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Warnings: lactation, oral sex and fingering and mentions of masturbation.


Sakura had been upset when another baby had due to it being abandoned. So she recruited herself to be a wet nurse. She was given hormones by Tsunade to make her lactate and every few hours her breasts would became heavy and swollen with healthy milk. It had been several months and she was still taking hormones to save the babies lives.

The only problem apart from having to be pumped every few hours was that she would become so horny and she would use anything to get herself off.

Anko, her girlfriend had not been happy when she had shoved plastic dicks or bottles into her soaked pussy for a quick release. So Anko decided to do something about it

It was nearly time for Sakura's next pumping session but before she made it she was kidnapped blindfolded with her ninja headband and gagged with her wet panties. She had also been bound to an uncomfortable chair her legs spread wide apart.

"Sakura, Sakura, Sakura you've been a very, very bad girl. So I'm going to punish you." Anko said seductively before leaving.

Anko left Sakura overnight while she masturbated with a huge dildo. Then she finally went to see Sakura after a huge breakfast because she thought it was going to be a long day. She was happy to see Sakura's breasts had become huge with milk. Her pussy was spilling juices that had leaked down the chair to create a puddle at her feet.

Smiling Anko shoved three fingers into her girlfriend's pussy who automatically started to try and hump them even though she had restricted movements due to her restraints. Sucking on her soaked fingers Anko thought about her next move. She loved seeing Sakura with breasts larger than hers and she wondered just how big they could become. Well it was time to find out.

Injecting three shots of hormones into one nipple Sakura moaned and cum leaked out of her pussy. Doing the same to the other nipple Anko decided to wait as she was trying to punish Sakura.

Sakura's body shook as the hormones entered her system. She cummed and cummed. Moaning like a slut.

Anko only came to visit her when she would inject hormones into her. It had been a week of constant orgasms and her swollen breasts were dripping milk every time she breathed.

Anko was delighted to see Sakura's breast were bigger. They were so huge, bigger than any she had ever seen at least double the size of Tsunade's. Pinching a rock hard nipple milk squirted out. Smiling as an idea came to her mind. Anko with some trouble picked Sakura up and placed her on a cold table. Spreading her legs apart she shackled her ankles and then done the same to her wrists.

"Beautiful." Anko said before straddling Sakura's flat stomach.

Kissing Sakura's wet pussy Anko's expert tongue licked up all the juices before more gushed out she ate Sakura's pussy until she was full. Bringing up one of the breast pumps she brought it to Sakura's pussy causing a muffled moan.

Anko laughed before climbing onto her giant breast that expelled milk from the pressure. Placing her clit on the pebbled nipple she began to rock back and forth. The milk squirted onto Anko's little pearl forcefully. Causing her moans to mix with Sakura's.

Anko started to play with her opening pumping a finger into her tight passage. After what felt like an eternity she gave up to the pleasure and cummed on the giant boulder that was now Sakura's breast. Stopping only to reposition herself Anko once again started to hump Sakura's nipple and sucked the other one she found another two orgasms before she slid off the breast.

Anko took off the blindfold so Sakura could she see just how huge her tits were. "Aren't they beautiful." Anko asked as she nibbled on a red swollen nipple. "Do you want to be milked?" She asked holding up a pump.

Sakura nodded her head. "Okay but first who will you come to for pleasure." Anko asked before taking out the soaked makeshift gag.

"You." Sakura croaked.

"Good." Anko said placing a powerful pump on her chest. Sakura moaned as she was pumped it took several hours to pump all the milk out and Sakura's pained breasts were back to their original size.

"Aren't you going to unlock me now." Sakura asked in a throaty voice.

"Oh your punishment isn't over yet. You haven't eating in days so I'm going to feed you." Anko smiled before sitting her pussy on Sakura's mouth. Roughly rocking back and forth as Sakura ate her pussy. Moaning as an orgasm shook her body.

Anko slid off Sakura's face. Sitting on her aching chest. " I bet you're still hungry." Anko said before reaching behind her and taking the pump off Sakura's pussy. She had already filled seven bottles with cum. Anko poured it down Sakura throat. Sakura choked a bit before relaxing and letting her cum fill her up more.

There was still five bottles left and as Anko sucked Sakura's tongue into her mouth a nasty thought entered her mind. Rubbing some cum onto her hands she began to rub it onto Sakura's legs. "Bath time" Anko called with a smirk rubbing the cum up all the way to her thigh before doing the same to the other leg. She paid a lot of attention to Sakura's red pussy.

Pouring cum all over her flat stomach and chest she rubbed her body against Sakura's making them sticky as their tongues clashed.

Anko removed herself from Sakura's mouth though a bit of saliva still connected them. Grabbing the empty breast pumps she put them on Sakura's tits.

"Please don't, please don't it'll hurt." Sakura begged pitifully.

" Good." Anko said putting the pump on high.

The suction began to arouse sakura and she started to thrash about. On the table shaking her head from side to side while moaning loudly.

Anko watched before putting her face in between Sakura legs. Her pinky finger stroked Sakura's clit. And that's when she exploded her sweet cum spluttered onto Anko's smirking face.

"That was fun." Anko said licking the cum off her lips.