Love Hara ♥

By: Fuu Hououji

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              Juline stepped out onto the balcony and swiftly moved towards the woods. Her eyes explored every nook and cranny of area for her friend, all the while stroking the landscape with her serene golden gaze. As she reached the foot of the forest she saw something golden flash from within its depths. It took her but a second to realize who it was. Hara. She didn't even have to look at his face to know he was waging an inner battle against himself. She looked harder and realized that he was crying. Her eyes widened in surprise as a single sparkling tear rolled down his cheek.

              Braving the rough path she strode toward the distraught youth. An earnest sensation told her to comfort him but at the same time a glowing fright urged her to stay away. It had taken every ounce of her strength to keep from running away when Hara had kissed her. Since she grew up in training she truly understood what it meant to stand her ground. Running away never solved anything and so, even though she may have been shaking down to her small toe she would remain unmoved.

              Crouching down she took her seat on the log next to Hara. The expression that appeared on his face was one of scattered emotions. She could not tell if he was depressed or simply lost in thought. "Hara…" she groaned inwardly when he coldly continued to stare off into space. That answered her question for he must have been angry. "I'm really sorry. This is probably all my fault, I-"

              "Juline, don't go blaming yourself." For what seemed like the first time in ages his deep eyes looked into her brown ones. Though something was different, this Hara didn't blush when he looked upon her the way he used to. This Hara had deep, dark eyes, stained with rejection. "It should be okay. It's not like you knew that I…had those kinds of feelings before." Now it was Juline's turn to blush as she burst out in giggles. He smiled softly at her embarrassment and frustration.

              "That's not true." She said in a more serious voice, "Even Kio said so. I was… leading you on." She looked down at her boots and then up into his eyes for some kind of change, a sign, anything! All Hara did was shrug his shoulders and sigh defeatedly. Then she stood, her flushed face returning to its normal shade. "Hara, I'm very sorry. But we can't just wallow." Her voice was once again more cheery and she smiled brightly. "Why don't we go back inside and change? School should be starting soon…" she began to walk towards the dojo without an answer from her companion and he fallowed slowly behind her.

Soon they were at the temple gates and Juline tried her best to act friendly with Hara. His face was no longer red from crying, and his eyes cleared up some. They could stay friends. She smiled at one of Hara's jokes as they talked. He would need time to heal but he could do it. She knew he could… She just prayed that Kio wouldn't get jealous and beat the poor kid up too soon.



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