Miranda sat on her bed in a pair of old pajamas, yes she had a pair of old reliable pajamas. Her heart was breaking, another thing people didn't realize she had. Her heart had been hung out on a line waiting for a response, waiting to be taken down and held. But now its been how many days, she lost track since she heard from the women that has had her heart out there, she was worried sick hoping it wasn't the worst.

She was a pessimist though when it came to these things, she always feels like someone will leave her. It wouldn't ultimately surprise her people always left her, they always walked out the door and never came back. What would make Andrea much different, what makes Andrea different is that she was completely one hundred percent honest with her. If all the women wanted was friendship then that is all she would be she just needed to know what was going on.

Her stomach began to turn, the feeling of getting sick ran through out her body. Trying to stop it she laid down on the bed, praying to whatever God was out there that she get answers soon, curling up into a protective ball Miranda waited. Her emotions always got the best of her, it was something she needed to work on but right now all she could feel was the memory of her ex lovers all over again and the pain they caused her, and how she still felt in her heart Andrea was different.