Chapter 11: Dance the night away

"are you ready Bella?"

Helen knocked on my door for the fifth time in five minutes.


I said annoyed. Spraying a tad of perfume behind my ears i opened the door. I was wearing a thigh length golden silk dress with a delicate pattern on the left breast making it look invincible under the perfect light. I had added on my necklace that had arrived as the official 'yes you're in' gift by the skulls, as roger had requested.

Dad drove us in a classic '63 thunderbird to a dock, the same docks where the coffins were placed last month where we boarded a boat. the boat took us to a private island in the middle of the large lake. servers with black bowties helped Helen and I out of the boat and we were escorted inside the large stone house.

"wow, this place is fantastic"

I whistled.

"I should thank my decorators then"

Katherine Lloyd said behind me. I smiled

"Dean LLoyd"

"please, school is over, Call me Katherine"


she smiled friendly and left to mingle with other people. on the gate were two symbols, a large Skull with an Ivy wrapped around it. we walked inside. the vast hall was adorned with paintings, and was filled with people. Men in their tuxedos and Skull medallions and women in formal dresses all sharing the same Ivy tattoo. soft jazz musing was played by a quartet in a corner loud enough to dance to it yet low enough to not stop the various conversations. on a whim Charlie took me to the dance floor

"dad, I didn't know you could dance"

"my parents made me learn"

we chuckled together.

"I wanted to apologies Bella"

"for what?"

"not opening up on the whole skulls deal, pressuring you to get better after Edward left, not being there when you were growing up, take your pick"

"dad, me going depressed after Edward left was my fault. I let him mold me into what he wanted and then I had to redefine myself. from what i understand, we are not allowed to even mention the word skull to outsiders. as for being absent well, so what? you were there every time I needed you, dad. mom runs when things get tough, you don't. she chose to move on and pick a fight when I chose college over moving in with her, you dealt with Victoria. you're here and that's all that matters"

"may I cut in?"

roger interrupted. charley glared at him for a second before handing me over.

"he doesn't like me, does he?"

roger asked me as we swayed

"the first time he met you, we were making out in his hospital room. what do you think?"

"point taken"

we shared a laugh and he twirled me around

"where is Kimberly? I haven't seen her all night"

he pointed where Kimberly was dressed in a pink dress locking lips with a guy in a tuxedo and a dark green shirt

"do they even come up for air?"

"don't remind me"

he groaned

"you're lucky to not have a horny sister in your house"

"I love being an only child, I get pampered on every side"

I joked laughing when he dipped me and kissed him when he pulled me up again. a bell stopped all dancing at once.

Victor, Roger's grandfather stood on a pontium with Christopher on one side and Katherine on the other.

"every year we gather here to celebrate the end of the school year and to congratulate our new members. as we all know the skulls and Ivys are interconnected on the deepest level of them all"

"that is why when the Ivys got into some troubles this year the skulls were asked to help"

"and help we did. we send one of our own to help clear out the bad seed and she did a great job. Everyone I would like a round of applause for our members and their great job. Miss Isabella Swan"

I did a little curtsie hating being on the spotlight as the large room erupted into clapping.

"And now, lets drink, dance and party!"