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Sawada Tsunayoshi: 24

Gokudera Hayato : 15

Yamamoto Takeshi: 15

Hibari Kyouya : 17

Sasagawa Ryohei : 16

Lambo : 15

Rokudo Mukuro : 16

Chrome Dokuro : 14

I-pin : 15

Arcobalenos : mid-twenties

Sunlight filtered in through bullet proof windows and seven people sat around a meeting table waiting for their leader. These were the elite staff of Vongola academy, seven teachers so legendary that one taught by any of them could either be traumatized for life or become geniuses in the world. They were the arcobalenos. However, their tales shall be left for another time. For now, let's focus on a certain green haired professor. He is typing furiously, glasses glinting in the sunlight when abruptly, he stops.

"Interesting." He is smirking and the others cease in their actions to look at him.

"What?" Reborn pushes his fedora up a little and cannot deny that he is curious.

"Gokudera Hayato, also known as Smokin' Bomb Hayato because of his occasional use of dynamites and his tendency to smoke. Up till two weeks ago, was rude to peers and teachers, excepting us, skipped class on a daily basis and was on the brink of expulsion." Reborn snorts, he remembers that kid perfectly.

"He didn't even listen to me. He went back to school for two days and was back to skipping." Reborn pulls his fedora a little lower, he does not like failure.

"However…now his attitude has appeared to have significantly improved, he is barely polite to people but still polite. And he has not missed a single day of school after skipping for a week…moreover; it appears that he has, at the moment, stopped looking for fights. It is a drastic attitude change. I cannot find any reason that triggered it."

"Then let's just drag him in for an interrogation, kora!" at this moment, Luce enters the room, she has heard some of their conversation and is rather worried about Gokudera should the arcobalenos decide to…interrogate him.

"Why don't we observe him for a while more, it's a good thing that he's changed. Let him be for a while." Colonello looks like he is about to argue but the look Luce gives him shuts him up, in the end, he cannot defy his precious leader. Reborn shrugs, it doesn't matter. He'll find out who or what change Gokudera eventually, he's Reborn after all.


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