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It was time for the Annual Fleet Week, when each member of the Navy would get shore leave. The Navy came to Boston each year as the port was one of the largest on the East coast. This year, Fleet Week was a first for many, including one of Boston's finest, ex-Detective Barry Frost. He had enlisted in the Navy to prove his father -Admiral Frost- wrong, and that he could do his job, no matter what that job entailed. Jane and Maura had not seen nor heard from Frost since he had enlisted, and they were excited to meet up with him during his shore leave.

The two had arranged to meet at their local haunt, The Dirty Robber, a favourite among sailors and Detectives alike. Waiting in their usual booth, for the arrival of Frost, Maura played with the stem of her wine glass, anxiously turning to glance to the door, whenever she heard it swinging open and another bunch of rowdy sailors entered the bar. Jane took note of this and she raised her brow at Maura, "What are you so antsy about?" she asked the Medical Examiner.

"Me?" Maura turned her focus back to Jane now and furrowed her brows slightly, "Just eager to see Detective Frost again, it's been a while." she nodded softly.

"He's not a Detective anymore, Maura." Jane corrected her, "It's been too lo- Maura...what? Really?"

"What...?" Maura shrugged gently and sipped her wine as the former Detective appeared at their table, smiling down to them.

"Mind if I take this seat?" he chuckled and looked from Jane to Maura, and back to Jane again, "It's good to see you two!" he smirked, opening his arms up for a hug from Jane before he glanced to Maura, "You both look well. Mind if I sit?" he asked, gesturing the space beside Maura.

"Of course." she smiled and nodded, brightly before looking to Jane as she spoke up.

"Want a drink, Frost?" she asked him.

"Sure, it'll have to be something non-alcoholic though." he shrugged softly, "Admiral Frost has been hard on my ass, ever since enlisting..." he told them, shaking his head. It was a no-go zone for him. It was bad enough he was now part of the Navy, but to be under the command of his father was even worse an offense.

"Coke okay?" Jane offered and smiled to him, as she stood to head over to the bar. Leaving once she got the nod of approval from Frost.

Once Jane had moved over to the bar, Maura sat in silence, clearing her throat awkwardly in the presence of Frost. She had no idea what to say, she had had such a small soft spot for him ever since that moment in the morgue when he'd told her what he was afraid of, and she had shared her fear. She had noticed that his attitude toward her had changed. He understood her, so she thought.

"So, what's new Doc?" he asked her, turning to glance at her, seeing her hands shaking softly.

"I've been busy, a lot of cases. Some we've never seen before." she nodded and swallowed as she saw Frost's face paling at the mention of new cases. He was obviously picturing what some of the 'never seen before' ones entailed, "And you? What have you been doing..?"

"This and that.." he chuckled gently.

"Right." Maura nodded in response, not entirely sure of what next to say.

"I hope Jane's been nice to you." he chuckled a litle, after a short time.

"Oh, Jane's always nice...most of the time." Maura added, smiling to Frost.

"You got that right." Frost chuckled and nodded, looking up to Jane as she appeared at their table carrying another drink each for she and Maura, and placing down Frost's Coke before him.

"So, I think a toast is in order, huh?" she suggested.