Yay! New story! I promise I will finish Mentally Lost, I realize I haven't updated that in a while…

Cult within the Corps: Introduction

So, if you've read my other story Spring Fever (or at least the third chapter) you must know the coffee lord! And if you haven't (shame on you for not reading it ) I will introduce you to him and his rather small group of worshippers!

Halt- the ultimate coffee lord!

Will- technically the founder, he made the song up

Gilan- who caused the situation where Will made up the song

There you go! Now that you've met them, we can move on!

The song (courtesy of Will):

We praise the coffee lord!

The coffee lord, the coffee lord.

We praise the coffee lord,

Who drinks coffee all day long!


The chant:

"We bow in front of you,

We praise you,

We worship you,

As you are the Ultimate Coffee Lord."

Moving on… to the story! See you next chapter!