body. Who was totally clueless she grabbed Hinata's hand and dragged her towards the club

Do I have to go back? Hinata asked while staring at Sakura's swaying ass.

Well…there's something else we could do. Sakura answered with a huge smile on her face.

What? Hinata questioned curiously.

Sakura dragged them to an alleyway by the club. She pinned Hinata's hand above her head. Hinata was looking very confused and this cause Sakura to giggle.

The hand that wasn't holding Hinata's hand captive pushhed down the black dress. Exposing huge tits to the cold air and Sakura's greedy eyes." god…in ever imagined they were so beautiful. Sakura groaned as she buried her face into Hinata's chest. Sucking on one of Hinata's pretty pink nipples.

Please…please stop Sakura. I…don't ant this. Hinata whispered as she struggled against the hand holding her.

Really? You don't want this. We'll see about that. Sakura stated. Her hand leaving the nipple before Hinata's entrance that was weeping with pleasure." I thought you said you didn't want this." Sakura said as she pushed one finger into Hinata's tight pussy. She pumped in and out as Hinata moaned and clawed at the wall.

Sakura pulled her finger out and pushed Hinata to her knees." Eat my pussy." Sakura ordered Hinata slowly pulled down the tiny thong and stared at Sakura's shaven pussy. It was a really a beautiful sight, the pink lips were covered with slick juices.

Sakura was getting impatient and tugged Hinata's mouth to her pussy. Slowly and reluctantly Hinata licked the other girls opening. Sakura's moans encouraged her and she attacked the girl's pussy like a pro.

"Yes. Oh yes." Sakura screamed as her juices flowed into Hinata's mouth. Sakura pulled Hinata into the cold stone wall and knelt down. You were excellent and now it my turn." She said with a smile.

Thrusting three fingers into Hinata's pussy and kissed her. Their tongues slid into each other's mouths. You have such beautiful tits play with them for me." Sakura ordered once again. Hinata's hands pulled on her hard nipples Good girl." Sakura cooed thrusting her fingers harder into Hinata's pussy. She watched as Hinata pled with her tits. Hinata's orgasm struck suddenly and she screamed out in pleasure.

Sakura sucked on two cum covered fingers. Licking them clean she offered Hinata the last one. The girl sucked it clean shyly.

Sakura smile as she lowered her head to rest in between Hinata's spread legs. She blew cold air on the wet pussy and Hinata jumped in surprise. Sakura's warm tongue collected some delicious juices still flowing from her pussy.

Sakura moaned at the taste causing the vibration to please Hinata's pussy. Sucking on her clit Sakura roughly shoved three fingers into her own dripping pussy. She kept time as she thrusted her tongue into Hinata's pussy and her fingers in to her own.

Moaning both girls cummred at the same time. Sakura cleaned Hinata's pussy while Hinata sucked on Sakura's coated fingers.

Sakura helped Hinata up and the girls made out before entering the club. Both girls grinded against each other. Making all the boys wish they were in between the sexy ninja's.

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