Love Hara ♥

By: Fuu Hououji

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A/N: Well, this is the prologue. Yes, I decided that my story could use a prologue, though it didn't really need one, I just felt like writing one. Juline and Kio are four, okay.


A shimmer of orange light made it's way through Juline's open window. The wind inflated the room as if it was on fire. The sunset above the tops of the trees was one far too beautiful to describe in mere words. It was a sunset filled with blue and purple mixed together on the outside. Closter to the center there was a bright satsuma orange and melon red with a pail creamy yellow in the center. Tonight it seemed the wind called to a little girl and she sat atop her bedroom's roof staring off into the complex of colors. All of her problems and troubles seemed to vanish for a few minutes as she took in its immense beauty.

A tear found its way down her cheek as she found herself thinking back to what had happened that day. "Oh, birdie." She whispered the words in a sorrowful voice. "Why Juline?" she asked as she looked up at the sky. The four-year-old girl sat atop her dojo's roof and cried into her hands. "Come back Juline, please." The little girl repeated once again just as a little sparrow landed on her shoulder. It chirped twice and Juline cocked her head up to look at the little bird. "Oh it's you Juline!! You came back!! Oh! I'm so happy Juline!! Thank you!" she let two more tear fall down her face, but they were tears of joy. "Thank you!"

A smile crept across a young boy's face as he watched his best friend. She had been upset all day. He remembered the horrified look on her face when Ryoku had told her that Juline might not come back. And now that same little girl was over come with delight. She changed so fast, he wasn't sure he'd ever be able to catch up to her. The joy she felt astonished him more and more each day. It was something about her joy that made her such a special person. She was so loving and full of life. Kio smirked to himself; he knew he was smart for a boy his age, and cute too. Or at least that's what his mother always told him, but what did mothers know anyway?

Kio watched Juline from the garden. He smiled at her when she noticed he was there and they waved to each other before Kio walked into the dojo. He looked both directions before he ran down the hall. He knew if Ryoku caught him running he'd be forced to go home. He stopped at Juline's door, and slowly turned the knob. He felt like a spy on a secret mission. He smiled as he reached the window and climbed to the roof. He sat down next to Juline and they admired the sunset together.

The two talked amongst themselves until they where caught by Ryoku. Kio was sent home and Juline was sent to bed. The two gave each other friendly gestures and Kio left for his house. She glanced one last time up at Juline, who was contentedly sitting on her perch. "Good night, Juline." whispered the young girl closing her eyes and allowing the darkness of dreams to pull her in. The thought of her best friend kept a smile on her face.


A/N: Aw, how cute. I admit Kio & Juline make quite a cute couple, but Hara really does deserve a chance with Juline. Chapter 1 & 2 are out! Constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks you!