Chapter…5, I believe: Their Army Grows

"I demand you stop this madness RIGHT NOW!" Halt pounded is fist on Crowley's makeshift table, scattering its contents every which way. Papers, a leftover muffin (courtesy of the kitchen from that morning before he had departed), and various crumbs from unidentifiable foods scattered, rolling under the tent flap door and flying into Halt's beard were amongst the many objects. Just then, Will and Gil walked in.

A mug of coffee, cold and half empty.

Flying off the table.

Willers gasped.

Gilan Davidson shrieked.

Both dived to save it, before Halt saw this terrible tragedy.

The Coffee Lord could not afford to see his precious drink wasted before his very eyes.

They would be severely punished.

Will started hyperventilating as Gil nursed the mug back to warmth, his feeble breath onto the remnants of the coffee not changing a thing. Crowley raised an eyebrow in amusement, and Halt rolled his eyes.

"See what I mean?" Halt stalked out of the tent, not wanting to be in the presence of these disgusting worshippers of his. Immediately following the appearance of his left foot stepping between the canvas, cheers erupted from a few handfuls of Rangers lined up outside. To name a few, there was Phil (that nincompoop actually had graduated), Kevin, Nathan, Brady, and a few older faces who were always up for a good joke. Halt sighed; he knew Gil and Will were up to something displeasing when their coffee pots were still stowed safely in their saddle bags, along with their coffee beans. Halt had investigated, noting that the pots were padded with many layers of old rags and torn up pieces of cloth. He had a feeling it had to do with him. And that was never a good feeling when it came to his former apprentices.

He went over to where his things were set up, and even the bugs and many mosquitos stayed far away from him. They hovered back, watching him as if he was god and they were his worshippers, fearing him, even.

"I told you everyone and everything respects Halt the Coffee Lord!" Gilan hissed to Will as they crouched behind a bush, watching their beloved lord.

"We need a plan," Will stated. "We can't just stalk him all day long, we have to get to know him and befriend him!" It was an absurd thing to say, but not to those two.

"That is an extremely great idea!" Gilan exclaimed.

"Shhh!" Will hissed. "He might hear us!" Gil's eyes widened in terror.

"You're right!" he continued in a hushed whisper. "What are your ideas on this?"

"Well I'm thinking we could just try and act normal as if he wasn't an epic coffee lord and so he won't hate us as much and we'll find out more!" Will said in an identical hushed tone. Gil nodded along.

"We should do that." Will smiled at Gilan's agreement. They did their handshake, which was extremely long for some unexplained reason relating to the fact that they had both been Halt's apprentice, then stood up abruptly and shouted, "RANGERS UNITE!" they ran off in separate directions only to bump into each other on the opposite side of the bush. Halt rolled his eyes at them and continued to brew his coffee.

Plan Act Normal was in action.

Pauline was back at the castle. For once, she was not looking forward to her husband's return. She was awaiting the delivery of the three new coffee pots, and if Halt came back with no coffee pot to make coffee, that axe murderer in the corner would surely come out from the shadows in the corner and something bad was sure to happen… The door flew open and a sobbing, distressed Alyss ran in.

"What's wrong?" Pauline asked, putting a comforting arm around the blonde. All she got from the girl were incoherent sobs and wails. Was this because Will was off to the Gathering? Pauline wondered. That had to be it… The older courier continued to soothe Alyss, and eventually got up to make some tea.

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